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My June 2014 BDJ Unboxing ft. Benefit Cosmetics!

My first and only box for the month of June comes from BDJ. This month's box felt disappointingly light, and I was already freaking out because I knew it was a BDJ Box- I can tell by the dimensions. I didn't want to get a disappointing box, but then again, it was really light because...

June 2014 BDJ Unboxing ft. Benefit

It's a Benefit box!

June 2014 BDJ Box ft. Benefit: Impressions

OMG. Can we take a second to appreciate how cute this was packed? I do appreciate how BDJ often makes an effort to be at their most presentable. My impressions photos come up looking contrived even though it's a freshly opened box kind of shot.

June 2014 BDJ Benefit Curation Card
June 2014 BDJ Benefit Curation Card

This is the second Benefit exclusive we've gotten. Last March was also a Benefit exclusive and it was pretty wild. No unboxing as that was during my hiatus. This month's sample cuteness is just killing me. Y'all know I'm a sucker for miniature and cute stuff! Read more for the definitive ranking of Benefit samples this June.

june 2014 bdj box benefit unboxing review
June 2014 BDJ Box ft. Benefit

(Do you appreciate the click-bait language? Harhar.)

Here's What's Inside (Sorted by Favorites):

Benefit Big Easy in 01 Fair, Php 2000 / 35 ml, 3ml sample provided.

The Big Easy is a pretty new release; that's why it's my favorite. The way I understand is that it's meant to be BB cream +++ in that it also corrects color, but isn't exactly in the league of lightweight CC creams.

Benefit Lolli Tint, Php 1700 / 12.5ml, 2.5ml sample provided.

Lollitint is the newest in the bunch but I only placed it second because I wasn't super satisfied when I swatched this in-store. It was a pretty disappointing lilac and I couldn't really figure out what color it looked like against my super warm skin. However, it was just one quick swatch and maybe if I apply it more finely I can judge this tint better.

Benefit Fake Up in 01 Light, Php 1600 / 3.5g, 0.5g sample provided.

I have this in full size so technically, it should be on the "Other Stuff in Here" list but OMG. I'M ROLLING AROUND IN FRUSTRATION. This thing is so cute, it should be illegal!


Full-size Fake Up vs. Mini Fake Up!

Benefit They're Real!, Php 1300 / 8.5ml, 3g sample provided.

I've gotten this from Glamourbox waaaay back (December 2012) and it was fantastic! Read my rave review here. Though it is technically a repeat and I shouldn't care about it, it's a fantastic product I don't mind getting over and over again. Good thing the wand is satisfactorily miniaturized 'cause to me, it is the absolute epic hero of this product.

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow in Champagne, Php 1900 / 30ml, 3ml sample provided.



Though technically a repeat of last March's HFOW, which was a bigger size.

Benefit Benetint, Php 1700 / 12.5ml, 2.5ml sample provided.

This will have been my second Benetint sample. I haven't tried the other so I can't exactly say if I'm excited or indifferent about this sample. Nonetheless, I think it also deserves to be in this list because Benetint is such an iconic Benefit product, don't you think?

Benefit The Porefessional, Php 1600, 22ml, 3ml sample provided.

Undeservedly last is the Benefit Porefessional. Aside from me having a lot of samples of this already, I'm just not excited about primers. The packaging is cute, that's a given and I'm not even gonna try to deny. I guess it's lost a huge chunk of its appeal because primers aren't a huge part of my routine.


Benefit Vouchers

Php 300 Brow Arch with any purchase - This should be fine. I'm just not going to let them fill my brows in again.

Compli Make "Upper" - I don't understand why brands issue makeover vouchers. SAs will often do this for free, if you ask nicely.


June 2014 BDJ Benefit Curation Card
June 2014 BDJ Benefit Curation Card

Box Value: indeterminate due to purely sample-size offerings, Php 580 subscription

This box is too cute for words! I just don't understand Benefit's aversion to premium-sized samples. Less than 5g or 5ml is not enough for a serious sampling, to be honest. That's just sachet-sized and that's what's bothering me about this box. The first one was okay but to catch two boxes within three months is a little too soon.

Still... I'm super glad I have it and am pitying others who didn't catch the subby. My craziness for miniatures is saving my opinion of this box but were it not for that, I think I wouldn't really like this box at all. I just think BDJ shouldn't release another Benebox in at least six months. Unless we're getting something full-size, then by all means ;)

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