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Surprise.. ?

Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing okay. I don't want to front any comment about Typhoon Glenda because I dislike that kind of discourse on my beauty blog, but I do want to remind everyone to do their civic duty. That's all!

Anyway, tres exciting news. I've been getting a lot of things done this week but there's still a lot of time wasted and I feel like I don't do enough on my blog (or other things.) While I catch up, someone kindly offered a guest post... Marvin's back and he's funnier than ever! His last review was a hit (click here) and this one is further improved. A lot of you think he's hilarious so nobody better get any funny ideas about impeaching the Queen.

Hello BBT readers! It has been 11 months since my last guesting in this blog. So I’m guessing that I’ve been using facial wash for about a year now as well. It has definitely become a part of my shower routine! I started using facial wash (for the first time) around August of 2013 when I got some FREE stuff from the Watson’s Men’s Zone event (Thanks Tellie!). IT CHANGED MY LIFE! I can’t believe that I’ve been living the past twenty-something years so dirty! Lol. This is how my skin looked like in high school…


So for the 2nd installment of the Watson’s Men’s Zone freebies, I will be using..

loreal men expert acno striker purifying foam review

Coming from the great discovery of facial wash, I had really high hopes for this product. I think L’OREAL is a pretty famous / classy brand, right? Well.. I was actually a bit let down by this product. One of the reasons why I took this long to finish this product was because I wasn’t as excited to use it compared to the previous one (Vaseline: Men’s Facial Scrub). My initial thoughts on this facial wash was “Where’s the scrubbing beads?” Aside from the heavenly feeling on my face, I feel like I need the extra scrub on my face because of all the extra oil and dirt it gets. Another thing I noticed about this facial wash is that it is very watery. Other facial wash has more of a cream-like texture unlike this one (it is really almost like water). It actually falls off my hand whenever I use it. Hassle sa muscle. And lastly, it has this sort of glue-gel texture (and even smell) to it! Eww. It doesn’t even bubble that much which makes me feel like its not as clean. After washing, my face feels like it has an extra layer of oil/glue. It DOES leave you with a hint of minty feeling on your face after washing, so I guess that’s the best part. Maybe other people will like it but it’s definitely not for me. In fairness, I don’t remember getting much acne the past year so maybe this facial wash works in a different way. And for the results…….

"Visibly fairer and whiter skin" HAHAHAHA

BAM! Based on the skin that I had in high school, I can’t really complain about the results. 

What do you think?

Cheers to looking clean! THANK YOU FACIAL WASH! THANK YOU TELLIE! ☺

Sam, who? -BBT

Here’s a picture of Sam Milby looking oilier than me. HAHA (sorry na. minsan lang. I hope this isn’t my last guest post.)

BBT: So what do you guys think? Are we getting rid of him or me? HAHAHA!

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