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My August 2014 BDJ Box Unboxing: Luscious Locks

It's time to address the elephant in the room: I'm getting disenchanted with BDJ. I personally feel it is no longer performing at the same level as it was during 2013. Though it had a few duds, 2013 was punctuated with a lot of crazy-exciting boxes. To illustrate, last year's August box (unboxing here) was the Shiseido Ibuki exclusive. Nothing was full-size but it was a crazy-exciting box because the line hadn't even come out in stores by then.

August 2014 BDJ Box Unboxing: Luscious Locks

Nowadays, I feel like the "superstar boxes" are coming in fewer and farther in between. And while this current level of service is acceptable, above par for other brands even, it's very hard for me to feel this way about BDJ. 

August 2014 BDJ Box Unboxing: Luscious Locks
August 2014 BDJ Box Unboxing: Luscious Locks

I guess when you take away obscene quantities, you're left focusing on BDJ's longstanding issues: repetitive samples, redundant samples and the constipated release of cosmetics. Don't get me wrong, there remains a lot to be appreciated with BDJ. Despite their redundancies, they have access to major brands, ultra fresh releases and a staple of at least one cosmetic product strung along each box. They're also able to keep hosting the Beauty Socials and Beauty Soirees, which are great venues for all beauty-addicts to gather and learn about beauty.

It's just a little disappointing now that it's seeming to plateau at a level lower than I expected. It's still worth paying for, and I'm keeping myself subscribed, but yeah. There have been better days.

Here's What's Inside (Sorted by Favorites):

L'Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil, Php 995 / 125ml, 45ml sprtizer provided.

I believe this is a new release, though I could be mistaken. Either way, it's totally new to me and I'm super excited to try this (along with the masque.) The spray creeps up to the top by a sliver of favoritism as spray products make life EASY.

L'Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil Nourishing Masque, Php 1095 / 200ml, 75ml tub provided.

I'm expecting a heavier dose of nourishment from the masque than the spray, so this comes a really close second. There's enough in the tub for at least one trial, two if you have fine or short hair. Argan's very good for the hair so I'm pretty excited to try it out.

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, Php 3500 / 30ml, 5ml tube provided.

I heard from my blog sale friends that some people got a golden ticket for some sort of raffle for the Shiseido Ultimune. I think you get the full-size (30ml) version? Unfortunately, I didn't get it but there is enough in the tube for less than a week's worth of trial. This is a serum booster, to be used after softeners / toners. I know it seems like a bunch of hokey but I'm a believer of layering so... I'm actually not opposed.

On the other hand, I'm majorly relieved it's not a softener. I'm a huge fan of Shiseido softeners and would've likely died with envy from those who got the full-size ticket.

Fan Di Fendi Blossom, Php 2850 / 30ml. ~2ml x 3 sample sachets provided.

This is a divine fragrance. I love the body and complexity of the formula, how it's not just your typical one note of sweet, citrus or musk. It can easily be a signature fragrance but I think this scent has been around for a while?

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Shine in 805 Kissable Pink, Php 350 / 4g.

Nothing new, nothing special. Thank god it's makeup in a useable shade. When it comes to lipsticks, this is your standard fare of wax bullet (not even the trendy lip butters or crayons), AND from a brand that's highly accessible. Still, it's the only makeup in the box and I appreciate the effort.

Other Stuff in Here:

Garnier Color Naturals in #5 Light Brown, Php 199 / 100ml.

I would be more excited to try this were it in red. It's the second one I've gotten from BDJ, the first was from January - February 2014 box (post here.) And back then, it was just an add-on gift, not even a major sample.

I'm likely putting this up in the Offline Blog Sale.

Blo Vouchers, 20% off and free deep conditioning.

The vouchers are surprisingly luxe though I guess it speaks of the establishment's marketing. Personally not excited to try them out. Some of the photos I've seen from the blogger launch featured crisp and limp hair. I'm pretty handy when I work with my own hair, so unless you give me full-on Hollywood I'm not really interested.


August 2014 BDJ Box: Luscious Locks Curation Card

Box Value: Php 549 full size samples for a Php 580 subscription

*Full Value: Php 2112 considering fractional values for sachets

This may be the first time where BDJ Box is not able to recoup the subscription fee based on my traditional value computation, where I only consider full size samples. 

But then, I dislike how value is being made too big of an issue. I'm sometimes guilty of obsessing too much about the numerical value of the box when I know I didn't subscribe to a coupon site. Sure, it gets exciting when you feel like you cheated corporate big wigs by paying Php 580 for a big basket of "samples" which would probably only stretch to one item were you to step out and purchase directly from department stores.

August 2014 BDJ Box: Luscious Locks Curation Card
I didn't subscribe to deals and coupons site where the bottom line is always the biggest sale. Last month's box (unboxing here) proved to us that value isn't always king. This is a beauty subscription where I expect, mainly, to get samples of the newest and hottest makeup. BDJ has a tendency to repeat samples and lean on non-makeup items, but I'm satisfied with how they at least have very fresh releases.

For now.

You may visit the site,
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