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Get Off My Damn Face: A Rant Against Entitled Style Observers

Fuck you.

Yes, you.

I'm not gonna open this post with a warm greeting. I don't feel any warmth towards you, you self-entitled prick. Pricks. There are a lot of them, and I'm guessing my readers know a handful of them, too.

But just to be clear, this rant goes out to every moron who ever thought they could make a non-comment about anyone else's style choices.

Last Thursday (March 20), I wore carrot orange lips. It was my Lip of the Day. I felt like brightening up my face because I have been in a dour mood for the past week.

Initial Run of my Too Cool For School Lip Sticker in #4 Tangerine

My daily look is only really adventurous in terms of lips. I rarely do a full face. Though I'm quick with eyeliner, it's not something I gravitate to. My favorite liquid pen liners don't match my look anyway, as light as I wear my foundation. And eye shadows are just too much stress in the mornings!

I love choosing my lipstick of the day, it’s my way of “dressing up” my face. Naturally, people in the office have been exposed to the stranger picks in my collection. So I don’t get why, up to now, I still get dumb comments about my lip color.

I feel like I’m generally unflappable, but I just have to dedicate a post to this.

I FUCKING HATE the side comments and the reactions.

I don’t mind a little tease. I don’t bristle over a casual, “oh hey, orange!” or an “oooh, orange lips today, eh?” Those are conversation-starters that can get me talking about my mood or my lipstick collection or even your mood and lipstick collection.

BUT. And this is a huge BUT (bigger than Kim's.) There is this fucking annoying tone that goes “UuuUuuUUUUuuy. O-raaaaaange >:D and if you’re a fashionably adventurous Filipina, you’d be intimate with this little fucker as well.

"Woo000OOOooow o-raaAAAaange"

It’s that tone that raises a finger and calls on everyone within a ten-foot radius to stop, stare, figuratively point at and collectively shame you. It’s that tone that goes: HEY EVERYONE! Stop what you’re doing and look at this girl. The nerve of her to wear bright lipstick / heels / expose her midriff.

It’s that baffling tone that people employ as if I have to explain to them why I broke their own personal dress code.

Now, I’m unflappable (cannot stress this enough) in that I never feel ashamed of the color I choose. I have worn pumpkin orange, stop sign red, poop brown and even earthworm violet; basically all sorts of hits and misses. When I choose a color, that’s my color of the day. I retouch with the same tube even if I figure out several hours after application that the shade makes my teeth look sweet corn yellow.

I like intimately knowing my lipsticks. I like knowing how they wear through the day.

But dear God. Is it absolutely necessary to greet me “Happy New Year!” and look at me expectantly, as if I was supposed to be amused? What does orange even have to do with the New Year?! Is it absolutely necessary to come up to my table, and before starting official business, going: “Wow, orange naman ngayon?” and not moving on until I have responded to your satisfaction, even after I brushed it off, annoyed?

Don't you forget it

Yes. I wore orange lips that day. Just as the sky is blue and the grass is green, the pigment of my lipstick is orange. That’s how dumb it sounds to me. What am I even supposed to react to “ORANGE!” when in fact, my lipstick is orange? I hate the expectant, pregnant pause after the self-entitled non-comments. Why is there an expectation for me to be embarassed? I'm not. It’s like they’re waiting for me to apologize to them or say "I made a mistake," and "please let me go back to transparent lip balms."

I get that it could be coming from a place of concern. Maybe these are all just dumb prudes who need more exposure to modernity. I notice that people from the provinces or less-developed cities are really prone in meddling with fashion choices. People from the run down streets of Caloocan and QC are very much in-your-face about what they deem too sexy / too weird / too colorful. It's a non-issue in the affluent pavements of BGC and Fort.

Belle was too big for her hometown. This city is too big for narrow-minded bugs.

It could most likely be a protective thing and the Entitled Style Observers are awkwardly warning us to be careful with our choices because in their experience, only prostitutes wear bold makeup, or bare their stomachs, or wear high heels. And maybe they don't want other people to think I'm a prostitute.

I’m sorry. We’re not in Baranggay San Nicolas, Purok 22, Sitio San Jose, Kantong Tambol or  Gulugod, Meycauayan. This isn’t a cartoon show where personalities are color-coded. There are even black lipsticks nowadays and it doesn’t mean you’re a Satanist if you wear it, believe it or not. (Where is the sarcasm font on this thing?)

We are in Manila and this is the 21st century. Every moment is a choice out of a billion options simply because we keep learning new things from people all over the world. At one point, you just learn to accept that what one thing means to you, doesn't really mean that way for a lot of other people.

For example, I knew this girl who went to school with wet hair all the time. She told me she wanted to make sure people knew she took a shower, because she didn't wanna be teased about being a dirty, unshowered kid. Apparently, a lot of the kids in her area got bullied about it even if they really did take a shower. Cut to me, who had to wake up extra early for school because our version of being "presentable" was blow-dried and styled hair.

Hearing her talk about it just made my jaw drop. All the time I'd been thinking that these wet-headed folks were so tacky for stepping out with undone hair and yet she didn't even have a say in the matter. She had to keep her hair wet or suffer incessant bullying. And now that I've grown out of being a horrible, judgy kid, I've discovered even more reasons for having wet or dry hair. Some people step out with wet hair to shave off excess volume or keep it parted, some people keep it dry to prevent their follicles from rotting out with too much water. There's different intentions behind each choice, and all of them are valid.

Moral of the story: style observers should be tolerant and tackle differences in style with grace.

I liked orange that day, so I wore it. I normally just laugh at the tone and say “Yes, (insert color-of-the-day.) Hahaha.” but I’m getting sick of the entitlement. I’m getting sick of the expectation to apologize or to be discreet. I’m getting sick of people forcing me to be embarassed, when I am clearly not as I strut in after lunch with a refreshed touch of vivacious violet.


So the next time anyone dares to feel like they have a say in what I choose to wear, I am going to give them the deadliest bitchface ON EARTH...

Bitchfacin' since 1990.

and similarly not talk until they address the issue.

I am going to force them to get embarrassed for deigning to think that I should be apologetic for not filling their ugly makeup expectations. Yes, it's you who should be embarrassed for thinking I have to live down (not up) to your tawdry makeup expectations.

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