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International Unboxing: Memebox Scentbox #1 (Rose) from Korea!

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious news for everyone: I, BBT, Filipina Subscription Boxes Queen, was contacted by an international beauty box!!!


I just about died.

Memebox ( started off in Korea and only recently launched their international campaign. They now ship to 45 countries, including THE PHILIPPINES. HOORAY!

But wait, how would I know that they started in Korea? Because I bought one entitled The Premium way back in July 2013, from a local online seller. Back then, they were limited to shipping only in Korea :( I didn't keep up with the subscription because the local seller hiked the price and I felt like I was being subjected to predatory pricing. I resigned myself to the idea that it was a one-shot kind of thing and didn't bother to update myself on the brand ever since.

A lot of things have changed since then so I thought I'd spit out a few fast facts to whet your appetite on Memeboxes:
  • Memebox is pronounced "mi-mi-box" and not "meh-meh-box." Don't feel bad if you thought otherwise, I initially posted my first box as a "Mememebox" because I'm sometimes dumb. Just sometimes, okay? Haha.
  • Memebox is not technically a subscription box. Releases aren't scheduled and you can't prepay since prices vary. Register your email over at the site if you want to be updated on each release!
  • Memebox is like a subscription box in that you get 4-8 mystery, full-size to deluxe samples. 
  • There's 4 kinds of boxes:
    • Memebox - has your standard fare of 4-8 deluxe to full-size goods. Items are usually makeup, skincare, hair care and body care items! Prices  vary at USD 15-30, usually at USD 23.
    • Memebox Special Edition - is just like a Memebox but it's themed. It can be according to concern, beauty trend or brand so prices are generally the same.
    • Superbox - is curated like a special edition box, but guaranteed to have only full-size items. If they come up with a theme you are very much into (e.g. Pore Care) or partner with a brand you really like, it's worth the extra $$$. Prices are at USD 23-70.
    • Luckybox - is an ordinary Memebox, but curated with their fan favorites and best-sellers. I think if you're not from Korea, this is the best option for you as the regular Memebox could come off a little too foreign and adventurous for your taste. It's been mostly at USD 23.

OMG enough info, just let me unbox now, PUHLEAAASE!

memebox scentbox 1 rose unboxing review
Memebox Scentbox 1 - Rose Unboxing

Important to note: I appreciate the care they practice in shipping your box. The box is hot-sealed in a tough, bubble-wrap bag. They use the space to place announcements from the brand: a bit about their 2-week sample approval protocol, a call for feedback and an advert for their online shop (as most subscriptions are wont to have.)

memebox scentbox 1 rose unboxing review
Memebox Scentbox #1 - Rose Unboxing

The box is also mega sturdy. It's not a huge change from their older box, just that the stamping is different and they changed to a hot pink hue from a salmon pink one. It took ten days from the initial email for the box to get at my doorstep.

I totally approve of this! I think if you place that much care in shipping, your brand is truly ready to go international.

Shipping packaging keeps your goodies safe!

Here's What's Inside (Sorted by Favorites):

Hope Girl Magic Skin Primer USD 33 / 35g, 5 x 2ml sample sachets provided.

Well, here's the day I thought would never come: with a box full of full-sized samples I go ahead and pick the sachet pack as my favorite. I admit, it wasn't my first choice upon opening the box but as I've reflected over what I've gotten, this is the one I'm most anxious to open up and road-test.

Rose-scented primer sounds awesome as I don't do skincare in the morning and often step out of the shower with splotchy skin. Rose is known for its soothing properties and I think incorporating it into a primer is a great idea!

Evas Rose Mine Plumpy Tint in 01 Roseberry, USD 11 / 13g.

Another surprise: I've been falling out of love with lip products for a few months now and I don't find myself as excited over them as I used to be. I think once I tried my first red lip, all sense of adventure got satiated and I'm now slowly going neutral over these things.

HOWEVER. I am pretty excited about this Rose Mine tint because: it's a lip 'n cheek AND it'll be my first squeezy gel tint. I somehow expect this will do great gradients. Wish me luck.

Evas Rose Mine Floral Remedy Foam Cleanser, USD 22 / 120ml.

I love foam cleansers! SO FREAKIN' EXCITED TO USE THIS. On the curation card, it says "micro-bubbles smaller than the size of your po-" ZOMG. Micro-bubbles T_T I mean, I know it just cutesyfied the idea of aerated foam, but ZOMG.

I'm doing Skincare Snippets by brand and I'm currently on Caudalie, so maybe I'll take up August as random-stuff-shucked-together month.

Happy Bath Rose Essence Body Wash USD 11 / 200g.

It feels criminal to have the Happy Bath body wash last because this thing smells so frakkin good. Like. Not even granny's roses. Rather, a really soft and sweet rose that calls to mind a fluffy shag rug beside a bubbling porcelain bath tub with four elevated legs. Totally sexy and youthful.

RECAP: USD 44 for a USD 15 subscription + 6.99 shipping fee, or almost 2.5x the cost.
Memebox Scentbox 1 - Rose: Curation Card
Memebox Scentbox 1 - Rose: Curation Card

You know you have a great box when you feel bad about the last item on your Favorites list. Maybe my joy is affected by the fact that this was sent to me for consideration, but I'm completely cool getting a box bundle and finding free shipping coupons on my own expense.

USD 15 is one of the cheaper rates on Memebox and I'm completely happy with the package I got. I can't even imagine what the common USD 23 boxes are like, or better yet, the outrageous USD 70 Luckybox #1!!!!

Memebox is a great way for Korean cosmetic addicts to get a taste of the latest and hottest releases you won't even have a clue of! 'Cause let's face it: most of what we know of Korean cosmetics comes from Etude House, Tony Moly, The Face Shop and Laneige. Once you have a taste of those big-sellers, you'll completely crave for more and want to find obscure brands that maybe cost less or could do better. You'll need a higher high, so to speak.

I got a promo at $5 off! Just type in HD5IRA. This voucher is valid 'til end of July. You may purchase boxes here (affiliate link).


I was approached by the Memebox team to help spread the word on their Global Campaign. A random box was sent to me free of charge for editorial consideration, though I paid for shipping.

I was sent a bunch of writing guidelines which I used to educate myself about the brand and to come up with a sincere unboxing. I was neither paid nor instructed to write positive things about Memebox.

Prior to publishing this post, I've been invited to join the affiliate program. I'll get a small commission from each purchase made through my link. Please do click on my side banner or affiliate link above if you're interested in purchasing ^_^

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