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Japan 2014 Beauty Series: An Introduction

2012 was my ideal "beauty travel blogging" year as I was able to live-blog my beauty purchases throughout my trip. It'd been our nth time to Hong Kong so there wasn't really much sightseeing to take up our itinerary and I was able to take photos and write posts during slow nights. I liked sharing my beauty finds because shopping in another land, even with the same brands, yields an appreciation for the quirks of the local culture. Hong Kong, for example, has some of the cheapest cosmetics prices across the board!

For Japan, we had a lot of places to go to so I didn't really have time to sit down and write. I wanted to enjoy the moment!

I could talk about Universal Studios Japan, orrrrr.... I could talk about snowwear

I like being that kind of blogger who doesn't distractedly wax poetic about travel and wanderlust. I have nothing against those who do, but I find it's a unique exercise in creativity to confine your words to makeup when there's so many pretty sights to share and so much delicious food to announce. Everything in the Japan 2014 Beauty Series is about beauty, beauty shopping and beauty packing for Japan!

I could talk about this dojo-esque structure that reminds me of Samurai X, orrrrr.... I could talk about my fiercely on-point straight brows.

Japan is new to me and it inspired a shit-ton of posts. I don't know if the 2014 hiatus has set me up for that deluge-after-the-famine writing, or if the new environment reinvigorated my creative juices, but I have 12 posts lined up right at the top of my head. I'll add new inspirations, if any. I'll be posting other things in-between to break up the monotony but here's what you can expect:

The first batch of posts is Packing Beauty-full mini series. Here I talk about my preparations and expectations, beauty-wise, for Japan. Whenever I go on vacation I try to blend in with the local culture. This is me preparing for (1) winter in (2) a place that seems to shy away from bold lipsticks, my current addiction.

The second batch is all about when I got there. I'm going to post my first OOTD (ha!) and talk about a few of my local beauty observations. The Scouted post in here's going to be a bit long: it's a mini-shopping guide as well!

The third batch is somewhat of a trip-in-review segment. For this particular trip, I'm pretty happy that most of what I packed is perfectly reliable for all my concerns. This is my top 5, open for expansion if I think of any more remarkable goodies.

More posts, yay!

We could talk about local hotspots orrrrr.... I could talk about local makeup looks!

Also, does anybody else feel like my posts are long-winded? I don't care about actual length but I wonder if my words are running all over the place and I'm losing your stream of consciousness. I'm a bit of a literary control freak in that I like manipulating and directing my readers' attentions, so let me know if I'm succeeding in my nefarious schemes, muhahaha!

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