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BBT gets 5 Readers into the BDJ Beauty Social: Camp Gorgeous

I have a lot of posts on my plate so I'm eyeing a tighter blogging schedule this week. I'm already up to my ears every-other-day but I'm strangely game trying out a temporary daily schedule. In the midst of a gazillion makeup launches, lemme just sneak this short post in.

The BDJ Team has graciously offered me and 5 BBT readers to join the Be Blemish Free For Life talk by Larissa Joson of Women's Health during the Camp Gorgeous Beauty Social. This is gonna be the third Beauty Social and unfortunately, I'm going to have to miss it :[ We planned our Offline Blog Sale wayyy before the Beauty Social announcements came up and I can't move it now! Everyone's too busy and 13-14 is the only time we all have freed up.

The Camp Gorgeous: Beauty Social happens on September 14, 2014 (Sunday), at the Skydome, SM North EDSA. Talks start at 12nn but I think they're opening gates at 10am.

What is the Beauty Social?

Every year, BDJ holds a Beauty Social. Basically, it's a big beauty fair / convention with a lot of booths and talks. You're given a map and timetable upon registration, indicating ALL the activities and marking all the talks you have a reserved seat for. Of course, you can stand outside the cordoned area and listen in to talks you didn't sign up for, but this event is jampacked at a half-day schedule and you should try to sit whenever you can. People who pre-register for talks can get the famed loot bag. Walk-ins can try to sit in but there's hardly any free spots and they don't get the loot bag.

Makeup brands participate in booths and you can do fun activities for freebies, try out new samples or sign up for mini makeup workshops. I like to come early and get through all the booths before the lines build up.

This year's Camp Gorgeous is the third ever. Apparently, I forgot to post about the second one (how did that happen?!) but here's my account of the first (post here).

Win a seat to Be Blemish Free!

Soooo... It's quite sad that I can't come especially since the Team reserved a skincare talk for me and my readers. They deliberately chose that to match up to my interests UHUHU T_T

I'll still host this giveaway because, of course. The Beauty Socials are super fun events and I would love to share the blessing!

Up for grabs: A registered seat for five (5) BBT readers to the Be Blemish Free talk by Larissa Joson of Women's Health. It's at 6pm, September 14 (Sunday) for the BDJ Beauty Social Camp Gorgeous at the SM North EDSA Skydome.

Mechanics: Just comment with your name, email and mobile number. THAT'S IT! First come, first serve, no BS mechanics from me this time :P

I'll send the first five valid entries to the BDJ Team and I'll forward the confirmation via email to you guys once I get it :)

You may visit their website, and
like their Facebook page, BDJ Box.

Tune in later tonight for a sneak peek at my Offline Blog Sale items! Please like our page to catch teasers of items up for sale :)

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