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Loving You Lately: Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Peach

Loving You Lately, is a tag on my blog featuring recently bought and used items that are making a spectacular impression with me. This means they're being heavily rotated into my daily arsenal of products though published opinions might change as I clock in more mileage with the product.

Last May, I attended a Bobbi Brown workshop in Rustan's, Shangri-La. I missed a huge chunk of the talk because I took down the wrong time. By the time I got there, they were already finishing up the look and I probably only caught around 15 minutes of the bridal workshop :( Food / Matromao / Mysterious-woman-of-all-time caught the whole thing, you can read her account here.

We fell in love at the wrong time: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick. Source.

All's well that ends well because the lovely ladies from Bobbi Brown gave me my Php 500 GC anyway! The time I missed on the workshop was spent trolling the Bobbi counter with my powerful, magical voucher. I was considering buying the Skin Foundation Stick because it actually does look like skin, but I have tons of foundation to go through so I checked concealers instead.

The SA tested a corrector on me first, since my dark circles were giving me so much grief. The magical coverage I witnessed was enough to get me to buy on the spot!


Php 1450 at the Bobbi Brown counter Rustan's, Shangri-La. I had a Php 500 voucher at the time from attending a mall workshop so I paid only Php 950 for it.

Bobbi Brown is also available in Rustan's Makati, Rustan's Cebu, Essences Rockwell, SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia.

Click here for the Bobbi Brown Corrector page. They have a nifty shade finder which helps you shop across different base products as long as you know your shade for one item like say, the Tinted Moisturizer.

Product Description:

The Bobbi Brown correctors are meant to be used under the Bobbi Brown concealers. The correctors come in 16 shades that are either pink or peach-based. I believe the pink tones are for cool skin, while peach is for warm skin. Color theory is very complicated and you have to consider the color of the bags AND your base tone so there's no hard and fast rule for shade matching.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit (Concealer and Powder). Source.

Knowing this, I found it pretty strange that I was given just the corrector. Bobbi Brown offers a Creamy Concealer Kit with a concealer and setting powder in one case. I think they were just so busy that time and the SA didn't have time to perfectly match me to a tricky two-tone thing. Or maybe I mentioned that I hated everything I tried before; none of the CC Kits I've tried sufficiently covered my bags.

The Bobbi Brown correctors are infused with skincare. It's said to be easily blendable and crease-free.

bobbi brown corrector in light peach review

My NC 25 skin with brown bags were matched to the Light Peach corrector. It's a bit orange in the photo and I couldn't correct it.

How to Use:

Correctors are to skin tone as primers are to skin texture: they "prep" imperfections that are too dark. They help your concealer do its job because concealer alone will not be able to realistically cover up very dark bags (hands up!) or birthmarks.

If you try to use too much concealer to cover up too much darkness, you will overcompensate and end up with either overly bright undereyes (shade compensation) or get cake-like texture (coverage compensation.) Though people would rather be lazy than use two products under their eyes, the result is much more natural and long-wearing.

Using the Sigma P86 Precision Tapered Brush

Pat corrector on the inner corner of your undereyes and spread close to the lash line. Correctors bridge the shade between your circles and general skin tone so don't attempt to completely cover everything up.

BBT Tip: Two thin layers of different makeup is better than one thick layer of a singular product.


Sitting at the Bobbi Brown counter, the SA was able to completely cover my dark circles. That's what ultimately pushed me to purchase the product.

I may have been distracted and chatting then, because I realized that it would take a helluva lot of product to cover up my circles as much as she did. Nonetheless, I have the best experience with this product when LAYERED THINLY. I put one thin layer, blend, second thin layer, blend, rinse and repeat until I've bridged enough of the darkness to my cheeks' skin tone.

In the lefthand photo above, the corrector does a piss-poor job at concealing; it's maybe half a shade lighter than my bare eye. That's because concealing is not what it's meant to do.

At this point, I already add the concealer. You can see in the righthand photo that the eye on your left looks "flatter," and I used half the amount of concealer there than on the eye on your right. I've had to be more careful in applying my concealer because I'm afraid to wipe the corrector off, and I make sure to set with powder.

I love the texture of this thing. It adds an extra bit of dewiness under my eyes, which helps to naturally brighten the undereye and camouflage the darkness. The creaminess doesn't accentuate dryness and bumps along my undereye, which has been a problem with my goopier, high-coverage concealers.

On creasing: it depends on your concealer. It creases under the MAC Studio Fix (which always creases) but does not under the lighter Garnier Tinted Eye Roll On.


Dewy Brightness resulting to a Natural Look.

The brightness I achieve from this corrector is one-of-a-kind. It shines enough to reflect light off of my dark circles. I used to overcompensate by using a lot of concealer and that's led to really cakey looking eyes. Now my coverage looks more like skin and I'm pretty proud that Bobbi Brown has lived up to its marketing.

Clearer shot of my bare (eep) face with corrector on one eye and concealer on both


I'm still undecided. It's very good but it's only my second corrector and I wonder how others would fare. Two months is more than enough trial time but I like to suspend absolute judgment until I'm more informed. Right now, I'm still pretty much a corrector-noob.

Beauty by Tellie score: 5/5, Trusted By Tellie

Regardless of my inexperience with correctors, I'm not dumb enough to be blind to the greatness of this product. This is definitely HG material for me and I'd be shocked if I notice anything beyond my two months usage to drastically change my mind.

I haven't used it on a really dark birthmark (because I have none) so I wonder how it fares with such. Bobbi Brown does talk about this product in reference to under eyes alone so I don't even know why I'm wondering about birthmarks, pft.

In any case, I'll update you guys if my LYLs don't live up to the hype. See example with Missha Perfect Concealer here.

You may visit their website,
or like their Facebook page, Bobbi Brown Philippines.


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