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Monthly Skincare Snippets: A Motionless March 2014

Monthly Skincare Snippets is a year-long project of mine using one skincare set consistently for a month. I only have two rules: use it at night and don't allow more than seven days of non-usage. I wanted to set a period of usage for products (one month) instead of waiting for them to get emptied. This is my way of making a dent on the various skincare samples I've accumulated. 

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Dear Diary,

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. That's a load of bull.

February's just ended. I'm over 40 days into Skincare Snippets and I was putting off skincare more than ever. The daily grind of putting on three creams on top of a toner and cleanser with a separate makeup remover option really took its toll on me. The 6-7 item routine made me cranky for the whole of February and I remember hating Laneige with an irrational passion. Despite it being a 28-day month, I took the most breaks to date, clocking in about fifteen cheat days.

At the cusp of the final week, I discovered that using the Sleeping Pack daily instead of weekly improved my plateauing skin... I almost did not want to fix it. I couldn't take adding yet another step to my already exasperating nightly routine.

On top of all that Laneige drama, I was off skincare for the latter part of 2013... And I loved my "work"-free evenings. I got into a zone where I saw the ugly side of skincare. Like quicksand, it drew me in and sucked the life out of me because all the things I hated kept piling up on me and gradually consumed me.

I guess taking a seven-item routine so soon in my project was, in retrospect, tres dumb.

So, I took a break last March, overjoyed at the prospect of work-free evenings once more. I hadn't posted anything about the project. At this point, I could totally get away with cancelling. It'll be between just me and me!

Days went on and my glee turned into anxiety. I thought it seemed very quitter-like of me and I actually got depressed halfway through the month. I felt like an irresponsible child; waiting for the wrinkles to set in before I did anything about them- and by then I'd be too late. I felt like I was taking my skin for granted; it lent me its beauty but I wasn't taking care of it. Most importantly, I felt horrible for abandoning another project. Your twenties are your most productive years; it's the time that one should do more than stop.

Slowly, I started feeling like I needed and wanted to do my skincare routine. It wasn't a spark, but rather this a slow and quiet buildup that urged me to continue my routine. Sometimes I get lazy, I won't lie about that, but overall I allow less and less cheat days.

Nowadays, I am more accepting of the fact that skincare is a chore. It'd be better for me if I keep looking for things to appreciate rather than dwell on the immutable fact that it feels like work. I get my skincare done earlier in the night so I can have a short burst of refreshed energy for blogging in the evening. I move faster when I feel lazy so I won't feel like it takes up too much time. I look for enjoyment in the formulaic motions when I find myself overly stressed out...

And when all that fails, I keep going back to this photo:

From my Shiseido 7-Day Challenge (click here)

That's my face without skincare, and 7 days with. It's a huge difference. It keeps everything in healthy perspective and reminds me that the benefits are way more important than my whining. It reminds me why I should do this TODAYRIGHTNOW and TOMORROWASAP.

It's August and I have so much more of my stash to go through. I don't think I will run out of options by the year's end, and I think there'll be more after 2014. I don't feel dread, but rather, EXCITEMENT! Is there something that can top my current best picks? What does HG moisturizer feel like? What combination of products will finally have my skin stop flaking?

Skincare Snippets is here to stay. I'm taking this long and crazy journey 'til December and giving myself a nice reward after.  Have a virtual drink with me, everyone!

Have you committed to skincare or are you taking advantage of your youthful beauty?

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