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Unboxing: Memebox Special #45 - Chocolate Mania

Hello everyone! I haven't done a Memebox ( unboxing in a while and I'm glad we're here with a supreme selection: the Memebox Special #45 - Chocolate Mania.

memebox special #45 chocolate mania unboxing
Memebox Special #45 - Chocolate Mania Unboxing

In case ya'll wen't a little too crazy on the holiday binging and developed food-induced memory loss, Memebox is an unorthodox beauty subscription company aimed at bringing us the best and the latest K-Beauty finds. I say unorthodox because it's not technically a subscription. Boxes containing 4-8 full-sized and deluxe samples are restocked in waves. Unlike regular subscriptions, you don't have to prepay but just like regular subscriptions, the contents are a mystery.

memebox special #45 chocolate mania unboxing
Memebox Special #45 - Chocolate Mania : Impressions

You can visit them through my affiliate link (here) to get USD 5 off purchases over USD 100, or USD 10 off purchases over USD 150.

Here's What's Inside (in order of routine*)

*I'm going to mix it up a bit. I usually unbox in order of favorites but a choco-addict like myself will go cray-cray trying to put any sort of order to this box. Barring my top pick, which I saved for last, I'm going to unbox in order of a skincare routine.

One thing I love about Memebox is that it's grown to provide really comprehensive boxes. Typically, there's one makeup, different kinds of cleansers, different kinds of moisturizers, different kinds of masks/packs and other random skincare items. You're never really left wanting in terms of product variety, and in fact I think I can do a Chocolate Skincare Snippets based on this box alone.

Shara Shara Tempting Avocado Chocolate Massage Cream, USD 11 / 100ml

I am a fan of both avocado and chocolate, and think that such a pairing is divine. This is my second pick as it is the most unique item in the box. I have never heard of facial massage creams before! So you're supposed to use this on a clean face and massage gently for five minutes. I can already imagine how relaxing this will be.

Missha Cacao & Cream Facial Scrub, USD 12 / 95g

Maaan. Does this look like cookies and cream or what? I instantly have good vibes just because it smells SUPER YUMMY and has perfectly sized exfoliation beads. Microbeads are okay, I guess, but I just end up having to scrub more forcefully to get any action going. This standard bead size, similar to St. Yves Apricot scrub's, is my favorite bead size.

Zamian Super Gold Cacao Pack, USD 22 / 150g

This is a wash-off cream pack and smells heavenly. Honestly, I don't know how to live with this. While that yummy pack is sitting and marinading on my face, how can I not eat it??

Neogen Code9 Gold Cacao Cream, USD 30 / 50ml

Cacao moisturizer? Break me off a piece of that! It seems to moisturize very deeply, and a quick hand swatch made the skin at the back of my hand feel marshmallowy smooth (reminder to self: this is a beauty blog, not a food blog.)

Binucook Cacao Choco Pie Soap, USD 6 / 70g

This cute thaaaang. The main selling point is that it looks like a choco pie, a famous dessert in Korea. Other than that, I guess it's merely another way for choco-crazies to bring the scent with them everywhere.

Also, wash your hands before and after skincare, nasties.

Skinfood Cacao Hand Balm, USD 5 / 50g

And after washing your hands, don't forget to apply hand cream!

I was a bit surprised (and excited!) to see Skinfood in this box. I admit it was the second thing my eyes honed in on upon opening the box (more on the first target, later.)

I didn't expect to see Skinfood because I was beginning to think that Memebox relied on less "internationally exposed" partner brands but clearly, no, as we have both Skinfood and Missha in this box. Stupid me! Skinfood infuses food themes and ingredients into its skincare so it's a no-brainer given the theme of this box.

This hand balm is an unexpected runaway hit. The texture is considerably firmer than The Body Shop's Body Butters. It's almost difficult to pick up from the tub but thankfully applies lightly and non-greasily; two really important considerations of mine for hand creams.

Clearberry Miss Mona Lisa Eyebrow in 01 Choco Brownie, USD 2 / 0.3g

I thought this was an eyeliner but nooo. It's an auto brow pencil with a spoolie on the other end. Korean eyebrows are diviiiine and though I hate red-toned (i.e. chocolate) browns for my brows, I am still using this because HELLO WHY NOT.

Purederm Choco Cacao Collagen Mask, USD 2 / 18ml



Chocolate sheet mask??


... ...


*flips table* *walks away*

Box Value: USD 90, or nearly 3x the USD 23 box fee + 6.99 shipping fee

Memebox Special #45 Curation Card p. 1

Value-wise, this is more than a steal! K-Beauty noobs will appreciate "safer" choices in the Missha and Skinfood samples while those with more expansive knowledge of K-Beauty can find solace in all the other brands. Everything's in full-size and there's more than enough variety in the 8 items for it to feel like an even bigger box than it is. On top of that, some of the items are really weird (facial massage cream?) so the box scores high on adventurousness, too!

All in all, I find this box severely on-point. Chocolate addicts will be able to bring that chocolate scent everywhere; during skincare, in the shower and even on the go. If you find you can't go more than ten minutes without a whiff of any kind of chocolate, you must buy this box!

Memebox Special #45 - Chocolate Mania Curation Card p.2

I am a Memebox Affiliate. I am occassionally sent complimentary boxes for unboxing reviews. Click here for other BBT Memebox unboxings. This box was sent via EMS. I paid customs and postage to receive it (hate you, BOC!)

I am not paid nor otherwise compensated for this feature. I have no quota and use the suggested spiel as a writing guide to inform readers about Memebox. Item impressions are strictly my own.

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