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Quick Post: BDJ Tres Chic Giveaway Winners!

I think I have time to draft a proper post today so let me just get this quick announcement outta the way:

As I said in my Tres Chic giveaway, BDJ let me take five BBT readers to the Shiseido Colors of Summer talk. I was supposed to post this early in case any of 'em can't come but everyone replied super promptly so I guess it's just a way of letting the hopeful runners-up know that this giveaway is booked SOLID.

The winners are:
  1. Remy P.
  2. Dawn L.
  3. Eula T.
  4. Ma. Joy C.F.
  5. Pat M.

The Shiseido talk starts at 4PM but you're free to come early and explore the booths. Likewise, those who aren't able to secure slots are free to still come.

See you, lovelies!

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