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SCOUTED: The 49 Edition

BBT Insta-friends are privy to my sheet mask story. It's not really a turning point but more of a gradual opening up to a regular "disruption" in my daily skincare routine.

Look into my nooooose!

It all started when Barbi Chan from BDJ sent me five Dermal Masks to try. Hipster me has known about sheet masks since forever, and my sister did get a huge box of assorted masks for us to play with. I guess I just never got on to the habit. Barbi's actual sheet mask experience convinced me that they're not South Korean folklore but actual, floppy tests of my patience.

Beauty Buffet Sheet Masks, Php 49 ea. (bottom shelf)

I have to start considering backups 'cause even if I'm using less masks right now, I still plan to make it a daily habit. However, I am adamant about not spending more than Php 50 for a sheet mask. Dermal sheet masks fit snugly and its' got great essence but it costs Php 70 and I don't want to settle on it just yet.

Most of the stuff I see are in the Php 55 - Php 150 range (gurl, please.) And it may seem like I'm ridiculously pinching pennies by avoiding even the Php 55 masks but when you're planning to do this daily, every peso counts. Choosing a Php 55 mask is already a Php 150 monthly loss.

Well, I was browsing Watsons' earlier today and FINALLY spotted some Php 49 masks! There's great variety, too. These actually look pretty good and honestly, I'm not too concerned about quality. In my short experience with sheet masks, I found that consistency matters more than quality.

Belo Deal (49% off) at

For those doing some last-minute summer farewells, you're in luck because summer essentials are starting to go on sale! A friend brought this package to my attention:

Php 399 for a Belo Essentials SunExpert set, including: 100ml Belo SunExpert SPF 50 PA+++ Transparent Mist (Php 449.75), 50ml Belo SunExpert SPF 40 Face Cover (Php 329.75) and Php 100 Sunnies by Charlie discount voucher. I haven't checked the math but they listed it at 49% off. Just when I found out about the Php 49 sheet masks. How cool is that?!

I haven't tried the mist myself but I looove the facial sunblock. It's very light and watery; perfect for everyday officewear. It never feels greasy nor suffocating, even after I've just put it on. I don't know what that says about durability, but it's my current BFF especially now that I'm doing Revlite. I'm halfway through the tube!!!

I'm so happy to report that I'm on track with spending. Are you? Indulge in my blog sale here for great skincare finds!

Orrr.... You could totally not-spend anything and try to win a GC to Posh Nails Perea Giveaway here.

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