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Glamourbox Turns 2 Megaloot Unboxing Part 1

My Facebook feed is flooded with Christmas greetings right now. The trend this year seems to be a family picture posted with a greeting, "from my family to yours." It's a really sweet and wholesome way of sending good cheer and I have absolutely nothing against it. Yes, the bitch who hates everyone and everything will not be a grinch this Christmas, HA!

However, I still have this need to be iconoclastic in some way so to poke fun at this trend, I am greeting everyone a Merry Christmas, from my bathroom to yours! (You know you'll be spending some QT in there after all the holiday feasts.)

Yep, I finally sat down and wrote this unboxing! So for those out of the loop, I actually won Glamourbox's #GBTurns2 mega giveaway! Up for grabs was Php 20 000 worth of beauty goodies from Glamourbox's partners, which they gathered as a way of saying thank you to the loyal fans.

There were 56 entries in the Rafflecoptr widget but it honestly felt like a hundred and you had to do each and every option to qualify! They were pretty simple though, mostly plugged tweets and site visits (not even likes) so a lot of people still chipped in. I didn't even join 'til the last minute just feeling so discouraged by my chances but as Jess Glyne and Clean Bandit sing, it's a shot in the dark, but I'lll take it.

Well, it paid off!

#GBTurns2 Unboxing Part 1

The loot came in 3 huge packages: 1 giant paper bag (which could fit me,) and 2 huge boxes. I unboxed the paper bag first and found no particular scheme to the contents. There was no makeup (does nail polish count?) and I'm like, I KNOW I LIKED POP BEAUTY AND PIXI FOR A REASON!!!

I'm excitedly confused because I did not even look at the prize teasers Glamourbox posted. I didn't want to like anything in case I wouldn't win.... but I did so hells yeahs!!!!

Valda Pastilles, Lemon x 5

I did a little squeal and victory dance over these Valda tins. I LOVE THESE TO DEATH. They make the absence of makeup pretty much a-okay. They're all lemon-flavored though, and I haven't tried those being stuck on mint myself, but they should be great, too!

And just how much do I love these pastilles? Let me count the ways... Though I planned on gifting or selling the multiples of this loot bag extravaganza, I am totally hoarding all these tins for myself.... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MEEE!

Recipe: O'Care Dry Shampoo and Crystal Sun Spray

Kira has reviewed both the Recipe O'Care Dry Shampoo and Recipe Crystal Sun Spray. I lumped them together knowing they can both be bought through O Shopping (segue: I love their hosts, they're deliciously awkward!)

I'm more excited about the dry shampoo though. It's just such a lifesaver for those mornings when I-need-to-be-in-the-office-30-minutes-ago. Fine, limp hair also looks great with an extra dry shampoo boost. I'm hoping it has good oil control first and foremost as I recently learned that some dry shampoos do nothing for that.

The sun spray, I'm a little indifferent about it. I already have a lot of body sunscreens and I don't exactly use them daily so this is either piling up, off as a gift or off to be sold.

Sweet Solutions: Timeless anti-aging earth masque x2, Illuminate whitening earth masque x2 and Cold Sugar Wax x2

I expected to get overwhelmed by these heavy tubs but I am looking forward to whipping up my own Timeless and Illuminate mud packs! They're in powder form and you take as much as you need and mix it 1:1 with water in a bowl per use. I love mud packs sooooo much and the ingredients here look good.

Sweet Solutions also sent a cold sugar wax kit but I'm a bit Negative Nancy over it from having unsatisfactory cold wax experiences in the past. I find them more painful and less thorough than hot wax. I'm still planning on trying it out and hopefully I can get back to you guys with good news, yes?

Everything's in doubles and I've already decided to include the duplicates in my year-ender / 2nd blogversary / post-Christmas giveaway :)

Mustela: Hydra Bebe lotion, Stelatria purifying recovery cream and Soothing Comfort Balm

This Mustela loot is the boooomb. I've tried their body spray and absolutely love the authentic baby smell! It honest-to-goodness smells like an actual cooing cutie pie baby. The thing with most baby colognes is they smell like fresh alcohol, which suits a baby but doesn't actually smell like a baby. The body spray actually smells like a baby.

So now I got a lotion of it, which should help me preserve the baby scent on my skin. The trick with these things is to layer the lotion over the spray (or is it the other way around?) Either way, the Recovery Cream and Comfort Balm look like they'd be really useful to new moms so to all my mommy friends out there, any takers?

Bio-Oil x 2

Ah, Bio Oil. The magical stretch marks solution. They say it actually heals stretch marks though I haven't proven it myself. I got one last July from the Beauties and Babies Glamourbox but I haven't tried it yet. So these 2 sets are my second and third bottles and I'm not really interested in selling it. Again, any takers?

Pop Beauty Nail Glam polish in Mint Magic

This Pop Beauty Nail Glam polish in Mint Magic looks nice, but let's be real here and just admit that I'm not a regular polish user who doesn't need to be adding to her basket of nail polishes. I will probably gift this to a friend, I just hope she doesn't have it yet!

Bag by Ni-Qua

Ni-Qua is a local online fashion retailer. I admire the brand but sadly, am not big on bags. The current everyday bag I use has been in commission every single day since I got it around mid-2014. That's just how I am with bags. This, I will probably also give as a gift.

So that's that! I love this loot, honestly! Everything's just so big and grand, it's like a subscription box on steroids!!! Today was a good day for photos so I was able to unbox part 2. GAAAD you guys, I'm so excited to share!

Infinite thanks to the Glamourbox team for letting me win. I love what you have and continue to do with the brand. Please stay strong, I am with you 5ever <3

Glamourbox is a Philippine-based beauty subscription company. You are sent a box of at least 5 mystery deluxe samples. Boxes are shipped on a TBA (to be announced) basis and cost Php 590 each. You may pre-pay for one, two or three boxes at a time and are free to defer the application of payment should you find a box uninteresting.

You may visit their website, for more information.
You may follow their Facebook page, GlamourboxPH;
Twitter, @GlamourboxPH; and
Instagram, @GlamourboxPH

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