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Burt's Bees Daisy White Skincare + Managing My Excesses

Hello everyone!

I got into an unscheduled break again. I tried my best to just go with the flow and let myself take whatever break I needed to take but it was a difficult process. I enjoyed it but every day I didn't post felt like torture.

I thought about quitting for good because I couldn't deal with posting so irregularly. For me, it's a perfect record or nothing: post every other day or not at all. I'm obviously having trouble posting three to four times a week for prolonged stretches of time, but I realized I couldn't really let go of blogging either.

I live for these setups. I love attending events.

I think I'm going to have to accept these sporadic periods of uselessness and just learn to deal with them if I want to keep blogging for the long-term. As an added benefit to relaxed writing, I find that my tone gets annoying when I write regularly so chilling out may be the best.

Is there a hump I have to get over before finding my steady voice?

Whatever, I just need to focus: the first step is not to freak out nor make a big deal about skips in my schedule. This is gonna be tough. 


I'm back with some exciting additions to my skincare collection. Last May 9 I had the privilege of attending the Burt's Bees Daisy White launch at Le Jardin. What a beautiful place. It was soooo garden-y.

These whimsical ceiling accents are too cute!

Duh, Le Jardin is fancy-pants way of saying The Garden, right? Don't let my hootiness fool you, I did not get the garden-hardin-jardin connection until just now. When I wrote about it looking like a garden. Lol.

Aside from pure business, or talking about Daisy White, we were allowed to create our own flower crowns and get our hair done for a portrait-taking session with Shaira Luna. Can I just say, Shaira is such an awesome photographer and super-nice person overall? I went into the shoot area feeling extra kooky and she laughed along, directing me into crazy and funny poses. I didn't expect her to be so relatable and friendly; gifted people are often cranky and anti-social. She's the coolest!

Flower Crown area where Krissy, Eula and I gave our best efforts.

Thank god she chose a civilized shot of me. I have a tendency of ape-ing it up when my laughter gets out of control. You know how people ugly-cry? I have an ugly-laugh. Le sigh.

Me by Shaira Luna

I'm excited to try out Burt's Bees skincare (available in Beauty Bar.) Daisy White is the latest line and, in keeping up with the trends, is a brightening line suited for Asian skin. Lately, it seems like all the new releases have to do with brightening, e.g. Shiseido White Lucent and CC creams.

I got to play around with them during the launch and I mussay the serum is amazing! It's almost like water and smells heavenly. The only difference? My skin absorbs it much faster than water! Which only sort of glides around the surface, now that I think about it (?)

burt's bees daisy white skincare routine
Burt's Bees Daisy White Cleanser Php 795 / 170gBurt's Bees Daisy White Toner Php 795 / 170gBurt's Bees Daisy White Serum Php 1650 / 30gBurt's Bees Daisy White Eye Cream Php 1650 / 10gBurt's Bees Daisy White Moisturizing Cream, 1650 / 50g

I'm scheduling this for use in June, I want to do a full review and nothing less (not impressions!)

Aaaaand now would probably be a good time to introduce a new series in my blog. Friends of BBT, I'd like to introduce you to: Skincare Snippets.

Since the year started, I got the idea of creating a monthly skincare series. Nothing too clinical nor detailed. I remember my 7 day Shiseido challenge (posted here, here and here) and I couldn't possibly do that every month. I won't be diligently photographing the changes in my skin, but I'll continue observing it in that intense, over-analyzing way I always do.

Every month, I'll change skincare sets. This way, I can make a dent in my extensive, accumulated skincare collection before they all expire. I gather one month is enough to figure out how each of it works. When I run out of unique samples to try, I'll probably go back and try to finish the best in the bunch.

Rules are simple:
  1. Use skincare exclusively from one line. If makeup remover, cleanser, moisturizer or eye cream is unavailable, I'll grab the blandest sample I have on hand.
  2. Try to use skincare everyday, with seven cheat days at most. Laaaaawd give me strength.
  3. Keep it to a month; no more, no less. I just follow the calendar and switch on the exact first of the month.
  4. Continue my near-daily masking routine (results are, by the way, FANTASTIC!)

So far, I have notes for the following in my drafts:
  • January - Shiseido AquaLabel, Moisture variant
  • February - Laneige Essential Care Trial Set, Light variant
  • April - Clinique random samples (from Bonus Time promo)
  • May - Shu Uemura Depsea Hydrability
Aaaand June is so obviously going to be Burt's Bees Daisy White (YAY!)

Managing My Excesses

Given all of the above, I still have a baby truckload of samples I will no longer be able to get through, considering my sheer makeup application and inconsistent skincare routine. I only have one face, but I'm subscribed to three regular subscription boxes and have tried a lot more random brands throughout my blogging tenure. I would love to hoard all the makeup and skincare in the world but there is an unfortunate animal called the EXPIRY DATE. Despite my greater greediness, I've decided to finally let go of the things that don't suit nor interest me.

Taking a cue from Eula, I've decided to hold a blog sale. Read more of my sale story and the rest of the sale rules on the Tumblr: bbtblogsale or through the "blog sale" page right below my banner (under construction, details to be announced!) It'll be frequently updated, announcements will be made through Twitter (@BeautyByTellie) See you there! :)

I was invited to Burt's Bees Daisy White press launch. Attendants were fed and provided with samples (pictured above). I was not paid nor otherwise compensated to write this post.

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