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April 2014 Saladbox Unboxing: A Regatta (???) Exclusive

Hey guys! Quick prelude: I've opened an Ask account. I've been promoting it on Twitter so I keep getting trolls; some I've schooled, some I've ignored. I intend for it to be a beauty thingie so if you have any questions or need recommendations, I'll try my best at :D

As you may have heard, I didn't really skip a box and went back to the Saladbox fold a quick second after I broke up with them.

I got my March / Skinfood box about three days after I paid for it online, a pleasant change, indeed! Then, when I got that box, I started spying previews for the April box in the Saladbox Facebook page.

April 2014 Saladbox: A Regatta Exclusive

I must admit, I kind of dreaded this box. I know Regatta is a clothing retailer, thus the triplet questions marks in my title. I was half expecting some dinky sarongs and cheesy scrunchies and I really didn't want to receive fashion items from my beauty boxes! Don't get me wrong; I love rolling around the beach in a beautiful sarong but we are in beauty mode over here and this is serious business!

April 2014 Regatta Saladbox: Impressions

But once again, this box proves a pleasant surprise and I'm honestly getting so disoriented. Saladbox, quit playing games with my heart!

April 2014 Regatta Saladbox

So anyway, yes, I liked this box! It is definitely worth my Php 333. If the May box proves to be just as satisfying, I'll need to re-orient and reconsider my whole stance on Saladbox. I'm getting ahead of myself here so let me just lead you on to my commentary!

April 2014 Regatta Saladbox: Unboxing

P.S. Forgive the extra crappy box shot. I was chasing the sun and didn't notice how wonk my setup turned out to be. And I didn't even get enough light here :[

 Here's What's Inside (Sorted by Favorites):

Regatta Lip Balm in Green Apple, Php 85 / 6g.

Funny thing, this is my favorite despite it being the least expensive item in the box! Well you know I have a thing for lip products... at least, I hope you do! I completely love that it's in sweet flavors like Apple and Chocolate. Of course, mint would be perfect for summer but I've tons of mint balms so I don't mind getting these flavors AT ALL!

Balm tins cross over with Gatorade Caps!

Another thing it has going for it is the ultra compact size, and friends of BBT will know how much I'm into odd miniatures. This is almost as small as those tiny sebo de macho tins but with a very cutesy twist: the cap! You press down on it, like you would a Gatorade cap, to get it to open. Pinch the sides to close, and you've got me hook, line and sinker!

Regatta Lip Balm in Chocolate, Php 85 / 6g.

Shallow? Well not really, as this is also the most "beauty" item in the box :P

Regatta Sunblock Spray with SPF 70 UVA / UVB, Php 245 / 75ml.

I'm really more amused with this sunblock spray. I don't think I've ever seen a sunblock spray that comes in the same milky-white color as normal sunblock creams. While I'm too lazy to be any measure of a sunblock fan, this is a great and timely sample to receive during April :)

Regatta Wooden Mirror, Price unspecified.

I should be annoyed by this but I actually love it! The compact size (approx 2" diameter) is great for slinking into one of my bag's many pockets. Plus, the wood is authentic! I'm scared that this will eventually get wet and/or dirty but thankfully I have a spare pouch I can keep this in.

Regatta 25th Anniversary Limited Edition EDT, Php 425 / 50ml.

Over the past few months I've gained a new appreciation for fragrances, and I've started wearing one everyday. Simply put, I like being presentable and I want to be one of those people known to smell good all the time, as opposed to not smelling like anything or worse, smelling like B.O.

I appreciate the attempt at a summery fragrance but I find the profile very "thin" and thus smelling cheap. It's plain and outright citrus to me, and there's no measure of that complexity you often find in designer fragrances. Perhaps they should have demoted this to cologne or body spray because the beautiful bottle and freebie bracelet are trying to make me feel like this is a perfume, but the smell makes me feel like it's baby cologne.

Regatta Men's EDT, ~2ml sample provided.

Giving this to my favorite male beneficiary: the bf (who doesn't need it because he smells like a baby all the time!)


April 2014 Regatta Saladbox: Curation Card

Box Value: Php 840, discounting the wooden mirror. Saladbox is sold at Php 500 / box but I got it at a Php 1000-for-3 boxes promo.

This is a fantastic follow up to the phoenix-like Skinfood box. It's not groundbreaking but it's certainly keeping up with the Kardashians, "the revival." I do wonder if my lukewarm-ness may have to do with the big ticket item, the fragrance, being a huge miss for me.

Lots of times I've felt like Saladbox goes for a bad run, gives one slightly redeeming box then continues on its bad streak, so it's quite comforting to have two good boxes in a row. I'm... carefully excited for the third box in my quarterly. Keeping my fingers crossed!

P.S. Saladbox is now opening Saladbox Man! It releases four times a year, and is priced at Php 500 / box. The regular rate is Php 690 / box but there's introductory discount while slots last. Very interesting!

Check out Saladbox Man rates here.

Visit their site

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