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Impressions: KB International Whitening Products

Hey guys! I feel a little weird coming back from the break but mostly, I feel great!

This is something unexpected: I joined a blogger challenge! Some time ago, I signed up to test some goodies from KB International. Featuring a plethora of whitening products, the brand claims to be the best and most effective so it had my BBT senses tingling. I love testing product claims!

Here's a quick peek at the items for testing:

KB International Products (L-R:) Whitening Body Powder, Rotenyu Meguri bath powder and Collagen Food Supplement 

Dear lord. I mean, who knew there were so many kinds of whitening products? I was half-expecting a soap and possibly a bottle of lotion at the most. Instead, I have collagen capsules, Rotenyu Meguri bath powders and an advanced whitening bath powder or 'melted ice cream' powder. Take note, this is not even their complete product line!

KB is for those people on a level of whitening that goes far beyond addiction. If you are truly serious with whitening, you must check out KB. 

KB Collagen Food Supplement

KB Collagen Food Supplement, 30 capsules

The highlight product is ironically, not meant for whitening. Collagen is basically a skin 'youthener' (haha, I abuse words too much.) With sufficient collagen, skin is said to be more supple and elastic, thus less prone to sagging and wrinkles.

While the ingredients are all dutifully listed, I wish they did not send me this sample because I have a fear of ingesting non-medical oral supplements. For the more reasonable people out there, do consider that the bottle lists its FDA registration. The capsules contain fish collagen peptide (200mg,) vitamin C (40mg,) cartillage extract (20 mg,) pearl coix extract (20mg,) silk peptide (10mg,) vitamin E (8mg,) CoQ10 (4mg,) birds nest extract (2mg,) pearl powder (0.6mg) and excipients such as: dextrin, cellulose, stearic acid, calcium and HPC. It all seems pretty harmless, really. So don't let my fear get in the way of you trying it out.

KB Rotenyu Meguri

KB International Rotenyu Meguri Bath Powder

Again, this is not a whitening product. The Rotenyu Meguri is a colored powder meant to be dissolved in hot water and to be bathed with. It does not completely dissolve and you end up with some powdery bits. It has a detergent smell with faint floral notes.

Good for Tired Muscles

I wasn't really sure how to use this, there's not enough information on the packet. I thought it was meant to be used like bath salts because of hot springs pictured on all the packaging. The solution did end up with a lot of balled up bits that you could salt yourself up with, I guess.

Undissolvable Bits That Weren't Rough On The Skin

But then, was I supposed to dissolve it in a tub, sit and bathe in the water? The instructions call for only 200L* of hot water and since I'm not Thumbelina, I did a foot soak and a leg scrub on my dead-tired feet instead.

*And only belatedly do I realize my confusion stems from mistaking 200L (the recommended amount of water) with 200ml (dumb mistake.) So yes, dissolve it in a tub.

My foot, confusedly sitting on top of the RM bath water.

I wasn't really sure what to do so I sort of slathered the solution on top and pressed the undissolved powder on to my skin. This actually felt really nice and it's highly therapeutic, especially since the detergent fragrance notes quickly faded away into something that simply smelled clean.

It's more on the therapeutic side. Rather than being a simple cleansing scrub, the RM powder is meant mainly to revitalize you, but it also combats eczema, acne, chapped skin, frost bite, dry skin, bruises, sprains, shoulder stiffness, nerve pain, rheumatism, lumbago, sensitivity to cold, hemmorhoids (?!) and pre/post-partum chills.

KB Whitening Body Powder a.k.a. "Melted Ice Cream"

This advanced skin care is the only whitening product in my trial kit. The box says it's okay with sun exposure, which is a big plus as most whitening products regrettably make you waaay darker if you get out into the sun.

I like that you're meant to use it daily for the first 7 days, twice a week for the next week, once a week for the next week, once every two weeks, before finally settling to a monthly routine. It seems pretty bothersome to use it too frequently.

There's no strict measure in mixing the solution and the powder in the kit as long as you achieve a melted ice cream texture. I know it sounds wild and pretty random but the formula will clearly reach a melted ice cream state, so don't stress. It is recommended that you use a tablespoon of powder and work on that with the liquid.

KB International Whitening Body Powder: Ice Cream Texture

I used the above portion on one foot and left it on for fifteen minutes, as recommended. I was surprisingly left with a lot more solution, so I would say that you would need three tablespoons MAX if you plan to use it on your whole body.

KB Whitening Powder on my foot!

It cakes dry, almost like a facial mud mask. It doesn't feel as tight, but there is a strange feeling of freshness (not exactly relief) after I've washed off the pack.

KB International Whitening Powder dries up by the ten-minute mark.

It's pretty difficult to say whether I've lightened because I took advantage of the sun exposure bit and wore sleeveless tops and dresses quite freely. Funnily, there is an immediate lightening of my skin as the super fine powder leaves some traces behind, even after washing with soap.

Check out their Facebook page, KB Skin Whitening Pills.
Visit their site,
You may also contact 0917 800 5836 for more information.

*I was not paid to write this review. Products were provided by the company on the premise of a blogger challenge. I signed up of my own free will and was assured that KB International had no problems should I publish an unfavorable review.

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