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Glamourbox Megaloot Unboxing Part 3: GRAND FINALE!

Hello, welcome to the Glamourbox Megaloot Unboxing Part 3 of 3! This is a trilogy in my blog detailing the awesome Php 20 000 worth of loot I won during the #GBTurns2 contest. For the other unboxings, click here.

THIS BOX. I'm convulsing over here. It's so good, it's making me so mad. You know when you taste really good food and the deliciousness inspires a wellspring of emotion so extreme, it feels almost like anger? That's what I felt whilst I was unboxing this.

This is the *dream.* If this was a real subscription box, I would probably develop a shiny bald patch on top of my head from scalping myself in ecstasy.

Just a thought: I am extremely lucky to have opened the 3-box prize in the order I did. I didn't unbox it all at once so I could savour my happiness. I wasn't really worried about the order of opening it because I went completely random but I luckily went with the perfect order. If I'd opened this particular box sooner, I feel it'd have COMPLETELY ruined me for the other two!

VMV Hypoallergenics Loot:
Re-Everything Face-Hand-Body Lotion
Skintangible "Faint"ation SPF 30
Superskin Facial GC
25% off VSRC Procedures
My favorite category in the box is the VMV Hypoallergenics loot. I can't wait to try Skintangible! Eons ago, I Scouted it but never really saw to its end (i.e. purchasing it.) Over time, I came to lust after similar faintations such as the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer and the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation that's been on clearance sale at Beauty Bar for the longest time. My skin has been well-behaved since July 2014-ish and liquid/cream foundations have been looking even more exceptional on me! It just goes to show, makeup will give you certain beauty hacks (like how it's made my dry skin look decent by wearing BB Cream) but there's still nothing like good makeup over great skin.

I'm also excited to try the Superskin Facial as I love trying basic facials from reputable dermatology centers. I think the last time I did so was when I got a Glamourbox half-off coupon for the Obagi Signature Treatment.

I'm pretty lukewarm about the Re-Everything lotion and 25% coupon. They're useful, for sure, but I'm not gonna kid myself about finding a use for them any time soon.

Glamourbox Shop Favorites:
Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Palette in Rich Gold
Pop Beauty Brow Shape and Shade in Naturally Defined
Ofra Lipstick in #12 Karma
Eye of Horus Sultry Goddess Pencil in Serpentine
A close second fave is the Glamourbox Shop favorites. I've always remarked that Pixi is a brand that makes perfect sense to sample out. It's not something I'd spend money on but based on reviews and raves, seems like it could knock your expectations out of the ballpark.

The Eye of Horus pencil in Serpentine looks like a great off-black, subdued shade for everyday wear. I had trouble blending the black one but Liz raved about hers and I'm wondering if my sample just dried out. I'm open to recalibrating my opinions on it!

Ofra in #12 Karma looks like a great dirty rose. The color is a little complicated and I'd say it's a step down from brick, leaning towards a pinker hue. I'd say it's a red-toned mauve. I wish I had a review to link here because I've already used a few, but in a nutshell: Ofra lipsticks have great pigmentation. You only need a thin layer for full pigment to show but they don't seem to set and that makes them a bit uncomfortable.

I don't have any strong feelings about Pop Beauty, so I'll just have to say I'm pretty neutral about this brow kit. As of now, I like it only because I keep losing my brow products and I need constant restocking.

If you're eyeing something in the Glamourbox shop, now would be a great time buy. The whole shop is on 25% off. Key in FRESHFACE upon checkout to avail the discount. Valid 'til January 18 only!

Hurraw! Lip Balms:
Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm
Earl Grey Lip Balm
I've wanted to try Hurraw! Balms ever since seeing them in Kat V's blog more than a year ago. Confession time: I admit my interest had 1000% to do with the cute elliptical packaging rather than the organic and vegan markers! Also, I'm pretty shocked to see it's actual size pretty close to standard balm tubes. They look much bigger in photos!

I'm not hipster enough to lose my tits over an Earl Grey balm, but I am psyched about the Black Cherry TINTED balm <3

Avon Ultra Color Rich Over Nature Lipsticks:
N12 Tropical Coral
N14 Orchid Fantasy
N03 Wild Rose
Liz posted complete swatches when the Over Nature Lipsticks were released and aside from the packaging, they seem pretty consistent with Avon Lipsticks. Based on the reviews that came out at the time, they seem to have great pigment, comfortable wear and average staying power.

The colors I got are all dupable from my current collection. I have maybe 2 bright oranges (dupe: Tropical Coral) and at least four bright reds (dupe: Wild Rose.) An Orchid Fantasy dupe (fuschia) is just out of the picture as this shade family easily looks garish on me. That said, I'm not really sure If I'll still have a crack at these lippies or just sell / give them away.

Oseque High-End Touch in 21 Light Beige
Ae has previously guest-reviewed Oseque High-End Touch for Elegantly Wasted. Ae has medium skin tone and I gauge that I'm only one step lighter than her. I have a sad suspicion that 21 Light Beige will be too light on me, still.

The cute roller is making me *feel* things. I know I should be a proper beauty blogger and seek the finest quality items instead of being distracted by cheap tricks but sometimes, you just gotta give in to your frivolous inclinations.

212 VIP Rosé by Carolina Herrera
I used to hate fragrances but I am seriously debating keeping this for myself vis-a-vis giving it away for my third blogversary. Sometimes, a lady just needs a proper fragrance to announce her ladyship. I currently have only one big girl perfume (Versace Yellow Diamond) and I'm really happy with it but it would be nice to have options.

I'm torn because I don't know if I'll like the fragrance. I'm putting this giant fragrance on hold until I can swing by a department store and sniff it. I'm pretty sure I have a sample somewhere, but not really.

V&M Naturals Miracle Series:
No. 1 Texture and Restore Face Cream
No. 3 Soothing & Lightening Corrector and Creme Deodorant
I don't have anything against Venus and Mars Naturals, but with a box full of makeup... Honey, you just never stood a chance.


Exit by swoorling (swooning and twirling,) stage left.

I hope to have the intro for my Japan 2014 series up by tomorrow. I'll just put up a little placeholder post for my annual year-ender family trip. I'll be featuring strictly beauty stuff for the series but I might share a few travel snippets for the placeholder post- I'm still deciding!

Glamourbox is a Philippine-based beauty subscription company. You are sent a box of at least 5 mystery deluxe samples. Boxes are shipped on a TBA (to be announced) basis and cost Php 590 each. You may pre-pay for one, two or three boxes at a time and are free to defer the application of payment should you find a box uninteresting.

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