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Glamourbox Megaloot Unboxing Part 2

Hello, welcome to the Glamourbox Megaloot Unboxing Part 2 of 3! This is a trilogy in my blog detailing the awesome Php 20 000 worth of loot I won during the #GBTurns2 contest. For the other unboxings, click here.

In a trilogy, you usually find the most boring chapter in the middle. It takes the exposition into action but withdraws from any satisfying resolution, which is usually reserved for the third chapter. Will this unboxing saga follow a traditional plotline with the most bombastic unboxing left for last? Who knows. I unboxed randomly and am posting in actual order of boxes opened.

Glamourbox Box 2

While the first box was a mishmash of fashion, health and body products, this second box can be summed up into one theme: it's a BATHROOM BOX.


I used to not care about receiving bathroom stuff, but I've slowly been enjoying them again once I stopped pressuring myself to come up with "possible reviews." I'm not highly discerning with bath products anyway and trying to review them feels like squeezing water out of stone.

Of the bunch, I squealed at the sight of the loofah. Again, an unorthodox selection for me as it is the least "beauty" item in the bunch. If you'll recall, I zoned in on the similarly least beauty item in the last unboxing, which were the Valda Pastilles.

Let's take this in order of favorites:

My top pick, discounting the loofah, would have to be The Happy Organics soap duo. Though I think chemicals are viciously maligned, I'm not an organics hater. I looooove Kaolin Clay (found in the Double Detox Bar) and Epsom Salt! As for the Cellulite Away Coffee Scrub Soap, I'm mostly excited by the scent. I think even a whiff of coffee gives an energy boost; and I enjoy being engulfed in an aromatic shower cloud!

My next pick is the Tangle Teezer. There's 2 of it and I'm still deciding if I'll gift the pink or give it away on the blog. It's super comfy on the scalp and I was quite shocked to see how it pats down my flyaway strands. Those claims are not a joke, it really does do some kind of voodoo on hair! Sadly, I'm putting off regular use as I still have a bit of hair fall issues :(

Tangle Teezer

I'm sad to put The Cream Factory items on third, but it's only because I'm more excited about the others that I'm forced to this heresy. I haven't tried my Bath Cream yet (received from BDJ and Glamourbox) but I'd loooove to try the Scrub-in-a-Tub first! I <3 scrubs, but just for the record, not scrubs as defined by TLC.

I'm even sadder to put the Celeteque stuff last but someone has to take one for the team and unfortunately, I've already received samples of these. I got the shampoo at the launch and the Collagen Gel from Sample Room and the BPI promo. I used to do the Clarifying Shampoo once a week but stopped when I got a great red dye job from Rose because clarifying shampoos and dye jobs do not mix well!!!

Anyhoo, that's part 2. Great bath stuff. BUT WHERE'S THE MAKEUP???


Is the third box going to be the Makeup Box, as this was the Bathroom Box and the first was Mishmash Bag? Stay tuned!!!

Japan Travelogue 2014 series up after this Megaloot Unboxing :D

Glamourbox is a Philippine-based beauty subscription company. You are sent a box of at least 5 mystery deluxe samples. Boxes are shipped on a TBA (to be announced) basis and cost Php 590 each. You may pre-pay for one, two or three boxes at a time and are free to defer the application of payment should you find a box uninteresting.

You may visit their website, for more information.
You may follow their Facebook page, GlamourboxPH;
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Instagram, @GlamourboxPH

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