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Unboxing + Complete Swatches! My Third BDJ Elite for 2013 (A Colour Collection Special)

Beauty Social promotions have overshadowed this spectacular deal and I am shedding light on a serious matter.

BDJ Elite Box: Colour Collection

BDJ has released the third Elite Box for 2013 and it contains 16 pieces of full-size makeup from Colour Collection (of Tupperware Brands.) The package arrives to you housed in an acrylic cosmetics case, all for just Php 1880 or around USD 45.

My mom was watching me unbox the "diaper package," as she called it. It was completely wrapped in bubble wrap and the package got to me perfectly new and scratch-free :)

BDJ Box Elite 2013: Colour Collection

Sixteen. SIXTEEN!


That is around Php 120 per piece of makeup. This looks like a professional's set. UGH! No words can express the joy I feel inside. Have you ever been so happy that you actually got angry? That's what I'm feeling right now! I'm so happy I could probably punch a hole through a narra door. TRUTH!

BDJ Box Elite: Colour Collection

Look at that beautiful thing...

Here's What's Inside (Sorted by Favorites):

Colour Collection Age Defying BB Cream, Php 699 / 40ml.

I'm most excited about this BB cream just because I feel like it'll perform really well. I haven't actually read upabout this BB cream (is it too new?) but I have a hunch it'll do great. It's an unfounded hunch, I know, but I really have a good feeling about this one.

Plus, y'all know I can't resist anti-aging stuff!

Colour Collection Whitening BB Cream, Php 599 / 40ml.

I already got a sample of this from the regular September BDJ Box but I'm keeping it high up on the list. As I said, I have a good feeling about Colour base products.

Below is a photo of the BB cream when pumped and thickly layered. You can see that the Age-Defying variant is a little bit rosier in tone. It's way more watery than the Whitening variant, which is able to keep to its shape better.

Skin Swatch: Colour Collection Age-Defying and Whitening BB Creams. No Flash.

I think it makes sense for the Age-Defying variant to be more watery. No tugging = less prone to wrinkles. Plus, the hydration sealed in with the makeup can help prevent dryness and premature wrinkles.

I kind of like how the formula seeps into the lines of my skin. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad, though. I just like that I don't have to apply a thick layer to even out the coverage. I can apply this BB cream in such a way as it still feels like second skin.

Below is a picture of the BB creams when fully blended.

Skin Swatch: Colour Collection Age-Defying and Whitening BB Creams. Flash.

Neither match my skin tone. Age-Defying is a little red on me while Whitening is too yellow-y/tan. Nonetheless, it applies pretty evenly and feels so lightweight that I'm still pretty amped up about it.

Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick (All Satin Finish,) Php 330 / 5g.

I've gotten a sample of Red Wine from Sample Room but I did want to try more shades! I find it kind of redundant to offer two closely-related reds and pinks, but I guess this will have to do.

Skin Swatch: Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick (Regal Red, Red Wine, Kissmark and Cerise). No Flash.

From my limited, previous experience with the Red Wine sample, I found these to apply excellently, almost like butter. It's opaque in one swipe and you can see that I tried to layer a second coat for the lower half of the swatches, but it doesn't seem to change much in appearance. 

I liked how easy it was to get pigmentation out of it. It's not really layerable and you can see how there's not much difference between one and two coats, but it's nice that one coat already makes so much color come out. Application is a teensy bit streaky so I still like to put two layers instead of one.

I have an issue with the ultra-lightweight packaging. It seems so fragile and the wax bullets are always loosely-aligned to the base. They end up off-center and extremely wobbly. Any small tug makes me paranoid that the bullet will flick off.

Lipstick Defect

Another minor defect note: I feel like my Red Wine sample wasn't cut well, it looks like it was used. Check the imperfect surface.

Lipstick Defect

I like all the shades despite them being similar. Regal Red is a very basic cherry red, while Red Wine is a little warmer, and looks almost like brick. Kissmark is nice for a little kick of brightness to the lips. It's a very safe, wearable pink-coral though my favorite would have to be the bright Cerise. It's the first hot pink that I'm drawn to. It doesn't look like it'll ash me out.

 Skin Swatch: Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick (Regal Red, Red Wine, Kissmark and Cerise). Flash.

Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick Php 350 / 2.4g.

Next up is the Ultimate Wear Lipstick. I thought these were glosses so I was a little less excited about them. I'm definitely happier ever since I figured out they were lipsticks.

   Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick Php 350 / 2.4g. 

I love how there's more variation with this sample. I got a burgundy plum (Plum Promise,) orange red (Hot Summer,) bright pink (Kiss & Tell) and nude peach (Love Me.)

These were sooo draggy and waxy. It kind of felt like I would almost break the bullet off the flimsy packaging.

Skin Swatch:  Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick in Plum Promise, Hot Summer, Kiss & Tell and Love Me

I'm just willing to forgive them since the colors look so nice and wearable. Again, I tried to layer them but there's not much difference on the the first and second swipe.

Plum Promise looks more like a neutral to me. I don't feel like there's enough purple in it but I do see it still within the plum family. It just looks like it leans a little more towards red.

Hot Summer looked so bright on the bullet, but kind of underwhelms and washes out on the skin. I still need to wear it to find out if it's workable. Kiss & Tell looks like a nice copy of Cerise, and I like the subtle specks of blue / violet shine. Love Me is probably the easiest everyday shade. It looks very natural against my skin tone.

Colour Collection Colour Intense Eye Shadow Trios, Php 380 / 5g.

These are so KYOT and I'm loving the color combinations! There's not much variety in terms of depth of color. All the shades look like they have the same level of pigmentation and there's not really one toned down shade for a lid wash, nor is there a deeper crease shade. Still, I like the combination of colors and I think I can still work with this.

Gypsy Rose looks like a shimmery, party palette. I find the colors too bold and garish for an everyday look, but they seem like a fabulous "special events" alternative. I also found this palette to have the creamiest, butteriest texture among the three. It's the most densely pigmented selection.

Skin Swatch: Colour Collection Colour Intense Eye Shadow Trio in Gypsy Rose

It's only downfall might be that the finishes are too similar and are quite limiting in terms of shading.

My favorite palette would have to be Terra Cotta. I like the earthy combination of colors and the more subdued satin finish (as opposed to Gypsy Rose's shimmery.) I like the idea of matching a grey olive (3rd shade) to tan and bronze but again, I wish the darkest color was a little more matte and powerful than the rest.

Skin Swatch: Colour Collection Colour Intense Eye Shadow Trio in Terra Cotta

I'm equally drawn to Ivy Blooms (Sorry, Gypsy Rose!) In terms of color combination, this palette is more interesting than the usual browns found in Terra Cotta. I like that it has two matte shades (yellow and brown). They yellow can be a beautiful, subtle wash on the lids, while a bit of the shimmery green peeks out from the dark brown shade. The only downside is that the yellow and brown shades were quite tougher to pick up and apply compared to the rest of the shimmer-ier shades.

Skin Swatch: Colour Collection Colour Intense Eye Shadow Trio in Ivy Blooms

Colour Collection Colour Intense Powder, Php 299 / 7g.

This blush actually looks duller in real life, with a hint of watered down lilac. My camera is kind of going crazy again.

Not much to say about this blush. I mean, it's a nice adventurous color, perfect for when I want to achieve a doll-like complexion. I just don't reach out for plum/purple/lilac too often.

Colour Collection Blush-On Duo, Php 370 / 7g.

I'm not too fond of the peachy coral highlighter as I think it's too warm for highlighting on me. The contour shade looks nice enough, though I really am such a dunce with contouring so I really can't judge it properly.

Skin Swatch: Colour Collection Colour Intense Powder and Blush Duo

I swatched the blushes together and I LOVE how diffused they apply. I packed the powder pretty heavily for an intense skin swatch but it took a while to get there. I'm still not sure about the highlighter shade (it could be better off as a blush) but I like the unique shade of Rosy Affair and the diffused application of Desert Rose's  contour shade.

Colour Collection Lip Therapy, Php 330 / 4g.

As a child, colorless wax lipsticks were the worst! They often smelled NASTY and were the least exciting item in mommy's makeup drawer. Still, it might be useful and I'm going to have to see how it fares as a lip base before completely disregarding it.



Seriously?! I love the amount and variety of colors I got for the fee I paid. This box is like a professional's kit with all the choices and items. Plus, I love the acrylic case!

BDJ Elite 2013: Colour Collection Curation Cards

Not much to say here. i think y'all know how I really feel about this box :)

Box Value: Php 6170 for Php 1880 fee. BUY NOW!

You can visit BDJ's website at

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