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The Beauty Bloggers' Offline Blog Sale!

I was working on a handful of reviews (shocking, I know) but I'm interrupting my regular blogging program to sneak in a short announcement.

Thanks for the awesome poster, V!

A couple of friends and I have finally gotten around to our Offline Blog Sale. YAY! I'm over one year into subscription boxes and the beauty with purchasing them myself is that there's no ethical dilemma in selling those samples that I never got around to using. There's too much stuff piling up in my room and there's just not enough face nor bodehh to use these items on. 

EVERYTHING MUST GO. I've only held on to those items I really, really like. I'm selling everything:
  1. I haven't opened and don't see myself opening in the near future (brand new)
  2. I've tested but don't see myself picking up again (swatched only)
  3. Older stuff I can't stand seeing around anymore, which will of course be considerably marked down (supersale, Php 75 and below)
I'm still looking to see how to clearly label the status of the item. I might color-code the stickers or not even bother.... I'll see!

I'm selling a bunch of personal purchases and subscription box overruns in: skincare, body & hair, tools, eye makeup, lips and face. There's tons of stuff coming your way so I hope you can like our humble Facebook page, The Beauty Bloggers' Offline Blog Sale, for item teasers and news. It's not just me selling, it'll be me, BeaShariV, Pat and HazelRae and Elaine are going to pitch in a few items and/or drop by to help out!

As for myself, you can consider my old Blog Sale album as a teaser. I've since added A TON of items for the Offline Blog Sale, though. Here's a few interesting things I picked up off the top of my baby balikbayan box:

TBB Offline Blog Sale Teaser!

A super generous person (who might not want to be named) is letting us squat over at Crepeman Cafe. Do visit us at Crepeman Kapitolyo and like their Facebook page! Address is 1st St., corner San Rafael St. Just turn right at the guard house coming in from Shaw Boulevard and turn right again at Andok's. There's limited street parking available! We'll be selling on September 13 (Saturday) and 14 (Sunday), 11am - 6pm.

We can even have a little meet and greet! Hope you can drop by, check the stuff out and have a little chat and some crepes with us :D

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