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Php 20 0000 Shopping Spree Winner!

Sooo.. I don't really think this is a big reveal, but scrolling through the entries on the last task of my giveaway, I feel a lot of people missed the point...

Shari said people don't read when blinded by Php 20 000 shopping sprees. Point taken!

I had a ton of laughs with this prank. My throat is still sore from cackling like a witch! It was really funny seeing all the reactions from the prankees. Thankfully everyone was a good sport about it... for those who got it. I'm not sure about the people who are still expecting a shopping spree :S Please don't kill me, guys!

For my great April Fools' prank of 2014, some people were...

  • oblivious. (I'm sorry!)
    • "Hoping to win! *Pregnant is lucky! ;) hehe" - M.P.
    • "all i can say is thank you for the opportunity to experience to shop a lot! i really hope that i win." - S.A.
    • "done" - M.C.F.
    • "The Php20,000 is mine! Mark my word!" - V.K.
    • "Oh my this giveaway is awesome sis! super bongga, thanks so much for being so generous to your followers and readers. Happy anniversary to your blog and happy birthday to you pretty! More blessings to come and goodluck!" - L.G.
  • suspicious.
    • "I knew it <3" - Y.C.
    • "Good one! I was suspicious there.. but then I was curious as to what the other points were for. " - R.A.
  • a good sport about it.
    • "You're so cute, Tellie! See you soon! :)" - J.R.
    • "Oh my gosh! Im so excited pa naman! Haha. Anyway, I got irritated really, but i still love you. Hahaha" - T.M.B.
    • "Should have figured that out! Nagrest password pa ko sa Twitter! :))" - J.
  • frustrated.
    • "Day 2. Seriously." - A.M.
    • "sabi na nga ba! F#@$!!!!!!!!! :p" - E.C.P.U.
    • "OMG :))))))))))) Why do you do this to me :)))))))" - M.M. >> This is the second time I pranked this person! >:)
  • in shock and disbelief.
    • "actually what i was thinking was… seriously? 20k?" - P.E.B.
    • "omg..hahaha i believed it omg.. hahaha" - R.R.
    • "I was confused! haha" - C.V.
  • lurkers who got a chance to drop a lovely comment :) (Thank you, guys. I'm really touched!)
    • "haha i knew, something was wrong :) but it was fun anyways. love your blog and your personality shows as you write. I hope you continue to blog, im excited for your comeback and happy birthday ;)" - J.F.V.
    • "Hahaha! I knew it before i join this! I just want you to know that even if you havent posted here in your blog regularly i'd still love your blog. You're old posts really helps me a lot in buying cosmetics! Thanks for that! Btw, i hope you can still anounce the winner from your last giveaway from asian secrets, bcoz i regularly check your blog just to know who will win that GC's! More reviews please! " - M.Y. >> This was settled a long time ago :/ The winner got her prize already.
  • Prank Appreciators. (THE BEST BUNCH!)
    • "HA HA HA. This is the best April Fool's prank ever!!! ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TELLIE! <3 -from a loyal reader who loves your inate awesomeness" - P.A.
    • "fuck.. haha but this was fun! :) happy april fools!" - C.L.
    • "Hahaha You got us there!!! But atleast we get to prank others too through our shared links hahaha!!! Happy April Fool's Day Girl!" - Y.B.
    • "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! you made me laugh so hard! i was like going gaga pa naman sa pag type and stuff! ahahah This is the best prank ever!" - K.M.
    • "hAPPY aPRIL fOOLS Day too! sometimes we need fun too :-)"
    • "THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!! Why didn't I think about this?" - K.A.
    • "Haha, love this!!! I was wondering who the sponsor was or how you could afford to give away P20k! Sharing this so everyone will get duped :D" - K.M.R
  • Miscellaneous reactions I want to reply to:
    • "o-ohh" - G.B.M.
    • "Whoa there." - M.C.L. >> This, and the comment above came next to each other. They creeped me out. I thought they were hinting at a lawsuit!
    • "nice one haha but if you change your mind, im here =D" - M.C.>> I thought about making it real, at least partially, but my selfish side won out ;)
    • "P20,000 for cosmetics is way too much (at least for me). What on earth happened to you?!! " - A.E.M. >> What on earth happened to me talaga? 'Teh. Baka sa HBC too much nga yan. Pero samahan kita sa Rustan's, makakakuha ka ng masayang starter set, makeup at skincare. Kaya nga shopping spree e, diba? Dami mong arte.

The sad news... (and you may stop reading here, if you don't want a rant to ruin the funny fun funeroo we've been having so far.)

I mourn creating such a click-baity giveaway. I'm now jaded.

Giveaways are done for additional hits, and I wouldn't ever pretend that it's beneath me to host a giveaway. I am not terribly popular, and I know I could do with additional exposure. As a giveaway host, I will have to accept that "sincere followers" or those with potential to be such, comprise only a small percentage of actual entrants. Most entries will come from people who just want a freebie or who make a living out of joining blog contests. They help spread the word (A LOT) so I take them in stride. I never really understood other bloggers' fervor in weeding out giveaway addicts - nonreaders. Until now.

Reading the messages in my prank giveaway, I started noting too-similar messages. They were even made out to be, supposedly, from different sources: two female, two male. The male personas were begging for the Php 20,000 spree as an anniversary surprise for their wives (very specific,) while the wives were just plain begging for it. It stuck out because I don't have a lot of guys entering my makeup giveaways.

I've decided to chop out two whole paragraphs detailing how I came to the conclusion that these were false entries and not just the product of an overly suspicious mind. The better public service is to merely say I've found them out and leave it at that, rather than going into detail about the entire scheme and just showboating my intelligence to no one's benefit but my own. I'd rather not inform cheaters about how they're being discovered.

I know it might seem like I'm jumping too fast to conclusions here, but come on! I'm not waiting for solid irrefutable evidence when this all speaks to me clear as day. I hate people who try so hard to cheat the system. It's bad enough that strangers and loyal readers have the same chances of winning, because of course I prefer to reward only the loyal readers. But to further diminish their chances UNETHICALLY because of your prize-hungry ways? That is truly one of the lowest levels of sleaze a person can slink down to.

Thank you, April Fools' prank, for teaching me so many things!

I'm trying to come up with more mechanics to weed out these horrible people in my life. Help me out! What are your suggestions? And belated Happy April Fools' :)

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