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SCOUTED: Cheapest Masks So Far!!!

I'm on the hunt for the cheapest everyday-friendly sheet mask. So far, I'm barely satisfying my Php 50 budget, with most finds at Php 55 - Php 75. A few days ago, I got an email from about Hayan 5-pc Sheet Masks at Php 179, slashed from Php 250.

Php 36 per mask is PERFECT for my expectations but I thought I'd do a bit more research since deal sites aren't always priced as low as they'd have you believe. I looked up Hayan on Facebook and found out that they sell through as well.

They're priced at Php 129 here, and as far as I know, it goes by the piece. DEFINITELY A NO. I x'd that window right away. sells them at Php 99 but they have no shipping rate listed so I don't know what the total comes out to.

I was planning to hoard with Serry Mall, but thought to search a few reviews first. There's no use stocking up on these masks if they're horrible.

I found Martha's review and she says she liked them so my concerns were placated. But she says they were priced at Php 65 each, so.. what the heck? I tried another review, this time by Eyah and hers says they're Php 15 each. I mean seriously? Hayan are you high-an something? Get it? Get it?? Hahaha I'm sooooo hilarious.

Anyway, I was browsing though Eyah's comment thread when Sammy boasted of Php 10 Charen sheet masks in this Korean mart. I'M LIKE, WHAT?! GET ME 50. She told one of the commenters that she got it somewhere along Garnet St. The boy says he knows a Korean mart in Garnet St. so we tried Sonamoo Mart. We didn't find anything there, other than delicious Kimchi.

So, I guess I'm settling with Serry Mall's Php 20 (+ shipping) masks. Or maybe I should at least try Star Mall, Mandaluyong. Maybe I'll find Hayan rated at Php 15 over there...

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