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Monthly Skincare Snippets: Burt's Bees Daisy White for June!

Monthly Skincare Snippets is a year-long project of mine using one skincare set consistently for a month. I only have two rules: use it at night and don't allow more than seven days of non-usage. I wanted to set a period of usage for products (one month) instead of waiting for them to get emptied. This is my way of making a dent on the various skincare samples I've accumulated.  
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This is way overdue, and I've been dying to write about it because the line came out in May. Back then I'd already started shu Depsea so I had to wait for the month to end before I could try it.

burt's bees daisy white skincare review
Burt's Bees Daisy White Line

Before this came along, I didn't even know that Burt's Bees has a skincare line! I know they have the classic Burt's Bees lip balm, and some time after that they came out with colored glosses. I felt pretty old upon learning that they'd already ventured outside the lips, haha!

Read more on this skincare line infused with what is called 'nature's botox.'


Php 795 / 170g Daisy White Cleanser
Php 795 / 175ml Daisy White Toner
Php 1650 / 30ml Daisy White Serum
Php 1650 / 10g Daisy White Eye Cream
Php 1650 / 50g Daisy White Moisturizer

I received the set as a gift during the Daisy White launch.

The whole line adds up to Php 7440. It's pretty pricey though I do estimate it can stretch at least six months, ten for me who seems to never finish up anything.

Burt's Bees is available in Beauty Bar. Click here for the Beauty Bar Philippines store locator.

Product Description:

The Daisy White line is a complete line of cleanse-tone-serum-moisturize + eye cream. It utilizes all-natural ingredients to brighten up and even out your skin tone. This is not a whitening line. Whitening involves bleaching your skin up a few shades; so you can end up with light but dull skin. Brightening has more to do with a glow; so you could be dark or tan but have bright skin.

The main ingredient is Summer Snowflake. It supposedly brightens through the dormancy of melanocytes. It sounds like a bunch of hokey but I read around and apparently, summer snowflakes and dormancy is an actual skincare thing. It's even touted in some sources as 'nature's botox.'

Summer Snowflakes plucked in dormancy, a phase of plantlike hibernation, can be processed to slow down cell proliferation. In this case, it's used to slow down melanocytes. From melan- you can infer that it has to do with pigment-producing cells. Burt's Bees partner farmers in Macedonia are trained to harvest Summer Snowflakes during a particular stage in their bloom to maximize this technology.

Burt's Bees is cruelty-free. Their products have no parabens, phthalates or petrochemicals. The Daisy White line is mostly 99% natural, with the Cleanser at 98.7% and the Toner at 98.9%. The containers have at least 50% post consumer content.


I added the Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes (not included in the Daisy White line) to my routine as makeup remover.

Here's my Burt's Bees Daisy White PM routine:

  • Facial Cleansing Towelettes (White Tea)
Since it's mere cleansing wipes and not outright makeup wipes, it understandably had a tough time taking out waterproof mascara. Cream concealer is workable though veins of it remain stuck on my lower lashes no matter how carefully I work the wipe on it.

  • Daisy White Cleanser
burt's bees daisy white cleanser review
Burt's Bees Daisy White Cleanser
The Cleanser is a low-foam, almost no-foam cream cleanser. I don't normally enjoy non-foaming cleansers but this evidently does the job very well. I expected to see a lot of leftover makeup on my cotton ball of toner but there is absolutely none.

Burt's Bees Daisy White Cleanser: Non-Foaming

  • Daisy White Toner
burt's bees daisy white toner review
Burt's Bees Daisy White Toner
The Toner has a dark brown color and citrusy but mostly strange odor. There's a warning on the label that the natural ingredients may contribute to inconsistent coloring and I guess it's so we don't freak out about the color of the toner. It's not drying but neither is it particularly moisturising like typical Asian toners. I will say that it clears up any creamy residue from the cleanser pretty nicely.

  • Daisy White Serum
burt's bees daisy white serum review
Burt's Bees Daisy White Serum
This is amazing! I love the Daisy White Serum soooo much! It's super watery and it sinks into the skin so quickly. The problem with many runny solutions is that the water tends to sit atop the skin and move around on the surface; this doesn't. The texture sits almost in between water and oil, with the workability of oil and the dry finish of water.

The only thing I didn't like about this is the slightly mature overtones in the floral fragrance. The product looks funny when it's coagulated, as seen with the dark boogerlike substance on top.

The cap twists to lock on the left.

  • Daisy White Eye Cream
burt's bees daisy white eye cream review
Burt's Bees Daisy White Eye Cream

The Eye Cream is a bit runnier than what I'm used to. I'm just glad it doesn't give me underwater vision, at least. It sets pretty fast and manages fine lines pretty well. I use it before moisturizer to prevent myself from dragging the thicker moisturizer onto my eye area.

The container has a pointed, gummy tip and I love how it makes dispensing so much more comfortable. Slim nozzles are sometimes irritating, especially if the edges have jagged plastic bits. I just don't like how chubby the whole tip is as it makes application a bit imprecise.

As seen on the photo above, it is completely matte when spread (upper portion at the back of my hand.)

  • Daisy White Moisturizer
burt's bees daisy white moisturizer review
Burt's Bees Daisy White Moisturizer
My favorite Daisy White product is a toss-up between the Serum and the Moisturizer. The Moisturizer has a special place in my heart because it moisturizes but doesn't suffocate, mattifies but doesn't dry out. Usually, I end my nightly skincare looking greasy... dewy at best. With Daisy White, I look completely clean and bright. I get a strange radiance I can't explain.

It's an off-white dry cream with flecks of brown. A little goes a long way, just like the Serum. I think that's why they have significantly smaller containers. The chubby canister has a little seal at the spout which I still keep though I feel like it's useless since the whole pump is under a cap anyway.

I took a bit and spread it at the upper part of the back of my hand. It's completely invisible because it's matte, like the eye cream.

If you're getting only one thing from the line, it better be this or the Serum, depending on your needs.

Lasting Power:

There is an immediate glow that's so different from the usual I-just-washed-my-face glow. The only downside is that this is the only skincare set I've tried that has picked up traction soooo late. My flakes were controlled but overall skin quality was distinctly average for about three weeks. I usually get something by the first week, two weeks at the least.

Improvements slowly picked up the last ten days or so and I really wish I had room to extend the trial. I feel like this set slowly balances your skin out, but also has a "deeper" effect.


It's mattifying but rich.

The Serum and the Moisturizer, no doubt stole the show. I feel great about plucking up individual pieces from this line because I somehow sense it can bring the glow even when combined with other skincare elements. I don't normally feel that way about skincare lines.


Possibly the Moisturizer.

Beauty by Tellie score: 4 / 5 - Restores skin health from deep-within

This set performed really well for me. So far, it's been one of those memorable sets that seemed to kick up my skin quality from deep within, unlike the typical surface-acting skincare lines. It seems like "good cells" were sprouting up from the deeper layers.

This line layers together really well. The texture of the moisturizer, on top of the runny serum, seals everything in very nicely. I feel like I absorbed everything and yet I end up with a pretty matte face. As a fan of layering, I am so used to the harsh reality of walking around with flypaper face.

Sadly, I took off 1 point because it takes a lot of patience for the results to show. Sure, the giant containers ensure you see the results before you run out of product but it was a pretty boring ride the first three weeks. If I stopped then, I could have graded this a 3 = effective but nothing spectacular.

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I received this set, along with a lip gloss and the wipes, as a gift during the Daisy White Launch. I was not paid nor otherwise compensated to produce a positive review. I used press information as a starting point for the Daisy White discussion on dormancy.

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