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SCOUTED: The Latest From Celeteque!*

Hello everyone! There's a bunch of new stuff that Celeteque has come up lately and y'all know how much I love that brand. I thought they were already as complete-as-can-be yet they've rolled out three new products just PERFECTLY fill my needs.

Celeteque Hair And Scalp Care Clarifying Shampoo

Celeteque Hair And Scalp Care Clarifying Shampoo, Php 200 / 250ml.
Photo grabbed from the Celeteque Facebook page.

I haven't used my sample yet but I AM RAVING MY TITS OFF ABOUT THIS! I've been looking everywhere for a clarifying product and was this close to using white vinegar on my head.

Now that my hair is permed, I've used more product on it than when it was naturally straight (ish.) I wouldn't normally care, but the damaged condition of my hair easily reflects product cloggage. It turns limp, haystack-y and brittle even with a lacklustre arsenal of shampoo, conditioner and curl activating cream.

I've been looking for clarifying shampoo because it's supposed to strip all the product that tends to get stuck in your hair. Though we wash our hair daily with shampoo, shampoo itself tends to get left behind, amongst other things. It's best to use clarifying shampoo once a week, especially if you're looking to revive the glory days of theee shampoo and conditioner set that did wonders during the first two weeks then, all of a sudden, went flat.

Celeteque Hydration Regimen Kit

Celeteque Dermoscience Hydration Kit: 100ml Facial Wash, 125ml Alcohol-Free Toner and 100ml Facial Moisturizer. (Php 339)
Photo grabbed from: Genzel of

This is probably the least climactic SCOUTED item for today. It's not that these products are completely new; every single thing from the set can be pulled off any Celeteque shelf. STILL. I'm a complete sucker for skincare sets. Despite everything I've learned about skincare, it feels reassuring to use a skincare line the way the brand intended it to be used. Also, SAVINGS.

When I first found out about the Traveller's Basics, I was wishing so hard for a full-size set because I was 99.99999% sure the Hydration set would be a hit. Yes, the TB is great for travelling (duh) but what about my sink at home? I didn't want to refill a TB set every few weeks. I could just as easily buy the full-size items piece-by-piece, but where's the fun in that?

More to love: Not only does the kit come with complete line instructions in a tastefully-decorated gift box (with window panel,) the price (Php 339) actually breaks down to the cost of just the 125ml Toner (Php 129) and the 100ml Moisturizer (Php 210.) The 100ml Facial Wash (Php 118) basically comes FREE!

Celeteque Maternity Anti-Stretch Mark Cream

Celeteque Dermoscience Maternity Anti-Stretch Mark Cream (Php 445)
Photo grabbed from the Celeteque Facebook page.

Being the tiny girl that I am, a lot of people are still surprised that I have stretch marks. It's not as if I grew fast; I was always within the first 5 people of the by-height line arrangement up until my second year in high school. (I graduated at around the 10th-15th spot? LOL!) I didn't keep a lot of baby fat either, so it's quite frustrating to have stretch marks. I'm pretty certain it's the dry skin, but isn't it annoying to suffer a condition that you didn't even reap the benefits of? I'd be fine with the marks if I stood at a modelesque 5'10", but HELLO, I stand at a mere 5'3"!

I'm not one to believe anti-stretch mark claims especially for "adult" marks that have been there since pubescent years. Prevention- maybe, but not cure. However, A LOT of my more mature friends swear by this and I wouldn't really doubt the powers of Celeteque.

The catch: you have to be diligent in using it every single day, much better if you can maintain a twice-a-day regimen. Still, I think that's a really small price to pay (Php 445 only!) especially to those who feel self-conscious wearing a bikini, midriffs or short-shorts!

You may like their Facebook Page; Celeteque,
follow their Twitter; @CeletequeDermo, and
visit their site at Celeteque operates an online store from this site though it is available in most major drugstores and department stores.

*Full Disclosure:

The Clarifying Shampoo was launched to media partners during Celeteque's Holiday / Year-Ender party.

I was sent a sample and press info for the Hydration Kit for PR consideration. Previously, I've bought the Traveller's Basics (mini version of the Hydration Kit) and full-size versions of the complete Hydration line with my own money.

I did not receive any material pertaining to the Anti-Stretch Mark Cream.

P.S. Please excuse the grabbed photos. I wasn't able to shoot before leaving for our family vacation but I really wanted to keep posting during my down time. I hope to replace these grabbed shots with my own pics in a few weeks :)

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