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A Reconciliation of Sorts: Unboxing the March 2014 Saladbox "Beauty Recipes" Featuring Skinfood

The last you heard from me regarding Saladboxes was this scathing January-February 2014 box review. It's a little harsh but considering that I purchased my last quarterly on July, and finished the subby last December (with January to February as a bonus box,) I think all my frustration is valid. Despite my great desire to accumulate all subscription boxes, I finally decided to let Saladbox go.

Even when they'd announced a 3-for-Php1000 promo in time for the  March box, it wasn't enough to entice me back into the fold. However, when I saw Dawn's unboxing, I was intrigued. It harkened back to days of former glory when there were multiple premium samples and in fact, the March box even went a step further by eliminating repeats and nasty sachets.

A Reconciliation with Saladbox

Still, I wanted to keep a modicum of consistency. I'd been talking about quitting Saladbox since my second or third quarterly and I was pretty sick of telling myself "I told you so." I didn't want to fall again; taking one great box but signing up for two potential duds. Then, out of nowhere, they extended the 3-for-Php 1000 promo last April 1 and I took it as a sign for the Queendom to retain its territories.

March 2014 Saladbox: Impressions

Behold, the catalyst for my change of heart:

March 2014 Saladbox: Beauty Recipes ft. Skinfood

Here's What's Inside (Sorted by Favorites):

Black Pomegranate Set: Toner, Emulsion, Voluming Serum, Cream

During one of the too-few times we saw each other, Bea and I were mulling Korean skin secrets. I told her I trusted the daily sheet mask routine, which I am currently trying to do (5 out of 7 days is my worst record.) She opined that it was the layering technique instead, which is why you will normally find three or more forms of moisturizer after toner for many Korean skincare lines. Laniege, for example, has four kinds of moisturizers and lotions after toner, the fifth being the weekly Water Sleeping Pack treatment.

I didn't have much luck with my Gold Caviar toner and emulsion but I'm pretty optimistic about Black Pomegranate! Hopefully, the additional "layers" will give noticeable improvement.

Black Sugar Perfect First Serum + Cotton

Sugar is normally used as a scrub, and it's great for moisture, turnover and exfoliation. I don't see much logic in using it as a sheet mask but I am all up to try this! The formula doesn't smell particularly sugary (boo!) but I'm keeping it in the fridge so I can use it ASAP. It'll be a great addition to my current masking efforts but I'm just hoping I can stretch the ~10ml bottle to more than one usage. I can use it with those MUJI dry sheet masks.

Watery Berry Gift Set: Toner and Emulsion

I didn't have much luck with the Skinfood Gold Caviar Toner and Emulsion duo, so I'm pretty hesitant about this sample. I just feel don't trust Skinfood's toners and emulsions but of course, I'm still willing to try it.


March 2014 Saladbox: Beauty Recipes ft. Skinfood

Box Value: Indeterminable due to lack of full-size items.

For a Php 333 quarterly subby fee or Php 500 for a one-time purchase though, I feel like this is a great way to rise from the ashes of their former shame. Technically it's only three items, and while that would normally send me into a fit of rage I consider this box a success. The old Saladbox would've stopped with the Black Pomegranate set by the mere fact that it had four deluxe samples within it, and we would've been lucky with that.

Still, Saladbox finally decided to step up and add something more. The Black Sugar Mask can supplement the toner-emulsion-serum-cream routine (a.k.a. layered routine) of the Black Pomegranate line, while the Watery Berry toner-emulsion duo is a great additional treat. Yes, Saladbox declared two mini-vials as mere treats, I never thought I'd see the day!

I did notice that there's nothing full-size in here but these samples are all suitable for a decent trial and there's great variety. It's not as big as the other boxes but considering the price-point and where they were last year, this box was enough to let me happily give Saladbox one more chance.

I'm just dreading the April box a little bit. Regatta's being teased endlessly on the site and as far as I know, it's a clothing brand. Keeping my hopes up as it's supposedly going to come in two boxes. Hopefully there's a hit somewhere in there. Aaaa I'm so jaded!

Bonus Content:

Check out this little doggy who plopped by during my box shoot!

Mimi the grandma, not to be confused with Lulu, my favorite chihuahua.

Saladbox is available at Php 500 / month but I'm not sure if the Php 1000-for-3 boxes promo is still on. You may email them at or purchase from

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