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SCOUTED: Davines Oi Line

Last October 13, I was invited by the Davines team to visit Vanity Circle Salon in Magnolia for the launch of their new haircare line.

Pronunciation Education: it's DAH-vee-nes, not dah-VEE-ness. I'd been thinking and saying it wrong the whole time! How utterly boorish of me. *sips tea with the pinkie out*

Davines is an eco-friendly brand. Though not completely chemical-free, they incorporate many natural ingredients in their products and strive for zero impact packaging. Click here to read more about Davines' commitment to Sustainable Beauty.

My first encounter with Davines was through the April 2014 BDJ Elite Box. The Nounou shampoo and conditioner duo were extremely fragrant and made my hair smooth yet volumized. I'm the kind of girl who relies on frizz to create volume so to have smoothness and volume in one go is just golden.

The Oi line is Davines' latest release. Each of the four pieces (shampoo, conditioner, all in one milk and oil) are infused with Roucou oil. The main action of the Roucou oil is to restructure and to assist in regrowth, so it's good for all hair types. I've been trying to cure my hairfall the past couple of weeks so I think I can significantly weigh in on those claims.

Spot the Davines Oi Oil!

If you're buying only one thing from the line, it might as well be the Oi Oil. It has the highest concentration of Roucou Oil and is the "star" of the line. There are slight similarities with the L'Oreal Mythic so if you liked that, this is worth a try. I find that they have a similar non-greasy texture and elastic effect on the hair.

With just one drop on towel-dried or completely dry hair, I'm all set for up to two days. I sometimes use dry shampoo the day after using Oi Oil just so I can avoid washing and see how it fares for the long term. Obviously, second-day hair always feels healthy, but I've never actually carried over as much bounce and fragrance with other products. The most I've experienced is that less-than-a-bird's-nest texture one tends to get when taking a break from shampooing.

However, even if the shampoo I used earlier in the day has caused my hair to be stiff and hay-like, the Oi Oil immediately makes my hair "orderly," bouncy and elastic. It feels like how hair is portrayed in shampoo commercials.


Davines Oi Shampoo, Oi Conditioner and Oi All In One Cleansing Milk

So what's the use of coming up with a Shampoo, Conditioner and Milk if there's a highly satisfactory Oil? One word: L-A-Y-E-R-I-N-G. If you enjoy the effect of the Oi Oil, you're in for a treat if you use the complete line. 

I got to try the complete line during the launch and took home a sample of the oil, so I can contrast what it's like with just the Oil vs. the complete Oi Line. I want to believe that the Oil is enough as I hate frilly marketing that goes you need these 3 add-ons to feel the effect of that one product you wanted to get, but honestly, using the complete line just makes the whole experience 10,000x more potent.

I wish I was kidding.

Me getting the Oi Milk at Vanity Circle Salon

The elasticity, smoothness and fragrance of my hair on the day of the event, up to the day after it is astonishing. The non-wash day 2 effect of the Oi Line vs. Oil-only routine is miles apart. If you think the Oil is a 5/5 you'll think the routine is a 6. It's just so much more.

I advise people with damaged hair like mine to pick up the complete line, if it's within your means. I understand budget is a sensitive issue but if you're already dropping as much cash on sulfate-free shampoos and intensive treatments, consider realigning your budget towards the Oi Line. I do feel like it's helped with my hair fall but I wouldn't say that it's the end-all cure for it. In any case, I love the salon finish it gives my hair even if I just wash n' wear 95% of the time.

Supershiny, Soft and Bouncy Hair with Davines Oi

You may visit or follow their social media;
Davines on Facebook;
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Davines products, including the Oi Line, are available in all high end salons including: Vanity Circle Salon, Basement and Jing Monis Salon.

You may visit Vanity Circle Salon at Robinson's Magnolia. Visit their Facebook page, Vanity Circle Salon Official.

I was invited by the Davines Philippines team to the Oi launch in Vanity Circle Salon last October 13. Media guests were treated to a blow dry or haircut where the complete Oi line (shampoo, conditioner, all in one milk and oil) were used.

We were given press information and a gift bag containing a sample of the Oi Oil. I was not paid nor otherwise compensated for this feature. I have been using the oil intermittently since I received it.

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