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I Want To Be Part of Sample Room's Blogger Circle

Honestly, even as I type this post, I keep having second thoughts about deleting it and abandoning my mission. Not everyone will be chosen, and there's a big chance I won't be. I'm not exactly a PR darling *snorts*

But it's not even a question of will I or won't I. I've never had a problem with other peoples' decisions. I have a very zen outlook on things that are beyond my powers and I know if I don't "win", I don't exactly lose. I can accept the fact that Sample Room could very well pass on me if they feel like I don't fit the Blogger Circle community, even though they think I write well enough.

But what if I they don't think I write well enough?

What's wracking my nerves and what's kept me from doing this sooner is this huge insecurity. Most of the time, I have no problem with my self-esteem. You can even say I have too much of it, and I don't think I can tell you you're wrong. But I am very insecure about my writing. Which is probably why, despite my huge passion for it, I've never built a portfolio, never saw an end to my millions of cheesy love scenes and never submitted my work; not even to a school newspaper.

I don't have a problem with blogs. I've kept lots of them over the years and even felt proud when one of my schoolmates quoted me in our newspaper. I'd never do it myself, but the column was under her name anyway. I guess when you really love something, you freeze up wanting to keep things in their perfect, idyllic state.

I fear that pursuing my dream leads to the dark and lonely end that I will never write as good as I want to.

So why join?


And not in a dumb way. I guess I'm just tired of sitting back, forever pining about things I should've done. Something sparked in me when Sample Room announced the opening of the Circle and I knew I just had to take a chance now. Sample Room has a very fun community going on (read about how much I enjoyed my first Sample Room event here). 

I'm very choosy in partnering with a brand, even though beggars can't be choosers, and I'm confident I'd never have to feign interest and enjoyment with Sample Room.

Why me?

One of my more recent Sample Room posts

Sample Room is a try-before you buy community. When you sign up, you immediately get 100 points to spend on free, mostly deluxe-to-full size samples. You get those points back when you review your samples, plus 1 point for reviewing. Endless points for all!

For a maximum of three items per transaction, you simply pay for shipping/admin fees (Php 100 variable by weight for Metro Manila) and poof! Finally, you get to try a product before spending actual money on full-size versions that might not always work on you.

Crucial to this unique system is the review aspect. Sample Room needs honest, thorough and accurate reviews so that each potential buyer can judge if the product is worth purchasing- that's why reviewers beauty profiles are tacked under their usernames. Skin type, shade, hair texture, etc. are all shown with each review. That way, you (the buyer), can judge which reviews will be most significant to you.

I think I am one of the most honest, thorough and accurate reviewers out there, and I'm crossing my fingers Sample Room feels the same way ;)

You may visit them at

Thank you to my boyfriend for encouraging me to do everything I want to.
Thanks Krissy (Krissyfied) for the additional push I needed :)

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