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SCOUTED: Maybelline White Super Fresh

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Last January 22, Maybelline launched their White Super Fresh foundation. It promises a 12-hour no touchup period, attributed to its Clean Touch Technology. With SPF 34 PA+++ to protect you from the sun and mineral Perlite that has 5x the absorption of talc, Maybelline White Super Fresh (Php 299, out on Feb. 28) sounds like the perfect foundation for our notoriously sunny and humid weather.

I did a bit of reading up on Perlite and apparently, it is mined and used extensively throughout the world with various industrial and cosmetic uses. Here's what makes sense to me on what we know about Perlite vis a vis Maybelline's claims:
  • Perlite is known for its extreme absorption power - Absorbing both water and oil, Perlite makeup could hold for 12 hours because makeup basically breaks down after an overload on oil (sebum) and water (sweat and humidity). But how could Perlite makeup keep looking good during its 12-hour wear?
  • Perlite is basically unchanged after absorption - Aside from being able to take in a lot of oil and water, Perlite is able to retain its volume and dry-touch texture even after absorption. Thus, it looks the same from application up to nighttime, despite the added oil and sweat in between. It shouldn't cake nor crack.

On that last point, let me share with you an Instagram video I made while getting ready for this post:

A video posted by Kristel Yap (@beautybytellie) on

A lot of people posted these videos during the launch but I don't think its significance was properly driven home. Yeah, water pools on top of Brand X and basically doesn't show up on Maybelline... cute, hahahihihoho!

Uhh... People!!! I hope you all realize that water pooling up on top of Brand X means that it has poor absorption power. So sweat pushing out and humidity pushing in will work like a double-sided attack on your foundation's integrity. Maybelline White Super Fresh is basically the same before and after spraying, which means it can take the day's harassment pretty elegantly.

    Maybelline White Superfresh in 02 Nude Beige

    The only catch is that Perlite must still be on your skin if you want to meet these expectations. Makeup, especially powder makeup, doesn't perfectly adhere to skin. It wears off as the day goes on, as your skin moves, as you touch your face, etc.

    I can't post decent impressions of the 12 hour claims as I am rotating this with other new bases and the weather has been extremely cooperative, i.e. cool and relatively un-muggy, on the days I wear this. Nonetheless, the science is solid and I'm coming into this with high expectations.

    maybelline white super fresh perlite 02 nude beige swatch
    Maybelline White Super Fresh in 02 Nude Beige: Swatched and Blended

    The finish is a bit matte for my dry skin but I'm still trying it out on different conditions: used alone, used to set liquid foundation, used with a fluffy brush and used with the sponge.

    Maybelline White Super Fresh will be available on February 28, 2015, for Php 299 / 9g. It comes in 4 shades: Light, Nude Beige, Natural and Honey.

    I was invited to the Maybelline White Super Fresh press launch last January 22 at Cafe 1771, Ortigas City. I was sent home with a sample of the Maybelline WSF foundation in 02 Beige along with a brow pen, lipstick and mascara, pictured above. I was not paid nor otherwise compensated for this feature.

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