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My July 2014 Glamourbox Unboxing: Beauties and Babies!

Guess what came in the mail todayyyyyyy?

The Beauties and Babies box is Glamourbox's fourth of the year, marking a loosely bimonthly schedule. They delivered the Snoe Special Edition last January, the Belo Exclusive last March (unboxing not available due to hiatus) and the Perfectly Pristine box last April.

Even though I'm not expecting, I think it's pretty important to include a mommy-concentrated box once in a while. Many women will eventually be mothers, and even those that don't go that path will eventually face the same issues: loss of elasticity, body change and maturing skin. The "young and fun" market is the most visibly served segment, so I find it very useful to have the "mommy" market curated for me.

July 2014 Glamourbox Unboxing: Beauties and Babies!

Considering my long-term skincare goals, I am very open to see what the market is like as I slowly move out of the kiddie, cutesy products. 

Here's What's Inside (Sorted by Favorites):

Li'l Tots Baby Wipes, Php 65 / 60pc, 2 x 10 sheet packs provided.

This feels like cheating because I don't necessarily feel like these wipes are the best nor most interesting sample in the box. They're at the top spot 'cause they're the most practical sample from this curation. Wipes are awesome for emergency poops!

Bio-Oil, Php 495 / 60ml.
Bio-Oil carries a lot of brand recognition with me though I'm not sure what exactly I've heard about it. In any case, I'm super interested in an all-purpose oil as I went through a Caudalie travel kit for July and loved the Divine Oil.

This is mostly meant for scars, stretch marks and uneven skin. I am looking forward to using it on my scaly legs and probably trying it out on my dry face.

Natasha Beauty Heel Mate, Php 195 / 25g.

FUNNY. Cause I've been using an expired Mustela moisturizing stick on my feet. Hell I ain't using that nasty stank bomb on mah fez or hands!

Well, let's send out an SOS search party because ten minutes into opening this box, Heel Mate has been hijacked by a certain heel-obsessed mother.

Mustela Physiobebe Cleansing Fluid, Php 690 / 300ml, 50ml bottle provided.

I have no particular allergy concerns but I rank this baby cleansing fluid pretty high up because I occasionally get bouts of eczema. Regular soap is scary because anything harsh will certainly irritate my condition. I can't not clean the area, because dirt will also worsen the condition. I haven't had an attack in a year but I'm not exactly rushing to try it out, hehe.

Milea Baby Sniffles Balm and Sleep Balm, Php 350 / 50g and Php 150 / 16.5g respectively, 3g duo stick provided.

I'm not a very resilient person and I'm often under the weather. The sniffles balm is perfect during the rainy season, when I'm more prone to head colds. The sleep balm is a whole 'nother level of FANTABULOUS because I'm quite the insomniac.

Baby Sebamed Children's Shampoo, Php 425 / 150ml, 20ml bottle provided.

I don't have sensitive scalp but I hear pregnant women undergo hormonal changes that negatively affect hair condition. This could be something for mommy and baby! As for me, I'm just dying for that cute bottle.

Baby Sebamed Bubble Bath, Php 425 / 200ml, 25ml bottle provided.

HUHUHU I'M A SUCKER FOR BUBBLE BATHS OK? I don't know how much of a bubble bath I can draw out of this because I'm not actually a baby and this sample is baby sized but I'm going to make it work guys. Put your faith in me.

Eden's Paradise Whitening Blue Salve, Php 289 / 40g, ~20g tin slider provided.

I'm a known dissenter of whitening products but I'm pretty okay with this salve because it's actually a micro-peeling salve. My armpits will get to try this.

One small gripe with the container though, it's not very user-friendly and both my sister and I accidentally swiped at the product just cracking it open to take a peek.

Mustela Physiobebe Vitamin Barrier, Php 490 / 100ml, 10ml tube provided.

This is actually for diaper rash and while I should be indifferent about it, I'm quite excited. I know it's not meant for chicken skin but I'm going to try this vitamin cream on my arms and see if it helps.

Other Stuff in Here:

Mustela 9 Months Stretch Marks Double Action, Php 1990 / 250ml, 10ml tube provided.

I'm not opposed to stretch mark creams especially if they come in handy travel tubes as one often has to keep reapplying them. I'm amassing a too-huge collection though and I'm not really interested in finding the perfect cream.

Mustela 9 Months Comfort Nursing Balm, Php 690 / 30ml, 3ml sample provided.

I think it's quite perfect that the most particular sample is the tiniest one provided. All of the above samples can be used by a wide audience but this nursing cream is geared towards a very particular group of people, of which I am not part of.


July 2014 Glamourbox: Beauties and Babies

Box Value: Php 690 for a Php 595 subscription.

*Full Value: Php 1326.83 = considering fractional values for deluxe and sachet samples.

*I don't normally consider deluxe and sachet values for value computation so now I'm going to provide a full-only valuation and a more complete valuation.

While the box value is considerably low, this box does not feel like it's worth Php 690 only. In fact, it feels just like those Php 1500-valued boxes! There's a bunch of Mustela products but the samples don't feel redundant and I'm very intrigued with the wide range of skincare items. Lotion and shampoo is quite common but there's therapeutic balms and peeling balms in here!

I absolutely love that this box is highly inclusive of expectant mothers, as the female body undergoes a lot of strange changes when pregnant. I don't assume you can keep using your bachelorette beauty products once your hormones go crazy from that fetus growing inside of you! Beyond that tiny market though, I find this box very considerate of the larger non-pregnant majority. There are great finds for me here but I can't wait to share the rest with my expectant friends :D

I'm a little worried that Glamourbox is becoming too skincare-centric, but we'll see. That's obviously a given for a maternity-themed box!

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