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SCOUTED: Heroine Make now in Manila!

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Great news for eye makeup lovers out there: Heroine Make is now in Manila! Heroine Make comes from Mandom Corporation, the same group that brought Pixy in. I've had the opportunity to play around with Pixy goodies from both the April BDJ Box and the media loot bags at their launch (non-event post here) and I can say their strength is in providing you that simple, natural look.

Heroine Make on the other hand, seems to go all out with the "black eye makeup." By that, I refer to the brows, lashes and liner. If anything, I trust Japanese drugstore eyeliners and mascara the most. Their eyeliners have legendary budge-proof capabilities and the mascaras are pretty sturdy while consistently giving at least medium volume and length.

Heroine Make has a huge lot of eye products and I'm sharing my top two faves that have probably caused my blogger friends' ears to fall off due to the fact that I can't shut up about them!

Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow in 01, Php 345 / 0.7g

I LOVE THIS EYEBROW PENCIL. OMG SERIOUSLY. I can't fully express myself about why you should like it. I feel helpless because I sincerely want to convince you guys and show you the light but I just spazz out into an admiring pool of blubber whenever I think about this auto brow pencil!

Some quick notes: It comes in three shades: 01 for brunettes, 02 for blondes and 03 for redheads. It has a super hard 1.5mm lead that looks to be a bit ashy across all three shades, which is a great sign. A powdery or ashy looking lead means that the pen is somewhat hard and doesn't deposit too much pigment. Only downside is that it's a bit short at around 1 inch :(

The first time I swiped this on my brows, I did a little heel click of excitement. It was extremely hard and the lines were faint- just like I like it. I don't have to draw half on skin and half on hair if I want my signature wispy, natural brows. The thinness and hardness of the lead automatically creates hair-like lines, even for brow beginners.

Heroine Make Impact Frame and Curl Mascara, Php 695 / 7.5g

True to type, this mascara doesn't smudge. It gives me high volume, extreme length and medium definition, depending on use. For reference, Benefit They're Real gives me medium volume, high length and extreme definition.

I love that it not only holds, but forms a curl! I can use this without using a lash curler and still get that done up look. The brush has three sides: (1) short comb for curling, (2) long brush for lengthening and (3) tip for detailing and lower lashes.

Some quick notes: HM mascara comes in three variants: Long & Curl, Volume & Curl and Impact & Curl. Impact is supposed to give you the combined effect of length and volume though Liz insists that the Long & Curl is the best of all three. 

At only Php 695, this is such a fantastic steal! I find the performance of this mascara comparable or even better than a lot of Php 1000 and up mascaras.

Last August 29, I was invited to Heroine Make's media launch in Makati Shangri-La. Guests were treated to a dazzling oration of Princess Himeko's (HM's iconic mascot) story and a cute little song number about loving one's self. Food and snacks were served, and loot bags were distributed.

Featured products are from my July 2014 Heroine Make Exclusive Elite BDJ Box purchased with my own money. I was not paid nor otherwise compensated to feature these items.

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