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Matte Lip Saver: Ellana Minerals Lip Scrub in Strawberry Vanilla

The past few weeks have seen me in a bold lip phase.

Violet, Brick, Fuschia, Red, Blue, Orange

Whatever you douse with a loud pop of color automatically gets extremely highlighted, including all those once-microscopic lip flakes. They're now scopic lip flakes, I guess (wtf?) It's just my luck that many of these bold colors are mattes. Satins and sheers are more forgiving becuause their moisture content helps pat down flakes. Mattes are like, da hell I care about your flakes?!

ellana minerals strawberry vanilla lip scrub review

Recently I've been using this Ellana Lip Scrub at night. It's the first scrub I've tried and I didn't know how handy these things are! They're such lifesavers and I suggest keeping them on your vanity as opposed to your sink (or with skincare.) It's awesome to use right before applying matte lipstick!


Php 165 / 10g, received as part of my September 2014 Glamourbox, Flawless Beauty (unboxing here.)

Ellana Minerals is available at: the main office (Unit 203 La Fuerza Plaza 2, Chino Roces Ave. cor Sabio St., Makati), Cinderella (Robinson's Ermita, Festival Mall, SM Megamall) and The Ramp (Glorietta 3, Trinoma).

Pure Beauty (Serendra, Harborpoint, Trinoma, Alabang Town Center, Glorietta 4) and Dear Kate (Shoppesvile) carry only the Brush Cleaner.

Ellana Minerals is also available online at*. Local shipping is Php 80 for 2-3 days or Php 120 for 24 hour delivery.

Product Description:

Ellana Lip Scrub is strawberry-vanilla flavored.

Ellana Minerals is cruelty-free.

How to Use:

With clean hands, scoop a tiny bit of product and rub all over the lips. I use about a pinch for my lips AND around it.

Try to balance the amount of product you're working on with the amount of pressure you use.
The more sugar granules there are on your lips, the more abrasive the mixture will be, so you need only to massage lightly. Conversely, if you want to really work the granules on your skin, use a little less sugar to avoid bruising or irritation. If I have a lot of huge flakes, I prefer to use more scrub rather than more pressure.
Another tip: don't be afraid to go over your actual lips.
Just because it's a lip scrub, doesn't mean you have to strictly keep it inside the lines. I, for example, have a few bumps and mini flakes around the lipline, particularly near the corners. This scrub is a great way to get rid of those unsightly nasties!

Simply wipe it off with tissue when you're done scrubbing. I get everything off pretty easily and it's as if I never used scrub on my lips. It's convenient for when I'm off to wear lipstick. 

However, when I use it at night, I like to wash the scrub off with water. This leaves me with a conditioning, balmy residue. Warning: washing to retain residue as opposed to completely wiping it is an off-label recommendation I've made. Some people could get irritated if they leave this product on their lips.


It smells really nice in the jar but THANKFULLY I don't get a huge whiff of it while in use. That'd be bad, because this is not edible and the smell is just too yummy :P

ellana minerals strawberry vanilla lip scrub

While suitably dry, the granules tend to separate and move around so it gets to be a challenge to keep the product where I want it.


Conditioning after-effect.


This is only my first lip scrub but I've had a great experience with it! I never used lip scrubs prior to this but I might get a small tub of Lush's edible lip scrubs once I polish this one off.

Beauty by Tellie score: 3.5 / 5 - Impressive!

This product is not perfect, the scrub bits sometimes escape my finger but overall, I've had a really good experience with it. It's successfully removed my chapped skin but I was surprised that it took a bit more patience. Apparently, a simple swish-swish-swish is not enough and you have to keep working at it for about a minute or so if you want zero chapped skin.

It deserves a 3.5 because it is successful by itself and it's made me interested in other lip scrubs... and I never even saw the necessity in these things before!

Consider me converted ;)

Disclaimer: I am an Ellana affiliate. I receive a small percentage of sales made through my special links and banners. I have no quota and all opinions are mine as the blogger, not the affiliate.

I received this sample from a self-purchased Flawless Beauty (September 2014) Glamourbox.

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