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SCOUTED: Celeteque 30th Anniversary Introductions!

Scouted is a tag in my blog where I feature interesting beauty finds and new releases.

Celeteque 30th Anniversary New Realeases!

I feel like this is a cheaty Scouted post because I didn't organically stumble upon these products. Nonetheless, these are super exciting releases and I'd pay money to get these if I didn't already have them! I love Celeteque with all my cold-blooded heart and these two new products just up the brand profile if you ask me <3 Well, one more than the other, and you'll read about it soon enough :)

Celeteque Anti-Aging Cleansing Oil*, Php 249 / 50ml

OMG. So. Excited. About this one. I never got around to posting a review of the old formulation because I honestly didn't get it. It cleanses well enough but doesn't fully take out my waterproof mascaras and eyeliners- FINE. Waterproof makeup is the bane of most makeup removers so I can't hate on that. But the instructions and usage were so friggin' obscure I didn't quite know what to do with it. You could wash it off or wipe it off. Is that so? Because wiping it off left my face super sticky and highly uncomfy. Then, it's said you can leave it on and use it as a moisturizer. I mean, what is it meant to be, really? I majorly broke out the first two times I tried to leave it on so it just left me super confused. Was it really not good for me or did I just not know what I was doing? I mainly use my old stock as massage oil nowadays, teehee~

But this new formulation? I LOVE. I've only tried it a handful of times but it's way, way, WAY above and beyond the previous one. The new formulation now emulsifies. YASSS! So unlike the previous oil that left me feeling goopy even after double cleansing, I love the lighter and healthier feel of this oil.

I just rub it gently on my face until my makeup is melted off and wash the gunk off with water. My face feels moist but clean afterwards and I don't feel any residual gunk unlike with the old formula and the Human Heart Nature oil. I haven't yet tried it with waterproof makeup but I'll try to do a more comprehensive review once I clock up more mileage with it.

Celeteque Acne-Clearing Concealer*,  250mg

This concealer is pretty handy for people like me who don't do a full skincare routine in the mornings. I only use SPF in the morning, and moisturizer if I'm feeling perky, so when I have spots of acne they only get treated at night.

This concealer stick is formulated with Salicylic Acid to exfoliate dead skin cells and Camelia sinensis extract to soothe and disinfect the acne. It's an inside-out remedy in that it treats the pimple while covering it up for the day. The pencil shape is also pretty awesome for precise application on dark spots. My only gripe with it is that it pats dark on my NC 25 skin. The shade is significantly darker against my general tone so it doesn't do much against actual dark spots. I feel like it'd be more suited to the typical morena tones at around NC 35. Maybe even NC 40?

Celeteque Acne Clearing Concealer Swatch

It's quite a shame, really. I had a recent Eureeka moment of taking fish oil capsules that the rest of my family quit because it broke them out. Well little Ms. Einstein now has a few dark marks and spots of acne and I really would have loved to road test this product. I wish they'd come up with a lighter shade! 

These products were gifted to Celeteque's media partners during their 30th anniversary ladies' lunch last August 26. It was held in the Prime 101, Makati, where the Celeteque team introduced their two new products. I was not paid nor otherwise compensated for this feature. All opinions are based on a quick trial of the provided product. Detailed reviews may follow.

For more Celeteque news, you may follow them on their Facebook page, Celeteque
and check their website, They sell their products online but these two items are only available in-store as of posting :)

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