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SCOUTED: BYS Philippines New Releases!

Scouted is a tag in my blog featuring beauty finds and new releases. Impressions posted below may change as I spend more time with the product. 

I am soooo loving my reformat for the Scouted tag! I love how I've expanded it to allow more freedom with event pieces*. I can just give you guys overview of the brand without committing to a meticulous review. I don't know about you but I really like knowing a brand's expertise or specialty products. It helps keep the buying in check :))

I haven't gotten anything from BYS prior to this event, partly because I'm so unaware of what the brand stands for. Based on packaging, which is mostly all black, it seems to be promoting itself in the league of professionals. Think: MAC and Makeup Forever. Strangely enough, its priced very drugstore-friendly, so what is it all about?

bys philippines 2014 review

BYS is all about catering to a very diverse range of tastes. You have staples like the usual foundations and primers yet you also have trendy products such as neon eyeshadow and lip crayons. Ed Aitken, founder of the Australian-based brand, regularly visits the US and Europe to gather intel on the latest makeup innovations. Whatever's trendy: they're working on it. With over 1000 products, you can expect to find the latest and trendiest makeup here.

BYS Angled Tip Liquid Eyeliner Pen, Php 499 / 1.5ml

Liquid eyeliners are my favorite but I'm not too fond of chisel tips. I've used thin-point felt tips all my life and I'm afraid that my inexperience will cause me to fudge up. I haven't been doing eyeliner recently so I'm doubly anxious about making this work.

Quick impressions: I'm warming up to the chisel tip. I like that I can do one quick swipe for a thick wing, which I seem to be doing more and more. Maybe I'm getting comfortable with drastic eyeliner looks, who knows?

Of note is that it is honestly waterproof. I left my hand swatch overnight and it survived multiple handwashes without budging or fading. The next morning, I noticed that it faded but at least, did not smudge around. I prefer greyed liner over racoon liner, any day!

bys angled tip liquid liner pen swatch

I don't like how sheer it is and how it seems to form streaks in application. I'm hoping it performs differently on my eyes as my hand is quite bony. I had trouble drawing the lines, can you tell? Hahaha.

BYS HD Microfinish Powder, Php 899 / 5g

The HD powder is very finely milled; you can feel it when you pick up the product and press with your bare fingers. It comes with a furry puff that looks like it will last a while. Plus points for that!

bys hd microfinish powder swatch

I've tried this on my face a grand total of one time, using a fluffy face brush. It's doesn't alter my base color but oil control seems to be pretty blah, and that's considering I have dry skin. I'm gearing to try it again, maybe with a thicker application to see if it (1) does better oil control and (2) casts white as I build layers. I used very little the first time, as is the norm with HD powders.

BYS Lip Colour Stick in Thistle Do, Php 349 / 1.5g

Thistle Do is this very striking bubble gum pink. It looks threateningly blue on the bullet but suits my very warm NC 25 skin once applied. In some lightings, a coolness pops out of the color but I'd have to actually use it on my lips to figure it out.

bys lip color stick in thistle do swatch

Of all the items I received, this is undoubtedly the runaway hit. Pigmentation is great in one swipe and it feels very lightweight. It's moisturizing without feeling piled on, basically everything you want in a lip crayon. There's a mild sheen to the finish but it doesn't look wet nor glossy.

Top L: BYS Lip Tars, swatches on the right
Mid L: BYS Creme Sheen Gloss
Bottom L: BYS Lip Color Sticks, swatches on the right

At this point, I'm slowly building interest in BYS' lip products. I swatched their Lip Tars during the event and was similarly impressed. One small dot as large as what a marker would make created these very solid and pigmented lines. I even had to wipe a lot of product off because I didn't have any space left to fully blend it out! I can't say if it will be comfortable or good on the lips, and I really wish I had the chance to take one home.

bys luminizing foundation primer swatch
BYS Luminizing Foundation Primer, Php 1099 / 20ml

The primer is a very chunky mousse, as you can see from the unblended swatch. I used the same amount on the solid and blended swatch so you can see how far it stretches. I ran out of space a little bit, not sure if you can tell, haha. I find it has a lot of body and is drier than the usual silicone primers.

It's kind of difficult to use as I either have to leave swathes of unblended product or nearly wipe the layer off altoghether. I'll need more time to work with it but so far, I'm quite disappointed not to see much luminizing effect. I'm hoping it transforms when topped off with foundation or blended more skillfully.

bys liquid illuminator in elixir swatch
BYS Liquid Illuminator in Elixir, Php 649 / 20ml

Sadly, I'm not too keen on the liquid illuminator either. It sounds like a great idea and looks promising on the tube and during the demo, but I had a hard time blending it. I find it too watery and when blended, the bronze shade and fine shimmer almost disappear. I used the same amount on the solid and blended swatch, to give you guys an idea of how far it stretches.

Based on my very short and limited trial, I'm not too impressed with the base products. I'm still allowing myself more time to settle with it but at this point, I'm much more interested with the lip products. The lip products are easier to work with and seem to be of better general quality than the base stuff.

All products are priced very affordably! The crayons are around Php 200 cheaper than Revlon's and Php 600 than Clinique's. If you're interested in lip crayons this is a great way to get a feel for what they're really like without breaking the bank.

I'm earmarking BYS as my gateway brand for trendy items, especially the lip stuff. I'll have to drop by a counter soon to see what else they have! Foil shadows, perhaps? Lip tars are definitely a go as I was juuuust window shopping v2 or v3 OCC sets!

BYS is available in 120 Watsons and SM Beauty stores nationwide.

You may visit their site for products and a list of branches,
and follow their SNS for contests and updates.

Check their Facebook page, BYS Philippines
follow them on Twitter, @BYSPhilippines
and Instagram, @BYSPhilippines.

*I was invited last September 17 to BYS Philippines' media event at Pina 1 & 2 TERRAZ, Zuellig Building. Guests were fed and a short program kicked off with a few words from Ed Aitken, founder of BYS. Afterwards, a makeup demo was conducted to showcase the products.

Clockwise from top left: Night look demo, Lee Shen Gee hosting, BYS corporate + the models, BYS founder Ed Aitken, Bridal look demo

Attendees were issued press information and product samples featured above. I was not paid nor otherwise compensated to create this feature.

Thanks BYS and Shen :)

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