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SCOUTED: Jazzy France Starter Set - My Fave, Impressions and Swatches

 is a tag in my blog featuring beauty finds and new releases. Impressions posted below may change as I spend more time with the product.

Last January 21st, I was invited by Jazzy France for their launch. Formerly James Cooper and Jazzy Collection, Jazzy France is back to spice up your drugstore alternatives.

Jazzy France makeup

I'll admit: I used to laugh at James Cooper and Jazzy products. Back when I derided ALL drugstore makeup, James Cooper (as it was known in the olden days) did not warrant a second look from me. Eventually, I got into makeup and started seeing drugstore products for what they really were: across-the-board affordable makeup with a few superstar products hidden amongst the shelves. It didn't hurt my newfound open-mindedness that Shari raved about James Cooper Cream Foundation (review here.)

I'm glad my mind is more open now. Rewind to 8 years earlier and I probably would not have allowed myself to think how good the Dame de Coeur looks on Abigail's cheeks:

Abigail (R) wearing the Dame De Coeur on cheeks and lips. Photo by Joan Jimenez.

Instant Hit: Dame De Coeur

Jazzy France Dame De Coeur in CLSC-01, Php 299 / 10g

For the relaunch, I received my own Jazzy France Starter set. Straight away I will tell you: my favorite is the Dame de Coeur. This lip and cheek balm contains a swirl of colors in an ice-cube shaped compact. CLSC-01 is mostly a deep rose swirled in equal parts with a carnation pink, creating a third shade that looks like a bright tomato red. One side of the cube is dosed with fine silver shimmer.

Jazzy France Dame De Coeur in CLSC-01 : dotted, swatched, blended

It doesn't look so impressive in the casing but it looks fantastic on the skin, especially when applied with enough of the shimmer. I love how dewy, natural and fresh it looks on the skin regardless if I use liquid or powder foundation.

The Rest of the Starter Set:

Jazzy France swatches: All Day Lifting Foundation in ADLF-02, Two Way Whitening Cake in WC-03 and Liquid Mineral Blusher in LMB-01
  1. Two Way Whitening Cake in WC-03 (Php 799 / 12g) can be spritzed with water for wet application, or used as is for dry application. It's a pretty heavy foundation which I use solo on days I feel extra splotchy yet too lazy for BB cream blending. I would not use this to set liquid foundation, unless it's something as light as ADLF.
  2. Liquid Mineral Blusher in LMB-01 (Php 399) is a poppy pink, creamy-liquid blush. My unfair prejudices against James Cooper came into play when I assumed it wasn't a problem that I pumped out that much product. I thought it wouldn't be as pigmented as MUFE's HD Blush- WRONG. This is extremely pigmented and that amount of product was all I needed to create a thick swatch, a blended swatch, with still enough leftover for an actual cheek-wear swatch. It stained quite heavily that I couldn't tissue off majority of the blush stains. People who have problems with blush longevity (i.e. compulsive sweaters and very oily-skinned people) should definitely look into this.
  3. All Day Lifting Foundation in ADLF-02 (Php 849 / 25ml) is packaged in an impressively expensive-looking glass case. Even the cap is thick and heavy! That said, I do not enjoy this product a lot. It's too watery and doesn't seem to offer any coverage. I'm extending use hoping that there's some application technique I'm missing. ADLF-02 is a teensy bit dark, yet still wearable, on my NC 25 skin.

I think JF does great blush! I was really impressed with both the Dame de Coeur and Liquid Mineral Blush. The base products fared much better on my face than the swatches, but I think the price point is a bit too much. I'm rotating this with the TCFS Dinoplatz Multibox for a few weeks and I'll probably write a review if any of my impressions change.

I received all items mentioned above during the Jazzy France launch last January 21 at Bossing's Grill, Market! Market! I was not paid nor required to produce a positive review.

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Photo by Joan Jimenez
This is my serious work-face. I'm taking snapshots of the presentation and was gritting my teeth at how it took forever for the shot to focus. Lipstick is Guerlain Rouge G L'Extrait in M69 Orgueil, in case you were wondering!

I had fun catching up with Celline ( and Martha (,) whom I feel I haven't seen in ages! I was finally introduced to YT beauty guru, Shebby Liquete (Shebby Liquete,) who was super nice and had tons of photography advice for me. Thaaanks!

Here's Phya ( and I having a huge laugh over the dire importance of ridiculous props in product shots. I think I wanted to open up the rustic lamp, take out the candle and place Jazzy France makeup inside.

Photo by Joan Jimenez

Thank you for having me, Jazzy France team. You ladies are amazing!

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