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Packing Beauty-full: Winter Skincare

This post is a part of my Japan 2014 Beauty Series. It's my take on "beauty-travel blogging" where I post exclusively about fashion, makeup, skincare and shopping while travelling to another land. 
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Does anyone still remember my renegade Landmark haul? I was searching for a face pack kit but ended up being waylaid by a load of junk because I couldn't find it. Well it's apparently not a load of junk because I had a lot of love-hate moments with those caviar beads and that tiny, tiny jar was actually a great decanter for spot treatment like VMV!


AM routine:
Physiogel Lotion (haul)
Heroine Make Sun Killer Perfect Strong Plus SPF 50 PA ++++ (haul)
Ellana Minerals Let's Make It Last Makeup Primer
MAC Fix +

I have a humidity / temperature threshold for AM skincare in the Philippines. I apply measly moisturizer or SPF if, and only if, I haven't sweat through my shower routine. I estimate this threshold at the high 20°C. Beyond this point, my face marinades in my own oil and sweat so why bother? Well, when you're facing single digit winters after steaming for 24 years smack dab in the center of the Tropic of Cancer, you fucking bother.

So, the Physiogel Lotion is a given. I use a teensy amount in the super humid Philippines and figured I could get things seriously going on if I overdosed it in Japan. I was supposed to decant it but since it'd be very useful for the rest of my body and other family members might ask to share, I didn't bother. This is a travel superstar as it helped rehydrate the rest of my body after my nightly bubble bath!

One would think that an AM skincare sloth like me wouldn't bother with SPF in the winter, but I did- don't judge a book by its cover! I'm going to get on a soapbox and pretend this is about skin cancer, and totally not about thinking up thick layers to add to my routine. I also added the Ellana Primer for the dual purpose of, again, layering and then also preserving my makeup.

Being in a different country seems to disintegrate my makeup unpredictably, so I also brought along my MAC Fix +. I don't know why even my best foundations crack up whenever I'm in another country, and this magic spray helped a lot. It could also be my fuller AM routine that's keeping things intact, who knows for sure?

laneige essential care trial set, vmv id monolaurin gel, bifesta age care
PM routine:
Makeup Remover: Bifesta Age Care Cleansing Lotion and Maybelline Makeup Remover - Eye and Lip (not in photo)
Laneige Essential Care Trial Set Light (review)
VMV ID Monolaurin Gel (haul)

Being the least stripping of my 3 micellar waters (Bioderma and Caudalie as the other two), I thought it was a mistake bringing Bifesta along when I put so many AM layers on. I just went with it because I had a branded decanting bottle and didn't want to tape up a label :)) In hindsight though, it wasn't that bad of an idea since (1) it's my comfiest micelle and I need to nourish my winter skin, and (2) I'd be double cleansing anyways.

That said, I could have brought along the Bifesta Eye and Lip to pair but went with Maybelline instead, because of its smaller container. I'm pretty indifferent about the two as I find them equally effective.

I took a while deciding on which skincare to pack. This is where Monthly Skincare Snippets comes in really useful. I ended up with the Laneige Set, which I hadn't noticed was my highest-scoring set to date (4.75 / 5). I didn't get down to comparing each and every kit I've used, but I knew I needed the Sleeping Pack EX and ALL THE LAYERS no matter what! And yes, I am sorry for subjecting you all to the sublime grime of this kit. #RealBeauty.

Finally, I wasn't supposed to bring spot treatment because I wanted to go minimalist. I thought I had nowhere to decant the VMV ID Gel because I was eyeing bottles and I'd used up all my small ones. Then my mini jar plopped out of my stash and the rest, as they say, is history! Good idea too, as I wasn't in the best of health and nurtured a few zits along for the trip.

UPDATE (10:24PM 20/01/2015): I can't believe I forgot to mention: my skincare packing skills for this year is ace! No sensitivities, no flakes, no bumps. I did well in overdoing the AM and PM layers on my face :) Heard we experienced -3°C on day 3 but my face did fine!

I'd like to thank everyone who bothered to let me know how my writing's coming across in the previous post. I really appreciate your feedback!

So how do you pack skincare for vacations? Do you tough it out and go 'commando' if it's just a few short days, or do you bring your full arsenal? Let me know!

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