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Timely PR: Kiele Anti-Mosquito Baby Cologne from The Caravan

Hey everyone! This'll just be a short, itty-bitty of a post. It's my birfday today and I'm off to party with my lovely bf :)

A few days ago, I received a few items from The Caravan. The Caravan is a lifestyle market happening TODAY, April 5, 10AM to 7PM at W17 La Fuerza Compound, 2241 Chino Roces Ave., Makati City. On a normal day I'd go, but I have PLANS TODAY wheee!

You all know I hate PR for the sake of PR alone, so I am quite thankful when little details come up my way to make things more personal. Case in point: the timely gifting of Kiele Anti-Mosquito Baby Cologne.

Kiele Anti-Mosquito Baby Cologne and J&C Super Clean Solutions (for Makeup Brushes)

I don't know if you guys have heard but Pasig (where the bf is based) is swarming with mosquitoes right now. You guys might not have an idea of the extent of this mosquito infestation due to my abuse of superlatives, but the place is fucking crazy and I'm not even overreacting.

Whenever we go out to the car, we pass by the area guard who has those mosquito electrocution rackets. His racket snaps every damn moment from 6PM 'til God knows when. There's a thin carpet of mosquito carcasses by the time we leave. An exaggeration, fine! But I've felt the swarm bouncing off my legs that one dumb day I wore shorts. They were EVERYWHERE! I felt their fat little bodies hit my legs whenever I took a step, YUCKITY YUCK!

Weapon of Choice

It's gotten so insane that local news has featured it. Nope, these people didn't get the short end of the stick. As far as I know, other places in Pasig have it the same way.

I doubt Kiele can keep such masses of mosquitoes away but I'm spritzing this baby on for when we walk out or hang out by the upper level hallways. There's less mosquitoes there but you will definitely get bitten within thirty minutes if you're not completely covered.

Kiele smells nice, too! It's not overwhelmingly citronella as I feared, but just a bit of citrus with the freshness of most baby colognes. I like how it feels dry against my skin. Some scents are just too watery, they slip off and hardly stick to the skin!

I was not paid to write this feature. I was sent the items pictured above by The Caravan along with an invite to the event, which I unfortunately can't attend.

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