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My December 2013 Saladbox Unboxing: I Officially Give Up

There's nothing I missed more in God's good blogging earth than writing box reviews. I do have a couple, a few, a baby truckload of uncataloged boxes left over from my hiatus. And while I resolved to be more flexible and organic in my writing, I simply CANNOT skip over these reviews even though they're way past irrelevant. Anyways, I like to think I write well enough to make them relevant again. If not, I would have just written something I'm passionate about, and either way is a win for me!

Baby Truckload

So for the next coming weeks, do expect a few BOX REWIND posts. I'll be going back to those boxes I never got around to posting. (I'm looking at you, SM Beauty Box from August-ish of 2013.) Hopefully, my reactions as still as intense as when I first opened the boxes!

For now, let me talk about the December 2013 Saladbox.

Rant Intro:

I have had so much beef with Saladbox that I almost feel guilty for talking even more smack about them.

The main idea is always: I'm not ranting to be a spectacle. A lot of people rant for the hits but I rant because it's how I feel about the product. I don't go on and on, personally attacking the brand. I usually lay out why I feel so mad. I like crafting my words in such a way that even if the brand were offended, they wouldn't be able to do anything about it because all my vitriol is backboned by three-meter steel columns of INCONTESTABLE TRUTH. (Preach, girl!)

That said, I'm feeling so guilty about having to write another scathing Saladbox unboxing.

Rant Body:

I got my December box last Monday, January 13. A friend asked me about my own box before realized that I haven't gotten anything from Saladbox since November- and even that was a delayed box.

I followed up via email and they did face some issues (again.) To make up for it, they promised a free box to those who got affected by the November delay and based on my understanding, I'm getting 4 boxes for this quarterly subscription. My friend and I keep reading the emails over and over, and I'm actually confused if we'll be ending up with four or three. After rereading the emails sent to me, I think I'm getting four.

December 2013 Saladbox: Impressions

Anyway, the box itself was extremely light. I remember it being handed off to me and I immediately wondered if it was a bonus box or some other offer. Nothing this light could be a monthly subscription box, right? Right?


Saladbox December 2013: Holiday Cheers

It can (be that light) and it is. Don't be fooled by the busy-looking leaflets at the bottom. There's not really much in here.

December 2013 Saladbox: Holiday Cheers

Here's What I Got (Sorted by Favorites):

Missha The Style Glam Look Gloss, Php 599 / 2.2g.

This is quite a huge lippie, and I have a never-ending love affair with lip products. I love that it's red and while glitters are normally a turn off for me, I'm quite interested to see how the red and orange microglitters will look like upon application.

Though can we please quit it with all the Missha samples? A little brand variety never hurt anyone.

Ciate Mini Paint Pot in 023 Speed Dial, Php 350 / 5ml.

Ciate mini paint pots are adorable! And I'm pretty stoked to get it in coral, a shade I regularly wear on my fingernails. I have a generally positive impression of Ciate though to this day I haven't tried anything from them. Glad I can finally try it out :)

Other Stuff in Here:

Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Oil-Reducing Cleanser Php 980 / 8oz
Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Ultra-Sheer Daily Defence Moisturizer Php 1290 / 2oz

I was initially torn about where to place these Paula's Choice samples. This brand is truly interesting as it was launched in the Philippines just last October 2013. Two things struck me: the fact that it was started by a person with a background in cosmetics sales (Paula Begoun) and the apple demo. Basically, two apples were left to oxidize overnight. The bloggers put the Resist C15 Booster Vitamin C on one of them and it instantly looked like it was sliced fifteen minutes ago. I read about it from Genzel.

However... This sample is just so DISMAL. The huge leaflet tries to make the ~4ml sachets look big but I'm not really excited about it. I think this will be good for two uses. Completely absurd for a serious skincare trial, if you ask me.

Probio-White Glutathione Capsule, Php 100 / 2 capsules.

I'm not comfortable taking health supplement samples. While I have nothing against this sample (it may even be an awesome beauty discovery for other people), it's just not something I can reasonably make use of.


December 2013 Saladbox: Curation Card

Box Value: Php 1,249.

The Missha glossy saves the day! There are three full-size items and they push the box value way up to four digits. However, there's something really depressing about the overall service that I find it hard to rejoice in my Php 1249-worth box.

Let me count the ways Saladbox let me down for this month alone:

  1. The November snafu which came with no proper announcement. This is the second major delay in my Saladboxes, discounting the other late-by-a-week boxes.
  2. The December box itself comes in way too late at the second week of January. My last box was the October box, which I got around November.
  3. Saladbox had to list the Paula's Choice samples as two separate items, and they accepted such small sample sizes.

I just can't wait for my subscription to be over. I'm trying to be thriftier and I'd rather not waste precious budget on such a disappointing subscription. I spent Php 5,500 on Saladboxes last year and I kind of regret it. I could have opted out earlier.

I sincerely wish that this brand does better in 2014, but I'm personally unwilling to keep investing in it.

You may visit Saladbox at

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