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Sale Bin Success: Artdeco Eye Make Up Remover Pads - Oily

I was strolling around Trinoma's beauty wing a few months back, after getting Wink Revlite done. I finished the laser session so quickly and I wasn't hungry yet so I had time to kill before dinner.

As I picked up some new masks to try, I tried to see if they had the famed Artdeco Eyeshadow Base (read Pat's convincing review here.) There were none but the SA recommended the makeup remover pads instead- they were on sale. Normally I huff my breath, enlarge my nostrils and roll my eyes at unrelated recommendations but I checked the sale price and it was Php 200 down from Php 650. That's 70% off. (Sorry for the dumb math on my Instagram post.)

Todays unnecessary purchase: crazy artdeco sale on makeup removers, P 200 from P 680 or 340% off. @beautybarph


Php 650 / 60 pc tub. I was able to snag it on sale at Beauty Bar, TriNoma for only Php 200.

Art Deco is available in Beauty Bar stores nationwide. Click here for Beauty Bar locations.

Product Description:

Art Deco has two variants of eye makeup remover: Oily and Non-Oily. I chose the Oily variant thinking it'd melt makeup off much more effectively than the Non-Oily variant. I was also afraid that Beauty Bar was clearing out old stock and assumed that Oily would have more remaining solution than Non-Oily.

The tub contains 60 pieces of 1.75" neatly stacked pads. They are sealed with foil on the lid. These are pretty small, meant for one completely-done eye apiece though I am able to fit two per pad when it's just concealer and eyebrows. If I'm feeling extra stingy, I am able to fit two completely done eyes on one pad.

The pads are woven sturdily so they never don't rip, not that you'd need to. The solution quickly and easily melts makeup off. However, the pads are quite thin so the pigments tend to bleed through the back and make a mess on my hands.

Click here for Art Deco's product page on Eye Makeup Remover Pads - Oily.

How to Use:

Press on the eyes and let the solution work for a moment. Gently rub the makeup off.

Use the Non-Oily variant for makeup correction. The Oily variant tends to leave residue that affects eyeshadow longevity.

Store upside down to keep the stack of pads evenly soaked in solution. I didn't fully remove the aluminum seal to help retain the oil.


The Oily variant can easily melt off most makeup, including waterproof stuff and lipstick. It's almost perfect except that it is actually a bit messy. There's sooo much oil, which is good, I guess. However, all that oil AND your makeup pigments actually leak through the back, making your hands super messy.

It doesn't do much with fiberwig mascara. It tends to leave chunks of mascara on my lashes. When this happens, bits of cotton fiber get stuck on my waterline, lashes and even eyeball as the hardened mascara snags off cotton fibers.

I also find myself experiencing 'underwater vision' with this makeup remover. I've had to fish out fibers and pigment wrapped in oil off the surface of my eyeballs too many times!

artdeco eye make up remover pad oily review
Artdeco Eye Make Up Remover Pad - Oily
In the photo above, I only pressed the pad for around 3 seconds on my eye and it easily rubbed off blue mascara, concealer, full eye shadow, brown eyeliner and 24 hour brows from one eye. The size of the pad perfectly fits my whole lid, and then some.
Despite my suspicions that this is old stock, it's super soaked in solution and looks like it will remain so by the time I use this up- I give it three months.


Convenience of having prepared eye makeup removers. I also don't have to worry about running out of cotton rounds!


Maybe I'll try the Non-Oily variant, but only if it's still on sale by the time I get through this tub.

Beauty by Tellie score: 3* / 5 - Convenient but messy

I like the idea of a dedicated eye makeup remover pad as opposed to full-on makeup wipes, since my face makeup is easily washable. Art Deco Eye Make Up Remover Pads are effective on most of the eye makeup I wear, including waterproof eyeliner, 24 hour eyebrows and mascara. I don't even have to put much work into it! I just let the excessive oil soak on my eyes a bit.

Though I appreciate how drying up doesn't seem to be an issue, I can't get over the fact that it doesn't take out fiberwigs. If you're gong to be a dedicated eye makeup remover, you should take out all eye makeup.

It's still very useful on most days so it deserves a 2.75. If it took of fiberwig mascara, it could be a 3 and if it weren't as messy, it'd shoot up to a 5. If the Non-Oily takes makeup off as easily as the Oily variant but still doesn't work with fiberwigs, I'll give that a 4.

*UPDATE (Oct. 20, 2014): 2.75 score changed to 3 as I discovered that pressing the pads for about 5 seconds as opposed to 1-2 can completely wipe off fiberwig mascara.

These were still on sale when I dropped by a Beauty Bar last Monday. Call your nearest Beauty Bar for availability.

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