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International Unboxing: Memebox Superbox #32 - Bubble Pop

Exciting news over at they're being very aggressive with their marketing. And like a virginal schoolgirl, I am soooo swooning over it! Here's 4 exciting promos from Memebox:
  1. USA Exclusives - Memebox recently opened a USA warehouse, where they've shipped top-selling K-beauty items. Until Sunday, August 11th, you can get free shipping (5 days max) on all USA Exclusives! You need a US address though, and since USA is my top 2 readership, I thought I'd reach out and let y'all guys know of this wonderful deal!
  2. Ready to ship Memeboxes - Have you ever felt the heartache of locking your radar on a Memebox, only to check the price and find it... OUT OF STOCK?! (QUE HORROR!) Sure, there's a wishlist button, which is kind of a waitlist, but your emotions have already been toyed with! Fret not, they've made it way easier to shop. Check out the Ready to Ship tab if you want to lay eyes on boxes that you can get RIGHT NOW!
  3. August promo code - enter 9GWXZL upon checkout to get $5 off valid on all purchases August 1 through 31. This code is limited to one transaction per user.

It doesn't seem that long ago when I last unboxed a Memebox (it was the Global #12). Here we are again with another Memebox and this time, it's a SUPERBOX! A Superbox is a special kind of Memebox in that your 4-6 samples are all FULL-SIZE!

Memebox Superbox #32 Bubble Pop - Impressions

I received the Superbox #32 - Bubble Pop. One of the newer trends in K-beauty is the incorporation of carbonates as a highlight component. Why? It's a very good pore scrubber, and you can't have that bright glowing K-skin with dirty pores dotting your face! Typical benefits include pore size reduction and blackhead removal. I'm sure a lot of you have heard of the Etude House Wonder Pore line. That's part and parcel of the trend :)

memebox superbox 32 bubble pop
Memebox Superbox #32 Bubble Pop - Unboxing

Since most pore control substances work through oil control, I don't usually have the chance to try address my blackheads. "Bubble Pops" on the other hand, are abrasive and not necessarily drying... I think? Either way, I feel these products are the safer alternative for people like me who have pores over my dry but not sensitive skin!

Here's What's Inside (Sorted by Routine):

So I'm curating my box a little differently for this unboxing. I only have two tits to rip off at a time and there are five items here. The box is curated thoughtfully enough to comprise a full routine. I'll take things up in order of use, instead of order of preference (which would only be possible if I could have a horizontal-scrolling blog).

Brilliant LoveHeart Sparkling Powder Set, USD 31 / A: 12g, B: 17g x 5 ea per set

STEP 1: Pre-Cleanse

Brilliant's got a very interesting logo in that it also looks like Brilight. Random observation of the day!

This powder is to be fully dissolved into 5L of water and it'll actually fizz and bubble! You dip your face in and out of it for 3-5 minutes and it'll prep you for cleansing by starting that carbonic scrubbing action on your face!

I've never bobbed for apples but I've a feeling this is good practice. In the meantime, I dub this: the face bubble bath.

i belivyu Cube Sparkling Sugar Scrub, USD 24 / 8g x 7 pcs

STEP 2a: Scrub

Scrubs not only buff your skin, but also make it that much more absorbent of moisturizers. These are shaped like sugar cubes and you're supposed to wet it, crush it and roll it over your face. Afterwards, you can rinse off with warm water. HOW CUTE IS THAT :3

Ok confession time: this is my standout sample. The glass canister is so luxe and it's sized wide enough to jangle the cubes inside, but narrow enough to keep them in line. Eeee!

Oseque Melting Cleanser, USD 40 / 120g

STEP 2b: Cleanse

When I use scrubs, I don't do traditional cleansing anymore, making it an either-or option.

Oseque's melting cleanser is also another crazy-cute product. This is the first cleanser I've come across that you sort of leave on your face and let the carbon fizz out. Once the bubbles start to pop, you rub and massage the product all over. Fizzeh bubbleh oh yeah!

Skineralism Ice Whitening Bubble Pack, USD 36 / 7ml x 6 pcs per pack

STEP 4: Pack

Packs and masks have their place after cleansing. This Skineralism pack contains carbonated water, hyaluronic acid and hydrolized collagen among other super trendy ingredients. It's supposed to have a moisturizing and cooling effect, which I'm not sure if its the typical cooling-because-it's-wet effect or it's the menthol-cool effect.

This pack is left for 3 minutes and to be rinsed off with warm water.

Elensilia French CO2 Aqua, USD 42 / 100g

STEP 5: Moisturizer

After all those mind-boggling innovations, this moisturizer is pretty traditional. It has snail extracts and carbonated water to deliver intense hydration. It also creates a moisture layer on top that prevents your natural moisture from escaping out into the environment. The user is encouraged to apply this cream generously, especially to dry areas of the face.


Memebox #32 Bubble Pop curation card

Box Value: USD 173 or almost 4.6x the box fee

Box Fee: USD 38.99 = USD 32 box fee + USD 6.99 standard (15-25 days) delivery. Upgrade to express (3-7 days) for USD 25

Memebox #32 Bubble Pop curation card

UHM. WOW. This box is totally amazing! Crazy value aside (which should have been obvious even before I calculated) it makes me feel like how Jasmine must've felt on her magic carpet ride. I've a whole new world of crazy leave-on fizz cleansers, cube scrubs and facial bubble baths! That's what I adore supremely about Memebox: they're always able to curate cutting-edge and trendy products that beauty bloggers such as myself may have never even heard of!

I can confidently say money is not wasted with Memebox. They have tons of promos activated all the time and the three boxes I've reviewed so far have all been huge hits! If you want to stretch your money even further, they have box value sets where you get 2 boxes for USD 46-75 and a free upgrade for express shipping.

This box was provided free of charge for editorial consideration. I was not paid nor expected to produce a positive review.

I also happen to be a Memebox affiliate and I get a small commission from every purchase made through my links and banners. All links posted above are affiliate links.

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