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Blog News: Affiliate Page

I just want to quickly point out a blog "renovation" to everyone!

Online shoppers; rejoice! I've finally put up my Affiliate tab! It's right beside my Blog Sale tab, and in here I compile my affiliate links and quickly mention their terms. I do a lot of online shopping and I wish I didn't have to dig as hard to find discount codes and such!

Just last night, I was asking Ms. D and Rae about OCC Lip Tars (v2 or v3 set). If you have any recommendations let me know!

Ellana Minerals
  • 15% off first purchase with Ellana Minerals

Purchase through any of my links or banners and get 15% off on your first purchase. I receive a small portion of sales made through my banners and referral links.

If you don't know your Ellana shade, I highly suggest taking the 22-pc free sample set without the affiliate discount. The samples are free and you only pay for shipping so it wouldn't make sense to get a discount on shipping.

Instead, get the samples on full rate and apply the discount when you start buying actual products. Don't forget to check the Sale tab!

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  • September 2014 Memebox coupon = 8YFX or 7SV69A to get $5 off any order
  • Referrals-only deals = earn Memepoints
  • Affiliate discounts = $5 off orders over $100, $10 off orders over $150 just order through my links or banners (valid til September 30, 2014)

Memebox sends me coupons every month so I wanna share them with you guys! These codes are the best 'cause there's no minimum spend. It's limited to one use per customer though, so I guess you have to wait a whole month if you've already used it.

1 Memepoint = $1. You can rack up your Memepoints and use up to 50 points to offset your cart. My links and banners automatically land you on the Referrals-only page, so do check those out first. To see the complete offerings, just click any of the tabs (you'll still be on my referral trail!)

Purchases made through my links or banners get special discounts. This offer is expiring soon but I hope it still helps anyone!

I receive a small portion of sales made through my links. Sign up to the newsletter to keep track of the tons of discounts, Memebox bundles and fresh restocks.


I don't have any partnership with Luxola but the link above is my invite code. Please use it to sign up with Luxola and help me earn points :)

I love window shopping on Luxola. They constantly have deals so please don't ever check out without punching in a voucher code!

  • LX-LIZ = 25% off storewide, not sure 'til when this is valid. Code from
  • LX-BANTUNG = 20% off on the first purchase, valid 'til October 31. Code from
  • SKINCARE25 = 25% off all skincare items


I'll keep this exact same text up on my Affiliate tab and update it for new discounts and partners. I'll tinker around putting comments up that area so everyone can share tips and codes.

Happy shopping everyone! 

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