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Skin Saver Strategies: Holistic Skincare with Myra

I'm not a calorie-counter, I don't have a gym I call a second home, but I do think of healthful practices as a discipline similar to skincare. I know I'm young and can get away with a 3x a day fastfood diet but I don't want to get used to such a lifestyle. As soon as I graduated college, I tried to get myself used to eating fish at lunch, because I otherwise wouldn't and fish is an important part of a balanced diet!

I've been getting up and sleeping earlier (oops, can't test the Milea sleep balm sample now!) the past few days but I've been really stressed out from work. I always feel like I'm one week behind and I almost never get to breathe during the work hours. So now I've grown around seven mini zits near my chin and cheek and I feel so messed up because I know it's not dirt acne, but stress acne!

Myra Holistic Skin Kit: Kor Bottle, Healthy at Home Recipe Book, Myra 300E and Myra 400E

I feel horrible that my usual powder foundation doesn't give me enough coverage anymore. My liquid foundations aren't enough either; I have to wear BB creams if I want to look blemish-free! They never look nice enough though, because my chin's really bumpy right now and there's so much flake-action and roughness going on in the area :(

So for the next few weeks, I'm going to employ the following Skin Saver Strategies:
  • Sleep - For the first time in my life, this is actually not a problem right now :)) It's been pretty easy lately because I get everything done and lay down by 10. By 12 I'd be bored to death and just fall asleep.
  • Exercise - Though it sounds good on paper, it's just not something I can commit to just yet. I don't want to lie about it to appear like the perfect person but I know when me and Marvin were going to an MMA gym, my skin was glowing 100x better than when I using the best moisturizers.
  • Hydrate - I love water and it's quite shocking how a lot of people hate it. Apparently, it's tasteless and boring? I don't know about that! I love this classy, giant Kor water bottle becuase I hate having to refill my water mug every few hours. My unique challenge is to refrain from peeing so much because I think I'm a frequent urinator. A lot of my water intake doesn't get retained long enough to actually benefit my body because I'm too comfy going in and out of the restroom :(

  • Eat well - This is also blessedly not a challenge for me as I still live with my parents. We have good, balanced meals and I enjoy eating at home. However, I love taking supplements (except vitamin C) and thankfully, the Myra team sent me a couple of bottles of Vitamin E :)

I'm a firm believer that diet is an important factor in determining your "skin prettiness." After all, the skin is the largest part of the body! If you don't fuel it properly, toxins manifest in the form of dry, sebum-riddled or off-balance skin. Vitamin E is a great antioxidant meaning, it helps prevent quick and excessive cell deterioration.

I'm excited to start on my Vitamin E supplements tomorrow! I don't know if I'm putting too much hope in supplements improving my current skin condition, but if it makes me healthier on the inside, that's bound to show up on the outside (i.e. my skin!)

Myra 300E is available for Php 241.50 per bottle of 30s.
Myra 400E is available for Php 94.64 per bottle of 8s, Php 354.90 per bottle of 30s and Php 1183 per bottle of 100s.
You can find them in all major department stores, drugstores and supermarkets.

You may follow them on Twitter, @MyraHolistic
their Instagram, @MyraHolistic
and like their Facebook page, Myra

I was sent the kit mentioned above. I was not paid nor otherwise compensated to create this feature. I posted this because I wholeheartedly agree with the Holistic Skincare ideals promoted by Myra.

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