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January - February 2014 Saladbox: Descent Into Madness

I got my Saladbox one or two Thursdays ago, I can't remember which. But it was a Thursday. First thing's first: please don't be confused. I publicly announced my split with Saladbox last December, yet a new Saladbox unboxing? Well, I didn't buy this, this is a free, extra box for the troubles with the delivery delays in my subscription. All affected subscribers get an extra box to their subby.

As I picked it up, I had a premonition of what was going to happen. Now if you've been with me for a while, you'd know I started taking "freshly opened" box shots late last year. It's a simple way of supporting my initial reactions and letting y'all know what I saw immediately after opening the box.

So I lift the lid and....

January to February 2014 Saladbox: A Year of Beauty met with an emptiness that rivals that of my cold, dark heart. I can't grasp the reality of the situation. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

an emphatic NO

They even printed out an extra letter, to inform us of the changes to Saladbox. If it were up to me, I'd just have them release seasonal boxes, a la Glamourbox.

From Saladbox

But honestly, all I was thinking while reading the card was:
am I?

Because really. Really? This is supposed to win me back to the fold after those huge delays in my last few subscriptions?

January to February 2014 Saladbox: Impressions

And yes, I chose .GIFs from American Horror Story: Asylum to unravel my emotional turmoil because: 1.) I love AHS and 2.) I've gone mad, alternating between laughing and crying.

I think I'm ready for Briarcliff now. Where's my straight jacket?

Here's What's Inside (Sorted by Favorites):

Missha Cotton Sheet Mask in Pearl, Php 150 / 23g

It'll be a cold day in hell before a mask makes me sad. Nonetheless, this is the third Missha sheet mask I've gotten FROM SALADBOX. I've gotten one from the January 2013 Saladbox and May 2013 Missha Saladbox each. Nonetheless, I dodged a bullet by getting a completely different variant each time, I'll give them that.

It's concerning how Saladbox feels so comfy repeating samples. Try to hold on to that train of thought, it'll come up pretty frequently in this post.

Other Stuff in Here:

L-R: Clou Spring 2014 Pearl Beads in Green and Pink, Php 450 / 10g
Clou Sparkle Sands in Pink and Purple, Php 390 / 10g

Caviar beads just like we got last August? And sparkle sand? Are you even trying? I don't need all the colors to try some nail fad!

Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 1% BHA Gel, Php 1120 / 2oz, 0.1oz sample provided.
Paula's Choice Resist Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum, Php 1420 / 1oz, 0.1 oz sample provided.

Listed as two separate items. Just like last month. Just like Clou this month.

God knows I'd love to try PC, but fuck me gently with a chainsaw because I'm so not in the mood for this Clou and PC redundancy-tomfoolery.

This is a sort-of repeat sample from my December 2013 Saladbox.


Hello, January 2014 Saladbox. You feel like you only have three items what with all your redundancies and repetitions.

What a nice recap of 2013 you did. ZERO new items to try. All technically repeats.

Box Value: Php 990, for a Php 500 subscription.

FYI this does NOT feel like Php 990 worth of goodies.


Grammatical stupidity aside, this GIF is exactly how I feel about my year with Saladbox. And just as a Queen recognizes how some conquests are counterproductive, I think I made the right decision in packing up and parting ways with Saladbox last month. This is my shortest unboxing EVER, in over one year of being SBQ. I'd love to rant some more because that's when I'm at my most colorful, but what's the use? I refuse to be a dick when a loser's already got his face in the ground.

I sincerely wish them the best, but at this point, I have to start cutting my losses. Ta-ta!

You may visit Saladbox at

*This is an extra, free box to my subscription. Subscribers who experienced the December  2013 box's delay got it as a sort of olive branch from Saladbox.

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