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Losing My Laser Virginity With Wink's Revlite, Part I: The Procedure

Gree'ins BBT readers! (I'm feeling a bit Bri'ish today, you see?)

If you follow me on Twitter and IG, you might have heard me buzzing about Wink's newest service: Revlite Laser Toning (Complexion Correction) Facial. Since the service comes from Wink, my mind was framed along the lines of laser hair removal. I thought" Wow, what an amazing idea, I'd never heard of laser facials before! But simple internet research shows that it's been around for quite a while and gained popular attention at the start of the decade (2010.)

Wink Trinoma, 3F near Mindanao Parking Entrance

Going off of near-nothing, I imagined a red pointer light tracing along every square inch of my face as it painlessly burnt off the topmost crust of my gorgeous mug. That is  actually so close to reality that I'm quite impressed with myself *snaps*

So to other first-timers and curious cats, read on for the first part of my two-part expose on Wink's Revlite Laser Toning Facial! The next post is going to be The Aftermath: So What Really Happened To My Skin? For now, let me take y'all through the same nervousness and pleasant surprises I encountered!

So I walk into Wink's Revlite Therapy Room at the Trinoma branch (YAY!) and am immediately greeted with Wink's anal cleanliness. Whattarelief! I must admit, I was kind of dreading visiting Wink Trinoma for my Revlite facial. I was unfamiliar with the procedure and wanted to stick to the comforts I knew in Wink BHS despite the ridiculous travel time. And if I'm being honest, I was deathly afraid that the QC branch would suck. Everything in QC is just too crowded and old and ratty. What if the QC branch is dirty and the germs would come and invade my open pores :(

A Shy Jess Welcomed Me To Wink

But praise be Holly, holy hallelujah! As soon as I stepped into reception I knew she didn't fail in carrying over the same cleanliness to our slummy Quezon City. Plus, the therapists and receptionists were as professional and intelligent as those in the BHS branch. Trinoma is just ten minutes away from my home, even at rush hour. Score!

Prepping My Mug:

Revlite is a super-convenient facial treatment. There's no messy anaesthetic creams nor transfer gels required. The only prep we did on my face was a mild cleanse and massage. Makeup and dirt may intensify the discomfort so it's better if you come to your sesh with a clean face.

I was able to keep my lipstick on, because they're never meant to laser your lips anyway.

The Revlite Machine

I was provided with a disposable headband that pushed my hair away from my face. I also got to wear coolie-o goggles to protect my eyes from the laser light.

What Happens During Revlite Complexion Correction?

Your therapist will first sit you down and explain everything in that thorough Wink fashion that comforts us. She will ask you for any areas of concern so that she may tailor your routine to your needs. She'll also tell you all about the procedure, and the usual reminders for any laser treatment.

She will simply hover a laser light a short distance from your naked face. 6 inches as I estimate... Just by feeling. I have a sixth sense like that.

Revlite Simulation

It's a bit uncomfortable, described as the flick of thin rubber bands on your face. To me, it felt more like bouncing steel wool or focused static that pulsed on a 1x1 cm area of my face. The sensation was nothing close to the level that would need anaesthetics, but you may request for them if you're really sensitive. (P.S. My pain tolerance is low-to-medium. Zero, if we're talking about needles.)

Every square inch of my face was covered in a systematic pattern. My routine was: chin upward and out, around the lips, left cheek, right cheek, nose and forehead. My cheek area below the eyes has very thin and dry skin and the laser stung a bit extra there. It was just painful enough to make my toes twitch involuntarily, but nothing alarming.

Thankfully, the laser never lingers too long on any certain area, for problem areas are treated with the same duration as non-problem areas (a quick pass that never settled for more than a second.) Problem areas are given more passes, rather than longer ones, so the discomfort is easily tolerable.

And that's it! It's a very straight-forward and simple procedure. It's basically just a waiting game on your part.

When Will It Ever End?

Ok, after the third pass, I got really, really bored. I wanted to doze off but that would be a disservice to my readers and Wink because I needed to pay attention to everything that was happening WHILE I WAS COMFORTABLY BLIND...

...and snuggly blanketed up

After a handful of passes through my face, my therapist, Jess, said we could already stop because I was developing little bumps. She said we were originally supposed to stop once I'd turned red, but she didn't want to push it because the bumps were also a sign of irritation. While she was giving me final reminders, she noticed I'd started flushing up, probably because the heat finally settled into my skin.

This was normal, she assured me. I wasn't perturbed and I didn't think she was lying nor trying to placate me. I don't easily flush and my usual sign of irritation is dryness and bumps.

  • Wear SPF 45 sunscreen daily, regardless of your itinerary.
  • Avoid heat and direct sunlight - I normally disregard SPF warnings, but I am deathly afraid of pigmentation problems.
  • Apply cold compress to reduce heat - I did not experience over-heating, but this is good advice.
  • Return on recommended intervals for best results - Wink texted me last week but i still haven't found the time!

  • Use deodorant or scrub on the area for 24 hours - No biggie. My nose can do without deo for a day. (Just kidding!)
  • Go to the gym, spa, pool, sauna for at least 4 hours - A big fat HAHA!
  • Use whitening or peeling products for at least 2 weeks - Made me extra paranoid of my skincare ingredients, but Holly says she just uses the same old things and she's okay. I just avoid any whitening products, and thank God I don't have a lot of those to begin with! Peeling, too, has never been a routine for me.
  • Get a tan or use tanning products - I don't.

Wink's Winner Interiors!

  • Don't wear makeup beforehand - Traces of dirt (and makeup) may intensify the discomfort. Though Wink will always thoroughly cleanse your face, it's better to come to your sesh with light makeup at the most.
  • Speak up! - Tell your therapist your specific concerns such as chin pimples, freckles on the cheek or crow's feet so she can tailor the routine to your condition. When I was told that Revlite turns unwanted hair white, I immediately had Jess target my ladystache and neanderthalish excess forehead hair.
  • Take the SPF reminders seriously.
  • Relax, don't freak out, and let Wink take care of you! - I got really nervous coming in, mostly because I didn't do any form of research on Revlite. I almost forgot how professional the therapists are! You could be a complete moron coming in but they will inform you every step of the way.
  • If you prefer a dermatologist to perform your treatment, book on a Friday :)

Catch the next instalment of Losing My Laser Virginity With Wink's Revlite, Part II: The Aftermath!

I was invited to have a complimentary Revlite Toning session. I was not paid nor otherwise compensated for this review. I exercise best effort in providing hard evidence for any positive feedback. Please consider that complexion shots are very difficult to take.

Wink occasionally contacts me to attend events and try out new services. This invite was a preview while Revlite wasn't formally launched yet. Click here for other Wink features.

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