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Home Spa Sundays: BareNaturals Sexy Back Scrub With Sacha Inchi Oil Lulur Scrub for Bacne

Such a darn mouthful.

One more time: BareNaturals Sexy Back Scrub With Sacha Inchi Oil Lulur Scrub for Bacne. Suffice to say, I think they should have cut it at Sexy Back Scrub and that's how I'm going to proceed from here.

barenaturals sexy back scrub with sacha inchi oil lulur scrub for bacne
BareNaturals Sexy Back Scrub

I feel bad for BareNaturals. They have such diluted branding. Google Page 1 shows four different "barenaturals" search results, all green beauty companies. One is based in the UK, one in Iowa, one in Australia and the local (Philippines) BareNaturals. I couldn't find the Philippine brand's website nor its Facebook.

Wasted opportunities galore :(

Anyway. I did this scrub last Saturday, not Sunday. Just go with it. I've been using this when I have the time on weekends. I love the fragrance and the texture is just oh-so-creamy


Php 290 / 170g. BareNaturals is available in the Glamourbox Shop.

I received mine as a sample in the April 2014 Glamourbox.

Product Description:

BareNaturals Sexy Back Scrub is marketed particularly for bacne. Regardless, I use it all over the body because it does not contain any spot actives.

Sacha inchi nuts are a trendy organic food. It's chock-full of omega fatty acids and vitamins A and E. As a beauty additive, the oil is light and can be easily absorbed into the skin.

It has a very strong nutty scent, almost like sweet almond butter. It's too sweet in fact that I almost sense a bit of bitterness sometimes. Not enough to put me off, but just a little bit to distract from the full aromatherapy potential of the product. If you find the taste of aspartame and other artificial sweeteners odd, then you might have an idea of the sweet-bitterness I am talking about.

barenaturals sexy back scrub with sacha inchi oil lulur scrub for bacne

The Sexy Back Scrub has a very thick cream base. The exfoliant "sands" are very tiny but can do the job. However, I think the particles should be bigger or there should be more of them just because I like my scrubs really abrasive. In general though, lulur scrubs tend to be on the mild side.

The cream base is very rich and highly moisturizing to the point that I find my skin pleasantly moisturized post-exfoliation. I don't even need to wear lotion afterwards. It is much thicker than the Asian Secrets scrub, which I first saw here.

How to Use:

Rub on dry skin and rinse.

I prefer to use this on long weekends so I can focus on really scrubbing the cream onto my skin. Since I use it after shampoo and conditioner, my body is already wet and I've found that simply flicking the water off is not enough. I have to actually towel off before using this to get full moisture the product and to be able to easily work the cream onto my skin. When my skin has water droplets, the cream doesn't really stick and I have to push the beads a bit harder just for them to exfoliate.


My favorite part of this product is how darn good it smells. Whenever I open it up and spread it on my skin, I feel as if I am in a cloud of aromatherapy in the shower. And the smell actually lingers in my bathroom for the rest of the day! As for my skin, typical scented soaps' fragrances linger for 10-20 minutes while I can trace the Sacha Inchi fragrance on mine for at least one hour post shower.

I've complained about the sand-like scrub particles but it does exfoliate because I see how shiny and smooth my skin is after using this. I'm not too sure how well though, just because it doesn't hurt enough and the moisture does more than enough in making my skin look airbrushed to perfection.

I can't tell if it's helped my KP (chicken skin) on the arms because I only use it sporadically once a week. In theory though, this is an excellent product as the scrub gets rid of dead skin while the high moisture content helps prevent new bumps from sprouting up - the top 2 ways to deal with chicken skin.

My skin feels super duper moisturizied after using BareNaturals Sexy Back Scrub. It almost feels like I've used lotion instead of a scrub and my skin smells super fragrant for at least an hour after my shower. Most soaps max out at 10-20 minutes of skin fragrancing.


Ultra-moisturizing cream base and very strong, sweet fragrance.

barenaturals sexy back scrub with sacha inchi oil lulur scrub for bacne


Maybe not. It's good and memorable but I'd say it's too soon to settle on this. It's only my second lulur scrub and I didn't even get a full trial of the first.

Beauty by Tellie score: 4 / 5 - Mild exfoliation yet with a rich base; highly moisturizing and extremely fragrant

I think this is perfectly advertised for bacne. The exfoliating action will remove dead skin and dirt from the affected area, and thus prevent worsening of the bacne condition. The moisture will then nourish affected area so that it may heal faster. I haven't proven this myself as I only have a few spots on my back but that's my theory.

On the rest of the body, the rich cream is such a joy to use and the sweet, nutty fragrance thoroughly relaxes me. I wish the exfoliants were bigger or more plentiful. On the other hand, I have a sneaking suspicion small and few is the norm with lulur scrubs.

If you tend to feel raw and wounded after salt and mineral scrubs, lulur scrubs are a great idea.

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