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Transformation Collaboration: Bridal by Miko Cuyos

What is random?

In need of some supplies for my Transformation Collaborations, I went to Suesh one lazy Saturday afternoon to stock up and shop their latest items. I was simply looking around, minding my own business when I notice a commotion from makeup students at the back. I've been to Suesh numerous times and I know they frequently hold makeup and air brush workshops so I didn't really bother to see what was going on.

Suesh Haul. Photo by Ozark Pacete.

One of the makeup artists walks out in a panic, begging the SAs to help him find anyone in the vicinity to be a model. He was entreating them to choose someone with good skin. Running the risk of being called vain or assuming, I will completely be honest and tell you guys that I tried to hide from them. I did not want to get into that situation.

Trivia: Did you know that it's pronounced 'Soosh' and not 'Su-wesh'? Overheard this at the shop!

But if you've been to Suesh, you kinda know that's a dumb thing to do what with the limited space and open layout. So I just stood there awkwardly, trying to hide myself and act deaf, dumb and mute to what was going on. The makeup artist spots me but I'm praying the SAs find someone outside. The SAs come back and the makeup artist finally turns to me, asking me directly if I could volunteer to be his model.

By now, I'm starting to feel less 'shy' and more 'adventurous' so I slowly accepted the offer.

Miko asked me what look I wanted but having just come off a Transformation, I was feeling creatively dried up. We ended up agreeing on something that looked normal and neutral.

This would be my first time to get air brushed. DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNN....

Here's the finished look:

Airbrush Makeup by Michael Cuyos

Surprise, surprise.... I got Sandara comments again!

Now I know these people were still students but that thought completely left my mind during the entire workshop. They were very serious about makeup and you just knew they were already legitimate makeup artists building upon a solid foundation. The skill level in this  room far exceeds the skill level of all three beginner's workshops I've attended.

The instructor was very attentive and spared no one from constructive criticism. Though Miko's base work looked flawless to me, she pointed out that he failed to completely cover some pigmentation below my right eye. We're not talking about my dark circles; I have this faint pigmentation under my right eye that I don't even conceal on a daily basis because it's that unnoticable. Still, she noticed it and insisted that he cover it up despite him being essentially 'finished' with my face. I loved that! Don't you just hate it when people spot something off and just go meh, whatever?

They all did such polished and tasteful looks, I was so impressed! With my look, I was mostly impressed that he was able to do such flawless blending of the foundation, contouring and blush. I think that's his thing though. During the entire makeover, Miko was completely obsessed in perfecting his application and blending.

Doesn't my nose look more refined here? Usually my nose is too "cute as a button" but he decided to contour it. At first I was dreading it, because I didn't know his talent yet and I was scared I'd come out looking like I had tribal paint on my face. I didn't! I look like I had a nose job, even under harsher lighting :P And while the contouring is a bit obvious in this picture, it is much more refined in person.

I also liked his color selection. A lot of people think that brown is just brown, and that's pretty much all you need for a neutral, natural look. No, no, no. A brown can be too dark, and that tends to look unnatural, especially on a toned-down face. I love that my eye shading simply looks like the natural shadows that would fall upon my eyes, if the room was dimly lit and my eyes were set a little deeper.

Did you like his work? You may contact Miko for makeup gigs at 0906 539 2921.
You can also try his Facebook account, Michael Cuyos. It's a personal account as he doesn't have a portfolio yet but do watch out. He has great talent!

You may also go to for updates on Suesh.
You may like their Facebook page, Suesh Makeup Toolkit; or,
visit their studio at 34 Wilson St., Greenhills, San Juan.

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