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SCOUTED: Too Cool for School Cool Girl Makeup Workshop Goodies!

I'm pretty undecided about the brand. Too Cool For School has a really quirky look and I love its packaging. The verdict is still out in terms of quality because I haven't tried nor read enough about their products, but that's never stopped me from really going for a brand. So I wonder: why have I always felt so neutral about Too Cool For School?

I guess it's just a sad state of affairs that Too Cool For School is only available in Too Far Malls a.k.a. SM MOA. (Quick note: I just did a Google search and apparently, we have one in SM North. YAYNESS!)

Check out my checkered blanket to match TCFS' plaid skirt theme.

Well when TCFS announced their first Cool Girl makeup workshop, I, of course, had to join! I've done a lot of workshops whether by invitation or just walk-in and all my experiences have been great. They're a little intimidating at first, especially if you don't plan on buying anything. But don't let that stop you! Workshop organizers don't really expect nor push you for a purchase. Yes, there are discount incentives, but you will be sent off very cordially with or without a shopping bag on-hand.

I'm a bad blogger (sometimes) and I forgot to bring my camera because I was running really late. I'm just going to gloat about my finds because makeup workshops generally give the same advice anyways. I used to go to learn, but the fun for me now is discovering a brand's must-try products.

The first-ever batch of Cool Girl Makeup Workshop attendees. Photo from Too Cool For School FB Page.

Clickity after the jump to read about the Too Cool For School goodies that were so good I just had to buy them immediately after the workshop! :D

Too Cool For School Pudding Aqua Shaking BB in Shade #1 (Php 1065)
Hot Girl Lip Sticker in #4 Tangerine (Php 435)

GLOATING about this Pudding Aqua Shaking BB. GLOATING to death and beyond!

People keep bringing up the evolution from BB to CC to DD but nobody really talks about how each of those foundation products are growing horizontally. I'll do so because I'm so cutting edge.

There's "cushion" products, which are still liquid but come in compact-shaped dispensers. I've tried high-end and low-end brands and still can't come up with a common denominator, other than the casing. Texture-wise, Laneige's CC Cushion is light and moussey, but The Face Shop's is very tacky and almost solid, so I don't really know what cushion products are all about.

Another evolution I've noticed in the BB category is the "aqua" product. I understand this product more than the cushion so when it comes to trying out the newer BB evolutions, I got TCFS' Pudding Aqua ahead of Laneige's CC even though I've been flitting in and out of various Laneiges for it since late 2013.

Let me break this wall of text with a picture of me texting during the workshop. Photo from Too Cool For School FB Page.

BB creams are gorgeous blobs of perfection-deception but people generally have two big issues with them: cast and weight. I'm able to work with white cast but I've always hated how heavily BB creams set on me. They're really thick- and reasonably so! That's the price you pay to get flawless skin, babes. BB would have been the perfect foundation for me, especially since I greatly idolize the whole Korean makeup aesthetic.

AQUA BB IS SO PERFECT FOR ME. The formula is a bit jelly-like and sets light and breathable, almost like a hybrid between mousse and light liquid foundation. When I tried TCFS' Pudding Aqua BB, I was able to get that photoshopped, soft-focus, blur effect on my face, sans the feeling that I've just put a latex condom over my head!

BONUS: I got a free blending sponge to go with the TCFS Aqua Pudding Shake BB :)

Size Comparison: Half of a regular lipstick vs. TCFS' Hot Girl Lip Sticker

I also got this Hot Girl Lip Sticker in Tangerine. I loved it when I wore it with my workshop look but I am getting a bit of buyer's remorse over this one. I already have a few red-leaning oranges and I wish I held out for something a bit more apricot. It's not a bad buy, I LOVE how it looks on me. TCFS' Lip Stickers are smaller so they're great if you wanna be experimental, but I do feel it's a bit redundant for my collection.


I didn't get a loot bag because I was so late. Boohoo! I hate missing out on freebies. Makes me feel like I've failed in life :(

I misplaced my certificate so I'm showing this face chart I got.

I missed out on a cute pouch with a ten-day pumpkin pack trial. Fortunately, TCFS is way too generous with freebies and I was still given a three-day trial for attending the workshop, along with my purchase's freebies. It was a super fun event and I love all my new discoveries. I'm wondering if TCFS skincare is more worthy of a purchase... I just went for the makeup because that's what I got to use during the workshop but I haven't really given their skincare samples the serious attention they deserve.

A pumpkin pack trial loot for attending the workshop, and
gift with purchase: McGirly mask, Rules of Pore primer and Morocco Ghassoul Pore Pack

Thanks to the generous and ever-present marketing officer, Ms. Jarelle :) She made sure I didn't go home empty-handed even though I didn't get a loot bag!

Visit their site at, or
follow their Facebook page, Too Cool For School - Philippines

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