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Packing Beauty-Full: My Caddybag and Decanted Goodies

This post is a part of my Japan 2014 Beauty Series. It's my take on "beauty-travel blogging" where I post exclusively about fashion, makeup, skincare and shopping while travelling to another land. 
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I'm not entirely prissy as a traveller; I'm not the type to pack my hair dryer, flat iron and curling iron, but I do like to have a certain level of comfort and security in the things I have with me. There are things I don't want to have to buy abroad, and it's certainly useful to exercise a little forethought and bring along small things that can make a huge difference.

Travelling's gotten so much easier ever since I developed a routine with my Beabi Sassari Bag (Php 785.) I got it years ago and we've been through so much! I know it's always there for me, and I can depend on it whether I want to go out (of town) or just hang out (in the bathroom.) BA DUM TSSS

Here's my 3-point stratagem with the Beabi Sassari Bag:
  1. Keep non-everyday essentials and emergency supplies tucked in throughout the year.
  2. Keep it hanging in my vanity area for easy replacement of old supplies. (Also helps me keep on top of random ideas for things I need to bring next time!)
  3. Whenever I travel: Just add skincare (posted here) and deodorant.
beabi sassari bag rollup caddybag travel
Beabi Sassari Bag: A Hanging Roll-up Caddybag

My favorite features are the hanging hook, elasticized roll-up clasp and multi-slotted pocket 5. The secret to being organized and not forgetting anything is having a place for everything. I've developed a system where Pockets 1 and 2 have my emergency supplies, Pocket 3 has my PM skincare and shower essentials, Pocket 4 has my dental stuff while Pocket 5 has AM skincare and makeup tools- I have a separate makeup pouch.

Pocket 1:
Velcro Hair Pads
Flu medicine - I took it when I got sick back home. Must replenish!
Assortment of perfume samples
Hair Ties

Pocket 2:
Sewing kit - a hotel freebie!
Safety pins - super useful!
Elastics and Hair Clips

Pockets 1 and 2 are my "emergency staples;" hair stuff, medicine and sewing supplies. I put the perfume samples in here even though it doesn't really fit my "theme" because it's one of the things I don't take out of the bag and I had a bit of extra space in this area.

Pocket 3:
Soap case full of cotton supplies
Emergency sachets of shampoo and conditioner
Nighttime skincare extras (VMV ID, Micelle waters and Maybelline makeup remover)
Ellana Minerals Brush Cleaner

I don't like overpacking but I make sure to bring my own cotton supplies (cotton rounds and cotton buds) because hotels don't usually provide enough for my usage and I don't want to leave the stash empty for my family. I think a soft case might be more space-efficient, but also unhygienic.

If the skincare I'm bringing is of loose pieces, they all go here. Since the Laneige Essential Care Trial Kit has its own.. kit, this pocket is pretty slim for the trip.

I decanted the Ellana Minerals Brush Cleaner out of all my brush cleansers because it dries the fastest. When you have so much going on that you can't be assed about drying time, you need something like Ellana. I'd prefer one of my citrus-smelling solutions to this cucumber-melon one, but nothing beats its cleansing power and drying time.

It's funny because I don't even spot clean brushes locally. I guess I wanted to keep my brushes (and skin!) in tiptop shape so as to prevent stress and environmental breakouts.

Pocket 4:
Toothbrush with cap (must have a cap!)
Emergency mini toothpastes
Floss (I left it in Pocket 5, oops!)

This is my favorite pocket: oral hygiene pocket! I have a travel toothbrush I don't unpack and it makes for less stressful mornings-of. I hate packing my caddybag on the morning-of, as I used to when I didn't have a separate travel toothbrush and travel deodorant. Packing your caddybag pre-flight is an additional stressor and opens up the possibility of leaving the whole damn thing. IT'S HAPPENED WAY TOO MANY TIMES!!!

I used to have a tiny mouthwash (a 5ml dropper) but I think I threw it away already because it wasn't much use. My floss is also pretty tiny (about 1cm x 0.75cm x 1.5cm) and I absolutely love it. Got it from Daiso long ago!

Pocket 5:
Permanent Items:
Lash wand
Hair Serum
Folding brush

New Additions:
Daytime skincare (Physiogel Lotion, Heroine Make Sunkiller, Ellana Minerals Primer, MAC Fix+)
False lashes
Lash glue
Eye Cream

I like to pack a lash wand simply because it's space efficient. I also bring travel-sized hair serums because my hair dries up when it's shocked by climate change and I don't use these as much here in the Philippines so I won't miss leaving them in my caddybag. As for the folding brush and comb, I like to have one wide-toothed hair tool for post-shower detangling and a finer one for de-frizzing.

HAVING A SEPARATE TRAVEL DEODORANT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. I no longer have to leave my caddybag unpacked 'til the morning-of. This is the first time I did this and I never realized how much additional stress I put on myself shucking deodorant, skincare, razors and whatever additional supplies I rotated between home and travel. The moral of the story this year is: invest in travel parallels. That Php 50 toothbrush is going to give you a good night's rest!

That's about all I need whenever I travel. I know I used to carry bandaids but I guess I forgot to replenish my stocks when I used them up. I'm on a constant mission to pare down but I'm finding that I don't have to live such an acetic life if I just decant more pieces.

Absolutely rolling with pleasure at all the space saved.

Sorry if it was overly indulgent, but I do love talking about organization! I wish I had photo replies enabled because I would love to see your caddybags / travel kits.

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