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Unboxing: Memebox Global #12!!!


Ok, so I'm back with another Memebox (*)! This time, I've got the Memebox Global #12 I received yesterday to unbox with you guys. There doesn't seem to be any particular trend or grouping with the Global Boxes, and they're found in the Memebox tab so we can expect to find 4-8 full-size products and deluxe samples in this box.

I've given everyone a super quick brand intro last time with my Scentbox #1- Rose review, so here I can enjoy more freedom to talk about things that really stood out to me. Particularly, shipping.

I am absolutely in love with Memebox's shipping practices. Check out their store-wide shipping schedule here.

Memebox Global #12 Unboxing

With local businesses, shipping is not a huge concern to me. Local brands have a shortlist of reliable couriers and are able to flit in between service providers just to get your box on time to your doorstep. With international shopping, the problem is a bit more complicated.

When we last spoke, I offhandedly mentioned to the team that I was charged extra by DHL Philippines for customs fees. I brought it up because I knew they were not aware of DHL's corrupt practices. (My sister used to ship prepaid documents to our home and DHL always grifted a few hundreds more despite shipping being completely prepaid abroad.) Memebox apologized and I didn't push the issue any further.

For the Memebox Global #12, they changed couriers. They made sure to switch to a courier that also had tracking services so that made me happy, happy, happy! Is it shallow? I appreciate the attentiveness to customer service. It feels awesome to do business with brands that have great customer service. I felt like my voice mattered and they really wanted to bring the best products in the most convenient way possible. They just scored a hundred brownie points with me!

Memebox Global #12: Impressions

Global #12 is way heavier than Scentbox #1 - Rose, so I was about 2 lbs more excited to open this box up, teehee. It's still sealed in their sturdy pink bubble wrap and everything arrived intact and pristine.

On to the unboxing!

memebox global #12 unboxing review
Unboxing: Memebox Global #12

Here's What's Inside (Sorted by Favorites):

Banila Co. Claypatra Mineral Salt Clay Pack, USD 21 / 100g, 12g sample provided.

I'm most excited about this clay pack from Banila Co! I zoomed in on the label Claypatra and immediately hailed it my top pick. Egyptian clays get really good reviews for detox and sebum-control so I'm excited to try. Being from Banila Co is just a cherry on top as it's one one of the more mainstream and trusted Korean brands.

Inter-cos Smooth Sensitive Removal Cream, USD 43 / 250ml.

Body hair is not a huge problem of mine but I still like to groom on occasion. The unique spray-cream is a first and I'm crossing my fingers this doesn't react harshly on my skin. I've tried Veet depilatory cream a handful of times and was fine with that. If anyone has done Veet and Inter-cos, please let me know what to expect!

I also love that there's 2 spatulas included. Y'know. In case you're dying to use it and can't wait to buy your own supply from the store.

Palan Crysence Organic Essence, USD 72 / 120ml.

I initially thought this was a facial essence similar to those doused on sheet masks, but this is apparently a hair essence. It's a leave-on lotion that doesn't sound like much effort to add to my beauty routine. I'm planning to use it daily and I hope to get pronounced results as I'm currently rehabbing my recently trimmed digi-permed, double ombre'd hair.

My stylist says I have a lot of hair fall due to dryness on the tips, but thankfully I'm also regrowing a lot of strands quickly. I think I'll benefit from a root-to-tip maintenance while my hair grows out in peace!

Ryo Anti-Hair Loss Treatment, USD 12 / 200ml, 50ml sample provided.

I put this anti-hair loss treatment lower, because I don't think hair-loss is a normal problem for me. Still, who knows. My hair is very limp and blah. Hoping for some 80s volume and glamour with this one, hehe.

Plagentra White Mark Cream, Lotion and Massage Gel, USD 38 / 100g, 3g sachets provided.

Fancy me putting a sachet sampler over the full-size version! Well first of all, I am much more interested in a complete trial line and with steps 1 (cream), 2 (lotion) and 3 (massage gel) provided, I wonder what difference the Plagentra line can do for me.

FYI the cream and lotion are for the face, while the gel is for the thighs and legs.

Plagentra White Mark Cream, USD 38 / 100g, 15g sample provided.

Plagentra provides us with a bigger sample of the cream, though I don't understand why this has instructions to stretch-marked areas while the sachet set mentions it should be used on the face. Either way, I'm using this on my stretch marks, as recommended.

I love that it comes in a pretty convenient travel tube. With the recommendation of using it 2-3x a day, it'll be pretty easy to slink into my purse for easy access.

L.vida Nail Polish in LC-20 Neon Orange, USD 7 / 10ml.

This polish has awesome color and is packaged so nicely. It even comes with its own tiny corsage, D'AWW!


memebox global #12 curation card prices
Memebox Global #12 Curation Card

Box Value: USD 112 for USD 29.99 (USD 23 box fee + 6.99 Shipping). Almost 4x the sub fee!


First of all, I don't even include fractioned values for samples, i.e. putting in USD 3 for the 50ml sample of the USD 12, 200ml full size Ryo hair loss treatment. If a box puts less than full size, I value that sample at 0. So for this box to be almost 4x worth its USD 30 fee is pretty amazing... Especially considering 4 of the 7 samples are not full-sized.

For what it's worth, the box even feels more valuable than the USD 112 value lets on. The non-full-sized samples are presented so beautifully that I'm not feeling cheated by them. Once again, my list wins from top to bottom and I'm not indifferent about anything. I feel the least for the polish sample but the color is so beautiful that I care for it more than I normally would.

The variation in samples, from hair, grooming, nails, skin and face, is absolutely fantastic! The items are also so out of this world (for me at least, a Filipina purchaser) so there's that whole level of adventure with this box.

Absolutely loving Memebox!

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