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Quiz: Lipstick Personality

After depotting my lipsticks, I guess I'm still on a sort of lipstick fever.

Well, not really, I just found this cool lipstick quiz I wanted to share with you guys.

photo from Your Invisible Crown

This is kind of difficult for me to answer because I've had super varying shapes of lipsticks.

  • When I was in college, I had this ultra-strange lipstick shape that was super tapered. It didn't feel natural to me AT ALL but I found Song Hye Kyo so beautiful that when I saw her use her lipstick completely horizontal in the Koreanovella Full House, I copied it: 
Beautifulest Woman Alive

P.S. That's not how my lipstick looked like. It was tapered off to one side.

So what now? There's no extremely tapered shape here. I guess it means I am a copycat? Fair enough. But only to really hot people.

  • I have some lipsticks that I flatten on top, even if I get them in that normal pointed lipstick shape.

Of what the quiz says, I can relate most to being to the point. I am guilty of sometimes steamrolling through etiquette and feelings, especially when I have a very solid point I want to get across. I think you guys can see a little bit of that with some of my more scandalous reviews, hehe. However, I don't think truth should be the ultimate pursuit. What's one to do with the truth when nobody can appreciate it because so many feelings have been hurt? Sometimes it's not really worth it, and that's where I try to draw the line.

I think I'm not really careful about appearances as I often step out with chipped polish, ratty shoes, ugly bags and too-casual clothes. I don't like flaunting signature items, gadgets or high-end tastes. I'm really more about keeping a low profile but I guess that takes work too, and that's the appearance I'm pretty careful about. 

  • Mostly, I just keep the slant close to the original shape.

According to the quiz, I don't like too much attention but occasionally want to attract attention. I don't like being the star of the party. I get uncomfortable when my loud personality and crazy jokes make people hang on to every word. I feel like a weird performing monkey-clown. However, I feel self conscious when people don't talk to me, and it makes me hyper-aware if I'm likeable or not. Pretty messed up, huh?

  • But as I grab lipsticks to photograph, I notice I mostly have them in a less extreme version of the sharp angled, box curved top shape. I never noticed!

I like to think I'm helpful, but that's just a tacky thing to say about yourself. I'd have to see if many other people agree, hahaha! I do agree that I am pretty enthusiastic and energetic, especially on all things beauty!

As for creativity... It's kind of hard to prove because I don't have a lot of artwork, and creation is a big part of being creative. I do believe I have my own special talent and that I at least have a gifted predilection toward the arts.

Soooo... That was honestly too much fun! I think it's like horoscopes y'know? It can apply to a very wide range of people but at the end of the day, it's just dumb, innocent fun. People see what they want to see and I don't think you can really tell what a person's like based on the position of the celestial bodies when they were born... Or in this case, based on the way their lipsticks are shaped.

Still, It's pretty cool to see how much I was able to ponder on, just by the shape of my lipstick. Lipstick application is such a huge part of my daily routine but I do it so mindlessly. To think I got all this content from it, imagine that...

What's your lipstick personality?

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