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Tellie Visits: Posh Nails Perea, Makati

Last May 12, I attended a media event for Posh Nails Perea. Normally, I wouldn't see any benefit to trying out a spa establishment that's so far away from home, but I see Posh Nails everywhere and thought now would be a good time to try.

Posh Nails facade

The branch in Perea, Makati is situated near Greenbelt 5. You enter Perea Street via Dela Rosa Street, not Paseo. I like that there's a bunch of street parking right in front of it but for those who prefer garage parking, there's a few slots available in Maripola Building (where Posh Nails leases) and some more over at the public Dela Rosa carparks.

Operating hours are at 11am to 10pm and I think it's a perfect kikay haven for working girls. People who want to unwind after work, wait the traffic out or wait for their industrious overtime-serving friends will likely find a seat in this 10-15 seater spa. In contrast, neighborhood spas that I've been to usually seat around 6-8.

One corner of the large Posh Nails Perea branch. There were at least 4 more couches.

The interiors are roomy, bright and ultra-girly. Most couches are love seats so they do capitalize on women's tendencies to do things in groups (let's go to the bathroom, all twenty of us!). I'm not particular on room themes. I don't care if it's modern, princess-y or tropical; I automatically relax in clean places. PN Perea is clean, and I felt comfy half-sleeping under a mountain of pillows and walking barefoot.

Modern, pastel and regal

Long-time readers of BBT would know that I often get a mani-pedi-foot spa. It's easier to splurge on one's feet because they suffer a lot more abuse than our hands. In my case, my feet are also "uglier" or more worn than my hands. We were encouraged to take both the mani and pedi but I had to decline everything on my hands as I had a hard time documenting the event with my Nikon giving out lens error messages.

Watermelon-Themed Manicure and Pedicure

Cursory basket shot. Giggled at the dinner plate. Envied the basket jacket.

Price: Php 1325

Inclusions: foot bath via machine, callous removal, nail grooming, leg and foot scrub with a textured glove, leg and foot massage, dry leg wrap, foot blush and toe polish*

*I can't vouch for what the manicure portion includes but I suppose it is almost the same.

This service is named as such because of the fragrance of the products. Please don't expect to walk out with a watermelon nail art without paying extra!

Themed mani and pedi services also come in Lemon Twist and Strawberries and Cream. I'm told by Ms. Jen, owner of Posh Nails Perea, that only select PN branches carry themed manis and pedis thus, it being absent from the PN service list.

Machine foot bath. My foot was swallowed by bubbles within twenty seconds.

My favorite part has to be the foot bath. It's quite shallow and not at all unique to a Watermelon pedi but I loved the jacuzzi action on my feet. My toes felt like flirty singles hooking up in a hot tub, hahaha!

posh nails perea watermelon manicure pedicure
Watermelon scrub

Other than that, two other notable things stood out to me, a serious nail spa patron: the fragrance and the scrub size. Many fragrances sit just below our senses and I hate having to "work" to fish out a fragrance. I love the intensity of the Watermelon fragrance in the service though I think this may be unpopular opinion. Other people will find this scent a bit too much. To them I say: whatever, y'all whacked up anyways *napping and dreaming about eating watermelons on a checkered picnic blanket*

Next-level scrubbing

As for the scrub size, I am honestly torn about it. On one hand, I loved the gigantic particles. It's a great team along with the glove and I love how it was worked around my grimy toes and soles. On the other hand, it did get painful at times and no gentleness on the aesthetician's part will cure this. My attendant was barely grazing my shins yet it felt like I was putting on stockings made out of thorns. It's bearable, but it definitely takes away from the relaxation factor.

Nail Polish Tower!

They carry OPI, China Glaze and Orly; the top 3 polishes I care about. They also have Zoya, Cuccio, Essie and Deborah Lippmann but the most important thing is that they have rubberized base coats!!! My pedi lasted four weeks and a beach trip, and I only removed it so I could change colors. It could have stayed on forever!

RECAP: 4 / 5, an occasional splurge.

I claimed this space for a good hour or so

I loved the themed mani-pedi. It's a little pricey though, so I would say: reserve it for when you're depressed, bored or extra tired. It's a fantastic pick-me-up that melted away all my stress.The stripped-down feeling from the large scrub particles, the warmth of the massage, and the cooling lotion swathed by thick towels all worked together to calm my mind and distract me from my worries.

My aesthetician did not massage expertly. At times, her pressures were too "pointy" and crude, reminiscent of traditional hilot. I am not decrying our national massage but I do find that sedentary people such as myself find hilot too painful. I do not have a lot of cold spots on my muscles and hilot just feels better when I do actual, back-breaking manual labor. 

This is a sore spot for me, pun intended. I wanted to score more generously because I enjoyed the Watermelon treatment so much, but I can't disregard the massage: it is so crucial to a foot or hand spa. The massage, along with the scrub and nail polish, is one of the main selling points in this service and I feel like that really pulled down the score.

I settled at a 4 because the scrub was okay and the polish was superb. I felt like they were going the extra mile to create a unique experience for me and the Watermelon mani / pedi definitely carved out a craving in my mind!

Posh Nails Perea
G/F Maripola Building
109 Perea St., Legaspi Village
Makati City

Contact: 511 8279 / 0917 419 4523
Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm

You may visit them at:
Their website:
Twitter: @poshnailsperea
Instagram: @poshnailsperea

I'm holding a Posh Nails Perea giveaway soon. Keep your eyes open ;)

I was not paid nor otherwise compensated to write this post. Bloggers were treated to a themed mani and pedi (or another treatment of our choice) and fed cupcakes during the Posh Nails press event. I try my best to provide photographic evidence of all presented opinions.

Many thanks to Ms. Jen and Marcie for your hospitality!

Treats for both of us!

Thanks to Pat for this candid shot of me eating a cupcake and my bf eating my toes. Yay!

BBT x Posh Nails Perea Giveaway!

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